The Guild

  • “The Guild” Press for Tuesday

    I’m sure all this will let up soon enough, but we’re lucky to be getting a lot of coverage on our show!

    Last night at the New Tee Vee meetup in LA, we did a little interview you can see here!

    And thank you fan Darth Angelus for alerting us to some physical magazine goodness about The Guild in PC Gamer UK!  Quote:

    “The Guild is about a small but diverse group of people who play an unnamed (but suspiciously WoW-like) MMO. The story kicks off when one of these players crosses the boundary between in-game friendships and real life, and drags the rest along. Day’s writing (she also stars and produces) is sharp and often very funny. And rather than resorting to the outdated geek stereotypes conventional TV insists on, The Guild lampoons real MMO player archetypes: the stay-at-home mother, the over-enthusiastic, etc. It’s also refreshing to watch something that’s professionally produced, about games, and doesn’t wildly, wilfully, insultingly misunderstand them. It’s Day’s show, she’s been a hardcore gamer for 22 years, and it shows.”

    Here’s a jpg he took of the page.  We don’t get that magazine here, but now we have a picture!  Thanks Darth!

    Guild in PC Gamer UK

    And lastly, Eldorian, a huge supporter of the show since the wee days last year, did another lovely writeup alerting WoW Stratics readers to our Episode 8 upload!  Read it here!