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  • ‘The Guild’ Season 3 Episode 11 – “LAN Off”

    ‘The Guild’ Season 3 Episode 11: “LAN OFF” is now up on MSN, Xbox and Zune Marketplace. The Axis of Anarchy and The Knights of Good face off.a

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    Next to last episode of the season! We hope you’re enjoying it! :)

  • Evin

    Codex will win. But I am expecting some type of fantastic monologue from Fawkes.

  • Uzetaab

    Tink’s argument was with Bladezz not Codex. My guess is that Tink will stand aside & it will be a 1vs1, not a 2vs1.

    I dunno what Bladezz is up to either, but I would have thought that if he was hiding Tink’s character somewhere that he would have handed her over long before now.

    Hmm, it wouldn’t surprise me if in my supposed 1vs1, that they kill each other with no clear winner.

    I could be wrong about this, but I seem to recall a scene from last season where Vork explained that he had to go because he was behind on his gold mining work or whatever. The camera’s focus switched to someone else (Codex and Zaboo I think) with Vork still in the background, where he is talking to someone through his headset speaking Korean.

    If I am remembering that right, then it’s possible that Felicia already had the end of season 3 planned out when they were filming season 2!

  • TheSandman225

    An jet another cliff hanger… She realy knows when to stop :P

  • Wulf

    I’ve watched every single episode, and they only seem to get better per season! I can’t wait to see what happens! I think it’s be awesome if Codex manages to beat them both on her own, but, most likely, either Wiggly will get in, Zaboo wasn’t killed off, Bladezz will have some kind of surprise, or Tink will change over. Either way, I can’t wait until the 24th!

  • kaht

    I can’t believe that so far nobody mentioned the most important part of the entire episode:

    We finally get to see screenshots of the game (albeit, mostly obscured screenshots). The most revealing was when Bruiser’s character was killed – you could see half his screen.

    • rorelorras misha

      i noticed that too…makes me sad though, thought they were playing wow =(

    • zedmonkey

      Why are you trying to figure out if they are playing your particular mmorpg? Felicia has written it as ambiguous as possible so as not to alientate anyone, and also for copyright purposes.
      They will never reveal what game they are playing during an episode, but if you watch the extra’s you’ll hear that the cast actually play a specific game, and not all of them play the same one. I won’t spoil it for you, you’ll have to dig through some old you-tube archives, or better still, buy the DVD to find out who plays what :)

      • Rayman699


        Or Yahoo Answers

  • UNE4K

    Don’t accept tink back right away, she needs to learn a lesson.. plus wiggly owns, he took out a pro so now he’s #1.

  • ian hedeman

    when the camera went onto one of the screen you could tell that they were playing wow i saw an icon for i think was a nightelf

  • Isceroth

    I think I’m staring to like the Axis of Anarchy too much. I almost hope that something happens to where they all decide on a guild merger. The AXIS OF GOOD. Or Knights of Anarchy… whatever floats your boat.

    If not, I’d rather Tink stay with the Axis and Valkyrie/”Artemis” joins the KoG. I think I fell in love with him this episode.

    I like your shoes.


  • Kone

    yet another cliffhanger, well played Felicia well played.

  • Adri

    You.. wait.. How did that just happen? That sentence?

  • JJ

    ROFL Damasak guy … is so funny! Son of a nugget! XDD this episode was awesome!


    shit just got real. well kinda… Riley scares the shit out of me.

  • Mad Hatter

    screan shoted…

  • Vwon

    Pft…Wiggly’s going to log on and pwn them all.

  • Lyucs

    Man! This is fantastic!
    I just can’t wait for the next one!

    All the dialogues are masterly written, and the acting is so… so… I just cannot put into words!

    Awesome! It makes me sad that we’re getting to the ending of season 3!
    I just love all of your work! Keep up!!!

  • Crowdel

    I bet the Knights of Good loose… sort of. I think Codex dies and Tink turns and saves the guild. I mean I don’t know what character type Fawkes plays but Codex is a HEALER that typically means a support character not a tank by any means. Tink is a Hunter character i mean 1 vs. 1 with Tink, Tink would probably win. and 2 vs 1, is nearly impossible.

  • Gorillaz378

    lol HONEY MUSTARD!! SON OF A NUGGET!! also i sorta think that artimous is Gay…

    • Dokuujin

      1) It’s //Valkyre//.
      2) No shit, Sherlock. Have trouble figuring that out? You could tell in the episode where Zaboo deleted all his gear. ;3

  • Andrew

    Epsisode 11 is not linked from the home page, and the sidebar only has links up to episode 7. Please fix.

  • seiryu24717

    Wow the axis of anarchy for being the best guild around aren’t really that good. Zaboo alone seems to have taken 2 on by himself and was still alive till riley got in the way (this scene makes me not like her anymore now that was just obnoxious) anyway, think about it
    Axis – Knights -
    Bruiser Bladezz
    Fawkes Codex
    Venom Vork
    Valkryie/Artemis Zaboo
    Kwan Clara
    the knights were outnumbered to begin with and they still managed to take out a suppouse number 1 player (kwan) and had the battle to 2 vs 2 till bitch riley got involved and considering zaboo’s performance seems he would taken any of the other 2 out, Axis kinda suck at gaming apperently

    • Dokuujin

      I hate that people keep thinking it, but Kwan isn’t a “#1 player”. He’s the #1 STARCRAFT player.
      Starcraft = RTS
      The Game = MMORPG.

  • You


    was AWESOME

  • Tony

    One question, when he said “full season download, riley” What did that mean?

    Also, If only codex is left, and she dies I figure the anarchist will be stupid and suicide, but zaboo’s character will still be there, just not moving.

    Also, it didnt look like wow on the screens, did it?

  • faaaaff

    holy crap i cannot wait for the next episodeeeeeee

  • Kaeleena

    You guys forget. Zaboo plays a warlock. The most obviously overpowered class in WoW for 5 years and counting. It’s only natural that he’d be able to burst down 2 to 3 enemies who were busy head to heading with other players, after originally taking out an alt character. Warlocks are ezmode. 3 button kill. GG Blizz

  • skipperZ

    I agree with the assessment that they should have taken out the healer first. :P That’s just bad planning. To justify it for dramatic purposes, I’m going to assume Wil Wheaton’s character wanted to kill her last. He’s not really the win at any cost type. He’s the make a Statement. With frilly purple prose type.

    Also, it could be warcraft, unitframes anyone? Disable your minimap and use any good unitframes addon and your screen will look quite similar.

    My problem with season 3 has been pacing. Not writing or quality. The show needs a longer format. All the episodes lately have been rushed, as in, not enough transition, not enough time to let tension build. The dialogue being face=paced is good, but not _constantly_ fast paced. I think what’s been happening is the writing has gotten better, but less has been trimmed, so more information gets thrown in, and to fit in the same time limit as usual, things just rush.

  • Jaqson

    At about 1:35 to 1:45 look at the faces. Tink’s face is too self explainitory to what is gonna happen in episode 12. She doesnt want the Knights of Good to be disbanded so she is obviously going to help them.

  • NightMare

    Can’t wait for the next episode! Must have.

    Wiggly’s gonna log on and accidentally kill Codex. I can see that happening.
    I must say, I’m fairly fond of Valkyrie.

  • kris

    Just have to add that Vork’s ‘Drowning Speech’ was epic! And I mean beyond the boundaries of the web-series’ format. Never seen anything like it before, and it was terrific. A moment to be remembered, and lines to be quoted over and over in the future!

    Gz to everyone who helped creating that scene!

  • Dave Hz

    “that’s some lame tourette’s dude”


  • Oreo

    OMG, I can’t wait till the next episode,
    I wonder what is going to happen, wonder if Codex will die or something,
    Or maybe Tink will save Codex and kill the leader of Axis of Anarchy.
    And who does kill the healer last in PvP. (Player VS Player)
    Plain gaming idiocy right there. o3o

  • J_E_R_O

    is it me or does Bladezz seem a little too calm? or in other words more of a pacifist

    • Kapsworth

      hes just trying to piss her off by not responding

  • Jacob

    I love this show so much. I could watch it all day. I hope Tink helps Codex in the end! ;)

  • Anpu

    Just started watching and amazing kept me up all night. Ep 11 was sweet, except one how are Codex’s guildmates dying if she is the healer and isnt takin any dmg? Not that good of a healer I guess. Of course just like everyone else pointed out, you have to be NEWB at PvP to not attack the healer first, for that reason, if the healer on the opposin team is up, your attacking without doing anything overall. Also for those who are trying to guess which MMO they are playing…. The names are too ambiguis, could be from any MMO, the UI briefly shown in EP 11 is a standard WoW UI, but the graphics and character appearance have no resembelence. In other words they have purposely made it to be all and none. Once again, amazing and very riveting, and as a ToC 25 WoW raider I gotta say kinda scary how it can describe some gamers lives LMAO.

    • Taerro

      Maybe she was CC’ed, or perhaps there were 2-3 guys on her so all she could do was keep herself alive. There are a lot of variables that would explain why her teammates are dying and why shes last alive. Besides she was obviously taking damage as Tink said “I’m stabbing you!”

    • Aaro

      That’s not always true. I never attack the healer first, I find it easier to hit DPS first, then healers, then tanks.

  • thatonekid

    lol codex is a bad healer she let everyone die

    • 5iN

      the markings of a good healer isn’t keeping everyone alive so much as it is knowing when to heal and what to heal with. A poor and under geared tank can easily take more DPS then even the best healer can keep up with.

  • jeffy


    *press press press*


  • lisa c

    “if you speak to me again, i will cut myself where i cant feel it and bleed to death on the concrete”
    i love that line (not saying i cut myself) but that was hilarious.
    venom is my favorite in the AoA

  • urkel

    wiggly brang da funk

  • Maryam

    “wait you play two girl characters?”

    “i play two girl characters because I like girls i like looking at girls.. i am a girl loving guy.. i like your shoes”

    hahaha somehow i think he is one of the most fun anarchie characters lolz!

  • Elias Gabriel

    Keep up the good work! I love the actors on both sides of the guild, looks realistic and great play. my favorite part is when the actress told her husband “wanna makeout to makeup?” that was hilarious whoever created that sentence should receive kudos and the rest of the scene our funny too. I love it keep up the good work and I hope you guys make a good movie out of it and be released on theaters.

  • Leo

    hi im leo and just wanted to say how awsome ur show is i have gotten the dvd’s of season 1 and 2 and i just cant get enough of ur show, i think its a wonderfull idea and it well go far.
    i keep watching ep’s i have seen befor over and over and now i just cxant wait for the end of season 3 so i can make place for it on my movie shelf woot

    and fyi tink should re join the guild and stop being sach a bitch
    i know cause im having guild problums of my own where my guild in wow seems to be gone haywire and everyone is spliting up and shit like this so i can relate to everything thats going on.
    anyways i cant wait for the next ep keep up the good work and know im ur bigest fan! i love u guys

  • Zach

    Does anyone else besides me find it extremely hilarious that there is an “anarchist group?” Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of anarchy?

    • W

      You can have anarchist groups, they would just work cooperatively with no leader. But these dudes do have a leader… yeah, most people misuse ‘anarchy’ i think here is supposed to be intentionally stupid.

  • Erias

    I think its going to end in a cliff hanger… cause well. why not.

    codex will defeat fawkes, and the battle between tink and codex will begin, you have both anarchists and knights of good watching… screen fades to black… and you hear a character do the death scream. End of Season.

    Of course, both tink and codex’s characters would have a female scream, so find out next season folks. ;p

  • Gshu

    cant wait to c the next episode @_@

  • Lenord Robinson

    Boy I sure hope Tink redeems herself in the last episode. Hang in there Codex! Guildies rule!

  • Dano

    vork should not have died so fast, and damn riley for screwing over zaboo, zaboo is the best :/

  • Ian Coomber

    Is it me, or does Wil Wheaton *really* look like General Zod in those close ups right at the beginning??????

    • Nick Prato

      Yes, yes he does.

  • TheAmazazingRaynbow

    I think the reason they didn’t take out Codex first is because they were all too busy letting their feelings get in the way and going one on one with the people that they hated most. Thus the healer is the last one standing cuz noone really had a grudge against Codex… as Tink said she’s too nice

  • jeffy87

    Clara: I can’t stop crying!
    Wiggly: You’re not crying. Your just shaking your bottom lip…
    Clara: Alright, look…


  • jonas3333

    Wow – This series does NOT disappoint. Isn’t that funny when there’s so many prime-time bigshots that do?

    Loved this season.

    Codex/Syd: If they keep this up, I’m going to start believing in love again because Felicia Day is just so awesome in SO many ways! Can we just clone her? Like thousands of times? Then I might get a chance at being with the perfect woman…ok – maybe millions of times would better my chances.

    Ok – Show related – She rocks. Loved the Strength gain and personal insanity bit. She was on it all season – What’s more to say? Oh, it’s difficult seeing her with Sir Wheaton, but can’t deny they conveyed that electricity nicely.

    Clara – She consistently makes me laugh – Every single,time. I adore her selfishness and neglectful ways. After watching these seasons several times, I also have to say I think she nails her lines better than anyone and with perfect consistency.

    Zaboo: Great watching him grow through this season – His psychotic breakdown ruled! Damn it would feel good to do that to some deserving online doucheheads. Love the LoN shirts too!

    Bladezz: Such pain and humiliation he suffered through the season! More than Zaboo even! It’ll be cool to see how/if he changes next season. It was painful to hear him say I’m sorry – He pulled that off really well!

    Vork: Jeff has such amazing acting ability. He makes this character shine – even through all Vork’s awkwardness and torment. It’s nice to see him at the helm again and hopefully, he’ll stay there!

    Tink: About the only downside of this season is how little we get to see of Amy’s gorgeousness AND Tink’s bad-assness. I was hoping to see her go turncoat on the Axis of Anarchy rather than just sit back – but that probably would have killed the outcome, so that was well thought out. Glad she’s back!

    Supporting Cast

    Riley: So hot – so hot at being hot. Loved the “bitch stare” line and she nailed that as well – She’s another one whose acting skills should be noted – Give that girl a horror film now! Have we seen the last of her?

    Dena: I really can’t say enough good things about Tara. She’s like, the coolest girl I’ve ever seen portrayed and all the females in this series are cool. But Dena just oozes coolness. Like, beyond every cool guy in the movies – she blows Fonzie away! She got like Jeff Bridges “Dude” coolness! Love the bass playing throughout, her zen style, and just how naturally badass she is.

    Mr. Wiggly: He’s just great – Naturally funny – loved how he got the sweet noob kill. Still can’t stop thinking “Jimmy Kimmel” every time I see him! Glad he got to be a larger part this season and I hope we see more of him.

    Axis of Anarchy guild: Wheaton rocked as the leader – Venom is cool – would like to see more of her too – they all did fine jobs at being the adversaries!

    More More More – Please!

  • AYman

    Who is Kwans assistant? shes on jace halls music video also.

  • Cole Stockdale

    OMG no! u cant leave us hanging like this for like 11 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! codex has to win!