The Guild

  • The Guild Comic gets Trade Paperback release, and DVD out 12/21

    Today the initial three part mini-series of The Guild comic is released as a trade paperback (all three issues in a bound collection).  The trade paperback includes some new extras, including a sketchbook section and pinups, as well as a foreward by director of The Guild, Sean Becker.  While many of you reading this may already have all three issues (and even in duplicate covers, and as a digital comic too!), hopefully you’ll consider buying this in “graphic novel” form or making it a gift to someone who might enjoy the show.

    Publishing the comic in trade paperback form gets The Guild into traditional bookstores and gets it in front of new audiences.  The Guild comic received great reviews, and that continues with the trade paperback.  The New York Journal of Books calls it “Equal parts geeky love letter and cautionary tale … (it) succeeds on a number of nuanced levels and should appeal to most readers, regardless of their own backgrounds in pop culture,” and has a great review which calls the book “a well-written, well-drawn mini-series that should entertain new readers and fans of The Guild alike.”

    The Guild from Dark Horse Comics is available in bookstores everywhere, as well as comic shops (find your local store at or by calling 1-888-ComicBook).  Online you can purchase at,,,, and more.

    In other release news, The Guild Season 4 on DVD will be released December 21 exclusively on  Yes, for the first time, we scrambled and got the DVD out in time for Christmas.  Here’s the cover of the DVD:

  • Bakoneko

    Already preordered it for a friend for Christmas! Do you think he’ll notice if I read it first..? ^_~

    <3 <3 <3 The Guild!

  • morosefury

    Curse you people! I don’t want a comic! I want Season 5!

    Okay, I lied. I do want a comic. (It looks epic, by the way.) But when is Season 5 coming out? My patience grows thin… Especially since Legend of Neil ended as well. I mean, where am I supposed to get my weekly internet entertainment?

  • Scott the dick

    Do I get to be the first to misuses the term sell out?!?!
    Goodie I do I do!

    Sell outs!

    Oh, that was good.. Now back under my bridge I go.

  • mandy

    give me season 5, or give me death!!! <3

  • Alex London

    Ugh, hard core fan of you guys… seriously its a bit rediculous…

    BUT! … can we say… happy holidays to me?

    HAH! preorderd my dvd<3

  • Richard Tamesis

    So will there be a Christmas or Halloween special episode include? Already preordered for myself, a friend and my sister-in-law.

  • Mindy

    I saw it at my local comic shop today and being that I’m a fan of the show, I bought it and loved it. The art is pretty good and it’s nice to know what happened before the series started. I didn’t know the guild had a comic book, so I was surprised to discover this a a trade for three issues. You learn something new every day.

  • Skittle Queen

    I bought this from my local Comic shop and found this site because of it…’re awesome!!
    I mean all of you, the actors, crew, Felicia Day, everyone!! XD I’ve watched all 4 seasons and am saving for the DVD’s…..

    Quick question…..when is season 5 coming out?!?! “O(^_^)O”


  • Nightshade

    Just watched everything in a day. I think I’ve been up for over 24 hours… I don’t even remember any more…. xD

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  • Boris

    Any news for season 5?

    I love the guild- and can’t wait for more!

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