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  • The Guild Comic Book

    The Guild comic book, issue #2 (of 3) was released yesterday.  This issue features cover art by Matthew Stawicki (shown) and Kristin Donaldson.  In #2, we finally get to see all the Guildies.  If you want a preview of the comic, Comic Book Resources again has a sneak peek.  And like the first issue, the comic is already getting some great reviews – here’s one from Airlock Alpha, and two more here and here.  The response from our fans to the comic has been tremendous, from 200+ people showing up to the signing at Golden Apple Comics to reports of The Guild as some people’s first comic book ever purchased.  Thanks so much for the support!

    Dark Horse Comics alerted us to the fact that due to a distributor glitch, stores in NY, PA, MI, parts of TX and MO, and most of Canada did not receive issue #2 yesterday but will be getting it next week.  They also announced the release of issue #1 as an iTunes App, so you can now enjoy the comic for 99 cents on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.  Here’s the link to the iTunes Store. Dark Horse will release each of the three issues to iTunes, about a month after the print version (exact dates are hard to know, since iTunes has an approval process which affects the release, but we’ll keep you posted).

    Pick up your copy from your local comic shop, or buy online from Things from Another World or any number of online retailers.

    If you just can’t get enough of the comic, here are some additional links for your enjoyment: Felicia’s blog entry about issue #2, a quick interview with Felicia by Dark Horse, and a cool “Making of” feature that shows issue #1 in various stages of production.

    -The Guild management