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  • ‘The Guild’ Season 3 Episode 11 – “LAN Off”

    ‘The Guild’ Season 3 Episode 11: “LAN OFF” is now up on MSN, Xbox and Zune Marketplace. The Axis of Anarchy and The Knights of Good face off.a

    Streaming on MSN | Downloadable on Zune

    The New Xbox interface has all video going through Zune Marketplace now, so if you download The Guild once, it will be on your Xbox AND your Zune.

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    Next to last episode of the season! We hope you’re enjoying it! :)

  • w00t

    can’t wait for next week.
    thinking about it, how will codex (the guild healer) win from 2 enemies :p

    • Alex

      Tink will betray the leader of anarchy

      • HCG

        @Alex – I think you’re probably right. Though it would be way cool if Codex took them both out. Somehow or other, obviously, Tink HAS to return to the Guild!

        • john

          agreed tink gonna come to her senses because of how blades took her slams. she will also probably state smoething to the fact that axis of anarchy are really fake users. personally after everything thats happened i would like to see a little revenge on wheelchair wench and axis leader. LOL

          • Jazzwind

            Nah. I WAS a Tink fan – but her lameness over so many episodes has lost me. Even if she does the classic backstab on Will Wheaton, I dont care if she comes back to the Guild or not. She MIGHT be feeling guilt over having used the crap out of Bladez, or having stood there while Bladez was humiliated IRL, had his locker searched, or…his mom screwed by Biceps Cop guy…but after all that happened and she still stood by and did nothing, the show can dump her character. Even she apologized now, she’s not a Knight of Good ever again. Way too much bad karma.

            I WAS hoping though that Zaboo would stand up to Riley. I’m thinking she’ll fall through the floor in love with him if he does.

          • Rocan

            As the healer with no one else to heal she should be able to keep her hp up pretty high. Also do we know what kind of character the Axis leader plays?

          • Delerius

            He is quite obviously a paladin

          • Adam

            I agree with John. I think that’s exactly how it’s gonna happen.

      • Jennifer

        I will put money down right now that Bladze did NOT kill Tink’s main character, but tucked her away somewhere. And that he’ll reveal this fact at precisely the right moment. Seriously, was he not entirely too complacent in this ep?

        And Will makes this cougar sweat when she sees him in his kilt…

        • Jennifer

          Uh… Bladze = Bladezz

        • Ketting

          i think your kinda right he will tell her he has her stashed on another server but in real gameing all your toons “avatars” are shown on the diffrent servers at the same time so you cant hide them so i do think tink will come back th The Knights Of Good:P

          • Rand

            In a certain major MMORPG you can transfer a character from one user account to another, I believe…

    • t00w

      Who said Healers can’t kick ass? :O

    • WIns

      yeah i have been thinking Tink will swap sides for awhile. i mean no one can be that heartless right? . . . right?

      But i love the guild this episode was great you guys are awsome!!!

    • Banana

      Seeing as everyone died but her, Codex is a pretty useless healer. Of course she’s gonna win, clerics always pwn in pvp. Unless you can 1hko them they have unlimited hp.

    • Baldwolf

      I wonder if Codex could just hold out long enough that Tink gets bored and kills the leader of Anarchy to just get it over with?

      Tink is (sorry tink) too self centered to do anything for anyone else. She’s going to have to be motivated by what affects her.

      Boredom would do it!

      • Sy

        So true about Tink only doing things for herself, but you could see that she really didn’t like the idea of The Knights of Good having to disband if they lost.

        But I love the idea of her being able to use the excuse of boredom for her actions of betraying the Axis of Anarchy so she could retain her indifferent attitude with The Knights of Good. I personally think that she has dealt with a lot of cruelty in her personal life and isn’t used to people being nice – which is why she acts not so nice.

    • Ketting

      Depends on what kinda healer she is priests hit pretty hard in wow.

    • C0dezombie

      I think rilely is gonna take over codex’s character.. I don’t know i just get the feeling she is.. although it will be super cool if codex pawns them herself.

  • Jess

    You do this to me every week… get me all excited then just leave me hanging and the episodes are short but regardless these episodes are too good not to watch. <3 Keep them coming!

    • Ketting

      i wish they would never stop this is better then actually playing the mmorpg’s and i love your music video’s

  • Marcus

    This is the best written web series ever. The characters are lovable and well defined, the action is built up generously, the suspense is phenomenal. I wish I could write this good.

  • Chris

    wow. let’s get to next week. :) this cliffhangers are the bomb

  • HCG

    Minor note – The title of Ep. 11 is “Battle Royale,” not “LAN Off.” Needs to be fixed here.

    More important note – WHAT a rockin’ episode! Too much fun, and I don’t know how I’m going to be able to wait until next week for the resolution.

  • worldofhiglet


    A BUSTIN’ episode – what’s gonna happen????

  • Lrah

    Wow… just wow… what started out a few seasons ago as a fun parody of the gaming subculture has bloomed into a truely entertaining web series. You guys are doing a fantastic job… Keep up the good work…

  • rorelorras misha


    • redwingedangel


  • len

    U keep me hangin’ on!

    Great episode!!

  • HCG

    Vork! Speaking Korean!

    • Healadin

      The best part is they’re ACTUALLY speaking Korean. Someone did their homework so the actors didn’t sound like complete fakers to those of us who know the language.

      But… “May the moon glow on you in your hour of need”? *sigh* Vork’s Korean is as bad as his Spanish.

      • Sholf

        actually Vork was speaking in Japenese.. that is why Kuan and his lady friend didnt know what he was saying lol…

        GRRRRReat episode btw!!!

  • kiko

    OMG! Wiggly killed somebody Awesome!!!!!!!!!!! Wigly rulz!!! And great episode cant wait for next week! :) :):):):)

  • Mad Hatter

    This episode makes it even more heartbreaking that the next one is the last of the season…I hate it when good things come to an end. Truly great things (ie: The Guild) should last longer. I finly find somthing that isn’t illegal, immoral or fattening and I can only get it in limited quantities. And yet, I still can’t wait for next week.

    • sinmaru1906

      lol dude calm down its just a season ending….not a SERIES ending….lol but i know how u feel cuz i DIED when shaman king(my fav anime) ended with a crapy ending-.- lols
      i hate waiting for the episodes too
      lol I LOVE THIS SHOW:)

      • Mad Hatter

        Whew, thanks for the reality check…man I was really loosing it there… I mean firs BSG, then T:SCC and THEN DOLLHOUSE….OH CRAP I’M LOOSING IT AGAIN

  • Hojxs

    Awesome =D

  • sinmaru1906

    LOLS wat if codex loses- __ -
    that would be a nice twist to the end of the season tho it would be kool if tink came back and killed the Axis leader…..Tink was probably leaching:D

  • Caelleigh

    i dont even game and i love this show… bfs a nerd so we watch it together…nerd love…woodied….lol…..i heart zaboo

  • Akyma

    I bet tink kills anarchy loserface

  • JoeW

    I will really miss this show when the season’s over.

    There’d BETTER be a Season Four!!!!

  • Troublemaker

    I honestly have to watch an episode 5 times to truly enjoy it. I just cant get enough. It’s brilliant!

    I loved this episode cause it was really well written, lots of comedy lines and random stuff… like Clara’s argument with her husband, the gay ‘girl leveling’ guy swearing, the emo girl enjoying death, Zaboo’s reincarnation into “the George Clooney of RPG’s!”…

    I’m wondering what the result will be… will Riley somehow sabotage the anarchists or join them? Will Zaboo log on from another computer to help Codex? Will Tink turn against the anarchists and rejoin the Knights of Good?

    And btw, I know it would be out of context but I would love to see a feature film on The Guild! I think it’s a very good idea and would be a real treat to fans who rely on 5-10minutes video per week to enjoy the brilliance of the script :D

  • Miss Mina

    omg nooooooo!!! I need longer episodes, everyday! lol I can’t get enough! lol

  • Ein

    gah! another cliffhanger….
    this was like the most epic episode ever though =D

  • MikeyK70

    How do u leave the healer the last person standing…..hope she has a spell in her pocket to take out the last two……

  • crazzyson

    watching this is like give a fat kid twinkies, everytime he eats one, he loves it more and more…

  • WigglyFTW!

    Omg this is the best episode yet! I love wiggly so much :D

  • Jennifer

    wow. Another winning episode. I agree, Tink will surely come back to the “Good” hehe, Wiggly cracked me up in this episode and poor Zaboo, he needs to down the big bad boss named Riley. She is such a freak! =D

  • Evilynn

    omg I loved this episode. Just watched it for the second time, it’s brilliant!

    What is gonna happening? I think Tink will help Codex to take the leader down.

    Vork can talk korean? wow ;D

  • Orbilus

    Zaboo’s mom needs to come in and take that Riley boss out – boss fight. Favorite lines: “I’m a girl lovin guy…I like your shoes”; “Equal? Your **** would fit in my ear canal”!

    Wiggly gets hotter and cuter every episode he’s in. Cellphone holster or not…did you see those guns?!?

  • odd monkey

    Loved the episode!

  • Lili Bombe

    This is absolutely glorious. The sequences’ rhythm is thrilling. The characters’ personalities really came through this episode. The acting was even better than usual. The intro was cute. The Guild is my favourite series all medias included. Thank you!

  • PowerBoy

    That’s some lame tourette dude! haha

  • spacebunny

    OMG! What will I do for the next 7 days?

  • Momo

    Haha, Wiggly took out the ringer, excellent. And I remember when cell phone holders were cool in the 90s (right?).

    When is Will Wheaton going to just ask Codex out un-creepily?

    • Healadin

      No kidding. “Heh. Sheer idiocy is my gaming specialty.” right after Wiggly OWNED the Korean guy! You don’t get much more shocking than that.

      The AoA GL’s line to Codex wasn’t half bad either, if you accept the fact he was basically saying he’d do her if she’d be his b***h… ok, yeah. Creepy. Even if the imagery was nice.

  • Drew

    It’s mildly obvious she’s setting it up for Tink to betray the leader of Anarchy and rejoin the Knights of Good..
    but I can’t wait to see how it’ll play out exactly.

  • Yannick

    Riley is awesome o_0;

  • Nikki

    I know there are heaps of comments on here and im usually happy just to read but I had to let you know I love each episode – they get better and better. I reckon what will happen is Codex will die, the others will think they won and Tink will change sides to kill the boss at the last minute.

    Thanks for keeping the fantastic episodes coming and I BEG you for season 4 :-)

  • Otah

    cant finish like that!!
    i can wait for the next!!!

  • Whispyre

    I would laugh if Codex had Mind Control and used it.

    However I agree with Jennifer that BladeZ laid down too easily in this fight. He IS up to something….but what exactly is it?
    Guaranteed to be funny Im certain!

    And isn’t it nice to see a marriage saved by an MMORG for once?
    How sweet!

  • john

    i am not sure about blades layin down. he has been beat down pretty good. i think tink is really being tore open over it but she don’t wanna give up that she got a heart. shes gonna turn on axis and save face as a backstabber and also save the guild. to me the question is the riley factor. i think she really screwed up. all she put zaboo through would be cool to him for the sex but she interupted his game, shot his comp, and dissed him in the process. mind you he just had his ego put up a level by the way he was kicking that backside in game. i see zabs tellin riley to get off, codex supporting zabs, he misunderstands again, and back to square 1 for them LOL.

  • Cowski

    John. I like your theory. Sounds very plausible given the circumstances. Now we must wait. When will episode 12 be launched?

  • prejack

    Excellent episode.. at first i wasnt too sure where this guild battle was headed from when they first stood in line to get the expansion pack until now.

    Vork is so freaking funny!

    Zaboo’s gotta stand up to that biznatch!

  • Tellitothemount

    Zaboo ‘s freaky girl friend ruined his kill streak! If only he could get back on.

  • MrsWiggly

    It would be awesome if Zaboo logged back on and saved Codex, I wonder if that would show that he’s grown up enough to get with her ;)

    Stupid Guild and its stupid addictiveness that got me playing a stupid game :P

    Love you guys! (named my kitten Codex. Wow. I need help.)

  • HCG

    Does anybody else think that Riley and Fawkes deserve each other?

    • Yannick

      They’d probably enjoy eachother, too…

  • Dave Hz

    so awesome, best gag ever

    “i can’t stop crying”
    “you’re not crying, you’re just shaking your bottom lip”

    keep watching over and over

  • skyedawg

    oh noes zaboo was pwnin noobs and then his screen got shot. now the guild healer has to go up against whatever the main axis guy is and tink who is like a hunter or something. /cry…

  • Tim (Clara’s Boy)


  • Troublemaker

    Why do they have to make it so difficult for dedicated fans to wait for the next episode?

  • eric b

    oh honey-mustard!!
    Thats some lame turrets dude.

  • Healadin

    I can picture Codex downing the AoA GL (he’ll either be really pissed off or really turned on) while Bladezz distracts Tink, then an epic face-off between Codex and Tink.

  • Healadin

    On the other hand, Zaboo never actually died…

  • Spider

    Eh well, Codex will probably win, with the help of Tink. Axis of Anarchy suck anyway. I mean, who in their right minds would attack the healer last?

    • Cadaver

      Tink shouldn’t be allowed to where cloths

      • Farstrider Darkspear


    • pandasaver

      dude really spider you ruend ittttttttttt grrr and she is sexy huh i bang her

      • redwingedangel

        yep i hate spider ruend it

        • Ryan (Isuckbcimret)

          Needs less engrish, and more english

    • Ryu


    • fallacy

      No one shouting out for healing? Fake!

      • Malethos

        Yes, lets attack the 10 minute web show about gamers for realism! LOL

    • Jazzwind

      Will Wheaton is going to say something incredibly stupid, and Reilly will put a paint ball in his forehead, causing him to lose…

      …or, a lady will walk in, start yelling at Wheaton to get his shit and get in the car and all we hear Wheaton say on the way out will be “…but MOMMMMMMmmmmmmm”. There has to be some kind of twist to Wheaton’s character in here somewhere.

    • Jessica

      yup totally agree, those dumbasses.

    • Fisker

      indeed that is true. pie.