The Guild

  • JcBeME

    You guys DO realize that Riley won’t fight for the guild as she as intended to end up with the Anarchists’ leader, right? I thought the way both were portrayed last episode made that extremely clear.

    • jcnsajda

      wrong wrong wrong

  • eregost

    First comment though I’v been a long time lurker. Just want to say that The Guild is great work and very entertaining. Keep it up homies :)

  • raynn

    Giving riley to the aoa leader is like giving a poison apple to a …. oh wow what a great idea. Run in a Z Fawkes! lol

    • Whack360

      They really need to stop the S&M stuff with zaboo and rily.

      • Ashantara

        OMG, are you a little uptight and taking things too serious? ;)

      • Kat

        To be honest, I think Codex constantly running up against witnessing Riley’s BDSM tendancies is meant to drive viewers in “not being able to wait until Codex does something about it.”

    • TarnSirun

      I think Riley should totally kick the Axis guilds asses and then join the knights of good.

      • Duriensbane

        If you havent noticed, Riley said she doesnt play rpg style games….as in, open door to the world for the story line. Shes intrested in Codex…easy way into someones “pants” produce a toon, crush the compotition, game.

    • Groll

      I think that Tink is really on a mission from Vork to screw over AoA. And that Vork had to “step down” to facilate this master plan to take down the AoA.

      • Ricros

        Do you honestly think any of them are that intelligent

        • rikiseriku

          They could be :’DD But that seems kinda far-fetched none the less, if Groll was serious :’DD

  • Christian

    lol – bladez couldn’t hold his face after the mom-bang comment. No wonder they filmed it from behind

  • ChiliMac

    I’m looking forward to seeing what roles Tink, Mr Wiggly and Riley play.

    -Notice how worried Tink is about Codex knowing her real name. She didn’t care that she found out where she was just that she might know who she is. I’m thinking she may be from a family with some power.

    -We don’t have a clue as to who Mr Wiggly really is other than a husband and a father. I really think Mr Wiggly has some real world talents that are going to help out the Knights of Good. He did stand up for his wife when he thought his soon to be brother in law grabbed his wife’s boob.

    -Riley could bring down some serious hurt on the Axis of Anarchy if she wants to. Of course she could end up joining them to get back ad Codex for rejecting her.

    Can’t wait to find out what the rest of the season holds. This is episode 8, 4 more to go for the season.

    • Nigel

      In the first season Clara says that her husband works in pharmaceuticals

      • Brad

        It would be funny if Mr Wiggly mixed up a little cocktail to give to the axis crew, give them a few days of intense diahorrea or something

  • Loki

    I hate making predictions… ;)
    But all I’m saying is two wolves dropped in a den together, and both will calm down and keep to themselves after the initial bit of fur that goes flying.

  • Celestial

    In the opening web cam felicia looks hot with her hair tied up

  • Crystal

    Was Fawkes hitting on Codex??? So the real reason for the Guild Smear comes out. Isn’t puppy love grand???

  • Tina

    lol penis envy…Vork gets all the best lines hehe

  • Almaniac

    Was that Nihcelle Nichols?!?!?!?!

    • Bustament

      Couldn’t be. . . It sure sounded like her though!

    • Convention Fans

      Definitely not Nichelle. Not to be unkind, but that woman is far too young to be her. Nichelle is nearing 80.

      • Marian Michaels

        We are sisters.

  • Chillwind

    OMG Defense CAP! Don’t take that crap from the misfit guild… kick their in game butts and then Ninja their real life loot!

  • Aura

    I agree that Riley could cause some serious pain for Axis of Anarchy…and it would be epic.

  • Rhino

    Is it just me, or does it sound like Codex says Tina at the beginning? Because she is referring to Bladezz sister who is named Dana. So what’s the deal?

    • Alphared

      It’s Dina not Dana.

      • Rhino

        Oh! That explains it.

  • gblotter

    Folks keep commenting on Riley and Fawkes. Where do you get the idea that those two will eventually end up together? Did I miss some reference to that in a previous episode?

    • Myhedhurtz

      I was wondering the same. Both are extremely dominant personas. Unless there was some kind of “Red Sonja” moment, I have a hard time seeing it.

      • Ashantara

        *LOL* Your “Red Sonja” reference should have earned you the Geek of the Week award! *g*

        • guitar beast

          yeah i dont see how people keep assuming they will end up together

  • Myhedhurtz

    Anal retentive types usually annoy me to no end. But Vork, all I can say is awesome. From the gastronomic failures to his being socially clueless, he’s quickly becoming my favorite OCD cave troll.

    His “going on the road” added some much needed humor to my situation. I’ve been looking around at rv’s to avoid becoming homeless. His mini-travels have been sparking up some ideas. Well except for the wifi, I couldn’t do that! lol

    I could almost see him running with some truckers for a day or two. Some of those guys are hardcore gamers on the road. Heh, just picturing him sitting there at a table with us shooting the shit, hysterical!

  • skyedawg

    whats happening to the guild? its turning way too soap operaey for me. I LOVE this show dont get me wrong, but i just want them all interacting together like it was with vork as the guild leader. in your best sitcoms like seinfeld and that 70s show they didnt do weird crazy differences like this to a character. thats why i hope this show gets back on track a bit with tink in their guild and vork as the leader.

    • Donny

      Felicia had stated before that this show is about the people and relationships, not the game. I’ve always worried about a situation occurring just like what is happening in this season. The other day someone from my guild who knows a lot about my and my wife’s personal life left the guild with a possible vendetta up his sleeve, so I relate very closely to this.

  • Arsalan

    AWESOME!!!!! everytime i watch the guild i get goosebumps

    • anon


  • Raúl

    Damn!!! They should start picking on anarchy, going to this guy’s job and and this other girl’s class and cut this other guy’s skirt :p

  • Kasar

    Not making a lot of sense at this point. Tink has no character but this “#1 Guild” has her as a member that’s rarely on?

    She’d be expected to rebuild the character as fast as possible, those guys don’t seem like they’d be all that patient.

    • ChiliMac

      I’m assuming she has other charecters. Maybe not built up so much but I could see Axis letting her in anyway just to have fun agains the Knights of Good.

    • Nigel

      She basically seduced Fawkes, theres other reasons

  • Redplague

    Poor Zaboo. Riley is awesome! I would love to see her replace mr wiggly and have an epic showdown with AoA.

  • Darkmarcy

    Oh no! I was afraid this would happen – they’ve let Tink get too hot! It’s totally distracting from the rest of the story, which is HEE-larious. And someone’s GOT to tell me how they got Wesley Crusher to sign on for this. Brilliant casting!

    Keep on keepin on guildies! And cover that girl up – grumpy/funny > grumpy/sexy, (at least on this show).

    • Nigel

      wow i didnt even realize fawkes was wesley crusher

  • Deco

    20 Bucks says Codex will have to get Riley to deal with the AoA, but she’ll probably want to be guild leader or sumin. Hopefully she’ll also want lesbian sex.

    • awesome-o

      We can only hope!

  • Aubit

    Have been watching from the beginning and got my boyfriend watching it too.

    Here’s the thing with Tink. She obviously didn’t look happy when Codex first jumped onto their chat line. She will come around when she realizes what clown AoA is.

    I will laugh if Codex calls Zaboo’s Mom. That would be a battle to see.
    Great work as always guys. Now where’s the next episode!

  • TeamWolf

    The Axis of Faggorty really do kill this for me.. They are so lame lol… And yet think they are full of it for picking on some kid who plays an rpg in real life… When will Riley get in there and just show them how to game oh and slap them all for being so stupid.

  • Kdawg

    Hey! I love the show and tried to embed in my blog – but the link/embed code in the player takes you to the GAG reel and not the actual episode! Oh no! Please fix!

  • Troublemaker

    I think Felicia’s opening monologue in this video is the BEST by far!

    Also, dear Guild, please… do put Mr Wiggly on the opening animation!! xD

    • Nigel


  • Arsalan

    OMG LOL i was watching discovery cha and i saw riley on this execution show wer they show old things that people used to execute people and she and on the SAME CHANNEL WAS a add of special k cerial and Felicia Day AKA codex LOOOL

  • Mythwolff

    OMG….just realized thats Wes.

  • Hilsh

    Gotta love the Axis of Anarchy. For sure they are picking a very easy target by slamming the Knights of Good. That’s a bit like a wolf pack attacking a one legged blind kitten.

  • beep darkyear

    im totaly diggin this riley chic in a zigzag sweaty,thats just funny.

    • Ashantara

      She’s hilarious! A great addition to the show — mean, dry humor works best as a comic relief. *g*

  • beep darkyear

    wait a min is that nichele nickels that vork is talking to?Lt.uhura from startrek.

  • Cadaver

    what episode do we get to see tink’s boobs?

  • Dino

    why why why are you pushing everybody away??? why.

  • Arlew

    Would be cool if Mr Wiggly buys a guide comes back with some mad skills PVP camps them all and crushes AoA.

    Or busts them up in the real world. The world is PVP as he said. :)

    Mr Wiggly FTW!

  • Linda

    Ok where is Wiggley? haha I think he will be able to do something noticed they not said what his job is yet.

    • Silver

      Clara told the guild that he’s in pharmaceuticals.

  • Evilynn

    Was Fawkes actually trying to flirt Codex? Looked to me as if a dominant guy tries to tell a girl she is submissive in reality or whatever – and therefor his prey.

    I was wondering why Tink reacted so odd when Codex showed up “Do you know my real name?”

    Riley should definately hunt the AoA guys down with her paintball skills, that would be fun ;p

    And Clara … I find her humour pretty dark most of the time.

  • Tower888

    OK… I thought Tink would just be out of “The Knights of Good” for one episode, but this has gone on for too long. She’s always been a bad-ass (in her speech anyhow), but she’s supposed to be the Guild’s resident bad-ass, not off playing hoops alone. I’m loving the new season, except the Tink storyline. Bring her back into the fold. It’s not as funny without her.

  • TrollCapAmerica

    Poor Codex.We all know the horros of having our ghost pale skin exposed to the outside.Curse you evil day star!

  • ChiliMac

    Come on! I’m jones here!!! Where is the new episode!!!!! Please.

  • ChiliMac

    I love the Holloween episode but delaying episode 9 is cruel and unusual punishment!

  • Bill

    Love the Zombie Repellent T-Shirt! Are those available?

    • Morning

      yes I have one. :D I don’t really know where to tell you to get one because I got mine at a convention but they do exist so don’t give up hope.

  • Lana

    I wonder when episode 9 premiers?

  • Mark Neilson

    loving the guild cant wait for more.
    Need to feed my addiction.

  • Ezri

    I think Tink’s father is a little tin pot dictator like North Korea’s Kim Jong-il, or Burma’s General Than Shwe. She will be embarrassed if anyone knows who is related to her, and it’s also why she herself is a little tyrant, it’s in her blood. Don’t get me wrong, I luv Tink, she’s great.

  • Chris

    So one AoA works in an office (and shouldn’t be online), one is a teacher, one is a cop. Two more to go.

    We’re being introduced to each AoA character’s off-line lives one at a time. Could the inevitable revenge include sabataging their personal lives to even the score?

  • hal

    Riley is not carzy she a bully a big mean kind this well teach all nerds geeks gamers and rpgers out there that you should never live with and or date your bully . if thay get marry would the kids be nerd or bully , (daddy sister gave me a widgie it hurts ) ( i know son mommy just gave me one too then took my lunch money)

  • Wendy

    “run in a z sweetie!” great dialogue! still laughing :)

  • http://idon'thaveone peter

    i think that the guild should get in-game footage by asking blizzard, southpark did it. :)