The Guild

  • The Guild Comic #3

    The third and final issue of The Guild comic book is out today.  As with the previous two issues, two versions of the cover art exist, one by series artist Jim Rugg (shown) and on by Juan Ferreyra.  If you’d like to learn more about Jim Rugg, visit his website and check out this interview with him.  Get issue #3 from your local comic book store or from online retailers such as Things From Another World.

    And coinciding with the release of The Guild #3, issue #2 is now live in the iTunes Store.  You can purchase issue #1 and issue #2 for 99 cents each, viewable on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  Issue #3 should arrive to the iTunes store in about a month.

    Again we’d like to state that the response to the comic has been amazing, proving once again that fans of The Guild are the best ever – thanks for all the support.  Felicia has blogged about how rewarding (if difficult) it was to extend the world of The Guild into a new medium, and all the cast has been thrilled to be depicted as comic book characters.  Join us in our forums to discuss the comic.  And if you’re a Guildie who is new to comic books (many of you told us you were), we direct you again to this insightful “Making of” feature from Dark Horse Comics that shows issue #1 in various stages.

    Also, we’ve answered some frequently asked questions below :)

    -The Guild management

    Q: Just 3 issues, is that all?
    For now, yes.  Dark Horse Comics has been a great partner, Felicia enjoyed writing the comic and the reviews from critics and fans was very positive.  If you would like to see more, the number one thing you can do is purchase the comics in print and via iTunes, because that speaks the loudest in terms of a business decision to produce more comics of The Guild.  In addition, you can contact Dark Horse and Felicia (via The Guild contact form) and let us know you want more of The Guild in comic form.

    Q: Can I get the comics outside the US?

    It depends.  We know that in the UK it’s available (check Forbidden Planet). Some online retailers in the US do have international shipping options.

    Q: Will these 3 issues be compiled and released in graphic novel form?
    There are no plans to at this time, but it might be a possibility in the future.

    Q: Will the comic app work on my (Android/PC/non-iPhone-iPad-iPod) hardware or on another comic book reader?
    No, it’s an app for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch only.  If you’d like to encourage Dark Horse Comics to develop for other platforms, we suggest writing them via their contact form.