The Guild

  • ‘The Guild’ DVD in Retail Stores Today


    Today marks the release of the new Season 1 and Season 2 DVD release.  While the individual seasons have been available from us at conventions or on, this release is exciting because it means The Guild is now in retail stores!

    The content on the discs is exactly the same as the previous DVD releases, the only difference is this release packages both DVDs in one case, there’s new packaging artwork and there’s a bonus “Note from Felicia” inside.  As of this post, the confirmed retail outlets that will be carrying this are FYE, Suncoast and Coconuts.  Check your local retailer, too, as they may be stocking it – and if they aren’t, ask them to!  Oh, and Netflix users, you can help us by posting a review of the DVD and adding it to your queue – this will help encourage Netflix to add the discs to their inventory.  Here’s the Netflix link.

    We’re celebrating the release of this DVD with a contest – please post a photo of yourself purchasing this DVD in a retail store today (9/29) and we’ll pick 10 winning pictures to receive an autographed DVD.  You can either post your picture to our Facebook page as a Fan Photo (here’s the link) or post to Twitter with the hashtag #myguilddvd. (Note: we reserve the right to pick the winners at random if there are too many entries!).  Contest ends at midnight Pacific Time.