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  • The Guild Answers Your Questions on How to Make Web Video

    We frequently receive questions about how to make web video, and so we’re going to create an Extra/Bonus Feature for the Season 3 DVD called “Tips on Making Web Video.” In it, Felicia Day, Kim Evey and Sean Becker will provide tips and how-to’s, and answer some questions.

    That’s where you come in! We’re asking for fan questions on the subject. You can submit your questions three ways:

    1) Post a comment here (this post)

    2) Tweet your question with the hashtag #guildquestion

    3) Reply to the Facebook discussion thread that we’ve started.

    Submit your questions no later than Oct. 4, 2009 and we’ll pick some to use.


    Felicia, Kim & Sean

  • Chaggle

    What sound recording equipment do you use? I have always had problems with sound.
    Love the show!

  • Mr. coolness


    • Connor Livesey


      • Pedronotpeter


  • Kadevi

    What program do you use to compress your video into a more manageable size?

  • Connor Livesey

    How much would it cost for a decent camera?
    Huge fan!

  • Geoff Richardson

    Hello Guild, Im a producer of “Thwackers”. Im trying to promote my show and am having a difficult time trying to get the word out. Especially to our intended market, Gamers. Im a memeber of some of the more popular forum groups out there. But when I do a new topic trying to promote the show I get flamed for advertising.
    Any advice?

    Also does emailing press kits to game news blogs help? Or do they get ignored?

  • Rob W.

    1. Do you record audio and video separate and mix back together in post?

    2. What video/audio editing software do you use?

    3. Where can I find a funny actor of Indian descent to be in my video? (Hah! “Questioned!”)

  • Eric Bordeau

    When writing the script solo, where is the best place to go for feedback on what you’ve written.

  • Summer M.

    I’ve noticed you’ve had some great locations outside of the characters’ bedrooms, like Cheesy Beards, Clara/Codex’s party and the Game Stop. What is a good method to find decent extras on a low budget? Do you guys just have a lot of friends, or did you advertise the spots?

  • Lez

    How did you manage the elctricity special effect from the hands on the evil (zaboo’s) mother epsiode in s1 ?

  • Anne

    1. Assuming you are able to produce your webseries, how do you go about “branding” it?

    2. When you first released the guild, how did you go about getting your name out? Did you simply post to every video platform you could find or did you hunt down forums to announce your release?

    3. If there was one thing you could have changed about the production of your first season, what would it be?… Read More

    Thanks so much for the chance to pose some questions!

  • Howard Wan

    How many days does it usually take to shoot a single episode?

    How much is the production budget for a Season 3 episode? (In comparison, how much did a typical Season 1 episode cost?)

    What camera do you shoot with and what 35mm adapter do you use?

    Keep up the great work!

  • Eldon

    Publicity? How do you promote a show? How do you get the word out?

  • Pedronotpeter

    the guild is an awesome show.

  • Kienan


    Great job, The Guild is amazing.

    Alright, question:

    1) I always have a hard time writing naturally flowing comedy scripts, any tips?
    2a) What’s the best way to promote/get sponsored, and how did you go about that for The Guild?
    2b) You started on YouTube, where else did you advertise for it?
    2c) What about your sponsorship with Microsoft, how did that come about? Did you contact them, and if so, through what channels, or did they contact you?


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  • Nathan

    1. Please discuss the technicalities of creating a web series, relating to light/camera work (types/numbers of cameras used), cinematography and the method used to edit and transfer that data onto the web.

    2. Please discuss the material. What difficulties did the writers have creating content for episodes and procuring the right actors and actresses?

  • AlanD

    Any recomendations on how a novice filmaker can learn more about things like directing, composition, camera angles, and editing? Any tips on how to give a modestly shot production a more modern and polished look?

  • Shane

    I have a saying when it comes to making films, “Near enough is never good enough.”

    How true do you find this saying, and are there any times when you have been unhappy with the finished product, but used it anyway?

  • Pat

    What’s a good & cheap editing software for cutting your scenes together with(I.E. what did you use for season one)?

  • peti

    How do use music in your vids? I mean u make all the songs, or there are some music, that hasn’t got copyright on it?
    (I hope u understood it, i’m not english)

  • Yura

    Hello, my question maybe a off topic, but I am Russian audience and I want to show you my friends, but they do not know the English language :)
    Question: Can you make subtitles in different languages? Or do the translation, it would be cool!

  • peti

    If u had do make in-game action without WoW, how would u do it?

  • AllenH

    Compliments on the show and all the people involved in making it a such a fun experience, including such invitations as this one for questions.

    Can you give us a quick rundown of the essential steps taken in bringing ‘The Guild’ to life, specifically its genesis with season one?

    What kind of skills/attributes do you think people need in order to create, as close as possible, a professional quality production?

    Like many others have asked, what are the basic instruments needed to put together a good looking video?

    I’ll limit myself to these three. There are so many. Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedules to answer our questions.

  • Chris

    I’m very curious how you got started actually I’ve got quite a few friends who are actors and it would be a dream come true if I knew how to get there talent on the world wide web. How did you manage to organise the feat of a web series?

  • lemon509

    guild rulezzz

  • Evilynn

    Sadly, there is no possibility to buy the DVDs from Amazon Germany. I only was able to buy the mp3. Well at least something ;)

  • Not George Foreman

    Hey Guildies,

    Great work on the show! Really dig the new style of lighting in the intros compared to previous seasons. I was just wondering how much natural light and electronic light you need to get a good shot like that in the intros. Or maybe just how to get good lighting for shots in general?


  • TornadoAllie

    How do I apply to join your crew?!!

  • James

    Like most people, I’m curious as to how The Guild became so well-known. Besides Youtube, how exactly did you all go about advertising the show (also, I’m referring to the very beginning of The Guild, Season One)?

  • Kienan

    Back for seconds, here. ;p

    Something similar was asked about audio by someone else, but I’m curious about a specific aspect.

    Do you always mic the actors, or only in certain scenes?
    Also, and this is my main question, what are the external mics hooked up through, and how do you go about syncing the audio and the video?

    Thanks again,

  • Perry Radica

    Whats the best way or how do you get a crew together for web video? Usually finding actors is the easier part, they all group together. But finding cameramen and people who can edit is usually rather difficult. What ways do you recommend in finding and forming a crew?

  • guildleader/fan

    You started the show with nothing so my question is simple. How did you get a crew together with no budget?

  • Racheal

    I was wondering what editing program(s) you use. I know theres alot out there and I haven’t seem to find a decent enough one for editing videos. Also, how long on average does it take to make one complete episode, from screen writing to finished product?

  • Richard

    I’m also interested in the crew aspect of your first season’s production. I assume that many wore multiple hats. How many crew did you use, and what jobs did they perform?

  • Dani

    lighting always looks good. especially inside. what kind and how many lights do you typically use? what are ways to cheat if you don’t have your own lighting set up?

  • The Man from Glad

    Considering how many (good) Webseries there are these days, you could probably help subsidize the show if you sold a print version of the answers to these questions.

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