The Guild

  • Dawn

    Well done. This is such a fun Season. I hope Zaboo survives. ;-)

  • Peter Millar

    does anyone else think that Bladez is in bad need of a nose job ????

    • C0deZombie

      No, but I do think his little sister is very amusing.

      • ronald harris

        reminds me of my baby sis always using my stuff..uuuuhhhgood times we get old so fast

    • Stephanie

      No way he is really hot and that is just mean

  • Peter Millar

    lol … oops did i say t hat out loud???

  • FreeBooteR

    Good episode. I think Bladezz is in need of some payback. He’s been too much of a victim so far. Let him go forth and be nasty back.

    Vork – Here’s a small exciting toy, roflmaosauce

    Just love how codex is showing some steel, but still has her vulnerable moments, totally hilarious.

    Anyone else notice Zaboo’s mysterious disappearing cellphone ;)

    • Yippyeyeoh

      hahaha thats funny, the amazing disappearing cell phone ftw

      • Zonmaster

        He was prolly tied up with the phone to get Rilely’s attention when he wakes up cuz his mouth was duct taped, and in this case the text message from Bladezz woke him, and just dropped it…No Plothole ^_^ If it was an “amazing disappearing cell phone” well Zaboo is a warlock =P

  • Gary

    I think Zaboo is a legend but damn him for interrupting them! :(

    • C0deZombie

      Really, talk about it.

  • C0deZombie

    Darn bladez is getting pawned left and righT. Not only will he have no money but a jail record as well.

  • Darien Fyrstrom

    Bladezz is probably going to end up pwning the Axis of Anarchy members. Hell hath no fury like a gamer pwned.

  • Zonmaster

    EPISODE 7 O M G!!!

  • Terrapin

    Unless of course Riley’s just trying to get into the guild by temporarily seducing Codex.
    Also, yet another female who thinks Felicia Day is just adorable.
    And another who is ridiculously frustrated about The Guild not being available on anything other than youtube outside of the states. I went all the way to downloading Zune, googling a US town to get a false postcode, and to the ‘buy all’ page, when it decided that it was unavailable in my region. Well, screw you microsoft, screw you.

    • Peter Millar

      Awesome Terrapin, you share my thoughts on how riley is seducing codex to get into the guild?
      As for microsoft. It truly amazes me how Microsoft has made “microserfs” of the world yet they cant deliver certain content to all of it. You go girl. state your case.

  • Yannick

    Riley never fails to make me laugh. This episode, no exception. Go girl!

  • irulez2

    lol thers ganna be some lesbi stuff goin on between riley and codex aka cyd dam zaboo from stopping that!…lol

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