The Guild

  • Thanks to Volunteers: Season 2!

    We are fully into pre-production of Season 2 of The Guild and we couldn’t have even started doing it without the wonderful help of some great new people we’ve contacted through the website, and IRL. We wanted to give a shout-out to some of those talented ladies and gentleman who are making this season possible:

    • Joyent: Web hosting making it possible for…this page :)
    • Elizabeth Hughes: UPM helping us coordinate all the production stuff behind the scenes
    • Matthew Brackney: Fan-artist, now re-animating our credits!
    • Elliot Peters: Lots of cool Photoshop stuff and other unnamable things :)
    • Rebecca Safier: DVD Stuffer, phone caller, jill-of-all-trades
    • Melody: Casting assistant, wunderbar.
    • Andrew and Jonathan: Providing locations for us to shoot at!
    • WooThemes: Donated WordPress skin, we’re working on a new webskin as we speak!
    • Dani: Coordinating all of our translators for the new YouTube subtitles

    If we forgot you, we’ll list you later, I promise. More crew to be thanked after we actually START shooting next weekend, new episodes mid-October! Heck yes!