The Guild

  • maczada

    Awesome! I am excited to see the cast there. As a Warcraft player, Whedon fan, and UT graduate (c/o 98) I think some cosmic force drove me to be a Felicia Day fan.

    Now I get a chance to meet “the cute redhead with the overbite from that t-mobile “cougar” commercial.”

    Great job on The Guild, btw. I love the outtakes, too. You each remind me of someone I know from WoW, including myself (a male version of Clara, but who works as an attorney by day and neglects his family to play WoW at night).

    Hope you guys have a great time at Blizzcon and I look forward to getting a chance to say “Hi.”

  • Mayja


    I play a warlock on WoW, but I am nothing like Zaboo! lol! Some of my fellow guildies and I will be attending this year’s BlizzCon. I’ve posted your site on our forums encouraging all to get familiar with The Guild. We’ll be prepared to raid your session!

    See you in Anaheim!

  • grashmok

    im addicted to wow so much i need to stop its so good lol =D