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  • The Guild in Game! Dawn of the Dragons

    For the first time EVER, your favorite characters from The Guild are featured in a video game!  DAWN OF THE DRAGONS is a multiplayer fantasy RPG from 5th Planet Games that’s been around since 2010 and recently made the leap to mobile platforms as well.  Dawn of the Dragons is playable in your browser via the 5th Planet Games website and also on the gaming platforms Kongregate, Armor, Facebook, Newgrounds and on the Android and iOS mobile platforms.

    With a recent update to the game, 5th Planet has announced that through the rest of 2013, characters from The Guild will be featured each month.  Kicking it off is Tinkerballa as a new premium general:

    And content from The Guild will be featured elsewhere in game, as with the world raid featuring Avinashi (Zaboo’s Mom):

    We’re excited to see all the characters and their new in-game adventures thanks to this cool opportunity.  Be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and on the Geek & Sundry Forums to let us know what you think!  And here’s a fun screen shot from the game sent to us by @thepagelady on Twitter:

    Screenshot from DAWN OF THE DRAGONS

  • David Kaldor

    So, does this make Dawn of Dragons the official in-show game of The Guild?

    • Scott Vyper

      I hope not, the game really isn’t that great.

      • David Kaldor

        Dawn of Dragons or The Game?

        • cipelli

          Both, until the underwater expansion is out. ;)

          • Scott Vyper

            lol was going to say DoD until you made a much better post. Bravo!

          • Y U NO SHUTUP

            world of warcraft sucks monkey balls compared to rift

    • Jenny Murray

      The game in the show is based on World of Warcraft. They have had Blizzard people appear from time to time in the show. The latest season featured an underwater world. Clearly this is meant to be a spoof of Vashj which is a zone that was released in the Cataclysm expansion.

  • Hideyoshi

    At least there still doing stuff with the show ^-^

  • Papaopamas

    I play DotD regularly on FB. Got the tinkerballa and recently Zaboo lol.

  • Kelloth

    Tinkerballa and Zaboo are both nice but I will still wait for Codex. Maybe we will even have “The Guild” Legion in DotD soon so we have bonuses for having the whole guild together. :D

  • Boomer

    I just started playing and I would like to buy them all. Will I be able to buy the ones already released?

  • vakarcs87

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