The Guild

  • Someone

    Lol brilliant:P

    • Kelly

      Go go gadget Codex!!! Oh bt S/W/M/TX LF S/W/F/named codex!!!

    • ABZARU

      this show is starting to get repeditive and lame , move the damn plot on already.. ok the guild is gettin bagged on we get it. then what happend??

      • Vince

        Patience, my son. It will come. :)

  • Darien Fyrstrom

    They just need to recruit Riley. Riley vs. Axis of Anarchy = pain.

    • Aura

      I concur.

      • lmao

        its a better twist to have claras husband play

      • Uzetaab

        agreed. I can’t really see any other way for them to get out of this mess.

    • whatismytitle

      any1 forget about the stunt guy!?!?!?!

      • whatismytitle

        woops i forgot to mention… he is now on a show called Flashforward which makes a new ep every thursday night. It is either on nbc or abc (sorry I always get the two confused, I am pretty sure (Almost 100% sure) it is nbc.) So he is most likely not going to come back until the end of that show, or if they end up killing of his character (that is how it seems through their plot.)

        • PandaZombie

          WHAT?! Wade is in flashforward? I like that show so far is he going to be a main character because i dont see him in it so far?

          • Rhino

            Unless he is a stuntman in the show, he isn’t in it. And, according to IMDB, isn’t anytime soon.

        • Burton

          Wade is not in Flashforward. Think that is John Cho. Fernando Chien (Wade) has been on the Red Dawn remade movie set since September (ref: his fernychien twitter page). So unless he make an unannounced appearance for season 3 of the Guild, he wouldn’t be back this season.

      • Uzetaab

        Reilly mentioned that he is interstate atm or something. Maybe he’ll come back at the end to save the day but I doubt it. I don’t expect to see him again.

  • Farfalla

    Not liking Tink at all, even Riley seems more appealing at this point and she’s down right twisted.

    • Dino

      tink kicks ass, riley plays games.

  • Someone

    So it intensifies~

    But the Gag Reels… they were hilarious.


  • Lucas

    Poor Zaboo… u.u

    LOL it must be so funny to record the chapters…

    tx 4 the chapter guys… i hope you get luckier with your anarchists troubles

  • Shadow

    The only thing that has really thrown me off so far?…

    Tink playing Basketball? She seems so…ultra high maintenance girly…did that seem a little off in her character to anyone else?

    I just can’t picture any other “bitchy mean girly girls” taking time out from putting sparkly glitter crap all over their mobile name brand devices to shoot hoops…


    • Bluefox22

      I thought the same thing. I was thinking maybe she was at school or something? I don’t know. It kinda looked like a school gym uniform. And Maybe she’s playing by herself because she can’t get along with anyone. How old is Tink, anyway? But really though, how did Codex know where to find her?

      • Juicy

        Uh…PreMed =Undergrad = highly unlikely that she would be in a highschool gym uniform.

        Girly girls can also be really into sports, I think it works.

        • Stu

          these people probably finished high school

      • whatismytitle

        “But really though, how did Codex know where to find her?” Zaboo cyber hacking skillz

        • Uzetaab

          yes. he gave her tink’s details last ep or the one b4.

    • Cass

      perhaps.. but she’s also a hardcore gamer who plays a hunter and who looks like she wants to beat someone up… Sports don’t seem out of character.

    • Uzetaab

      I dunno, I didn’t think of it as very odd. The way I see it, the kind of person you describe is likely to be very active in order to keep their figure trim. Just because she is throwing the ball through the metal ring doesn’t mean she knows (or cares) about how the game is supposed to be played.

    • merrybits

      I’m guessing it’s a play on the South Park “Make Love not Warcraft” episiode where the boys go out side to play basketball after they think they have been defeated in the game.

    • Dino

      vary unlikly, is that a high school gym suit… but, what realy is out of place is the expression on her face when codex what AofA did to Bladzz, first sign of carring?.

  • Shadow

    …still awesome show, of course!

    • Stu

      there is no doubt about that

    • Dino

      distroing somones life is not awesome, but revenge can be. where asre the Knights of Good?

  • Azrius

    Am I the only one who thinks the AoA’s leader is a whole new level of pathetic?

    • Uzetaab

      absolutely. He’s exactly what I would expect of someone who gets a kick out that sort of thing.

  • Stowen

    I wish they came out allot faster.
    These episodes seem to be shorter, or maybe thats just how it feels.

  • Raposa

    Fox is the man. I that a zombie repelent t :D

    • ChiliMac

      Just FYI, Fox is spelled Fawkes. Thought you might like to know.

  • David

    Ok…Way they so mean :| ?

  • Sceth

    The part of Tink playing basketball worked for me. She is all ‘girly girly’ but at the same time, she needs that exercise. Also, she hasn’t been on the game in a long time, maybe something else took place, and it’s why she’s out in the… horrid… sun.

    • Shadow

      lol…good point!

    • Yannick

      Well, she mentions having a date in season 2, and she’s always been quite in shape, so I’m guessing she’s more active outside the game than the other guildees.

  • Allison

    I am loving this new season :P The gag reel was funny, I love the constant cursing lol.

  • jack smith

    lol…..aoa leader is will wheaton…..weasley crusher….roflmao….looks like he finialy grew into man hood….like bladezz said “revenage is better served warm on a plate.”

  • Kelly

    Am I the only person who thought Vork had stumbled into Nichelle Nichols’ driveway for a second? xD

    • Joe Cool


    • Goren

      Was thinking the same.

    • Dino

      woh,your right! cool

  • Silver

    Yay gag reel!

  • ChiliMac

    I want more….NOW!!!!! This waiting every week is killing me! I am seriously being tempted into starting WOW just to try and satisfy my Guild craving.

    • Juicy

      I did that. It worked pretty well actually….Until it ate up hours of my day.

      • Hilder

        Rookie mistake. It should eat up all hours of your *night*. You sleep in your office or class.

  • Apples

    Haha, this season is turning out to be great, though, I find the old intro to be slightly incorrect, Tink isn’t in the guild anymore, yet she is still in the Intro… Always thought of it as an Intro to Knights of Good..

    Dunno, Just seems out of place.

    “I just banged your mom… *Whistle* ” LOL… Bladezz face when he tries to hold the serious look xD

  • Can Of Sprite

    LMAO definitely needs to recruit Riley I have a feeling that they’d fight fire with fire then they’d get tink back and Riley would join anarchy :snickers:

    • PJThePally

      The whole point of Rilely is to parody the relationship RPGers have to FPSers. We (i.e RPGers) see them as stupid, violent knuckle dragger, while they see us a fairybutt sissies. I’m waiting for Mr.Wiggle to set up to the plate.
      Perhaps seeing him Own Will Wheaton in PvP would be the proper dosage.

  • Kevin

    As Sheldon would say…WHEATON!!!!

  • Atma999

    First time commenting, but I simply had to: this series gets better with every episode, and this one was over the top awesome-sauce. Every single scene was a winner, from vlog to paintball, with great writing and on-point delivery by everyone.

    I had been waiting for the basketball scene ever since I saw it in the trailer for this season, and OH MY GOD it was one million times funnier than I thought it would be. Codex’s skills are priceless.

  • Binx

    Haha “This is getting crazysauce”

    Also, a little while ago I was watching the un-aired episode of Dollhouse, few seconds in and I’m like, “WHOA what is Codex doing on Dollhouse?!”

  • David Mello

    OK, Codex stood up to Fawkes, who thinks he’s Blofeld times 4300. However, that’s not in real life, and I just wonder who’s going to prove that and when.
    However, she had a worse time with Tink. So what if Codex has a freckle? Didn’t hurt Lindsay Lohan. Also, Tink, how come you’re on the court and now with your Axis buddies?
    Poor Zaboo. Now he’s in “The Most Dangerous Game”. Why doesn’t Riley just publicly dump him so she can kiss her one true love, Fawkes? That’s probably part of the A of A’s plan, aside from just sitting back and see the KoG fly apart.
    At least we know Vork’s real name now.
    Will the KoG end before this season does?

    • Abraham Colby

      the 4th episode of the first season said Vork’s real name i dont know what you are talking about its hermin and he said in the cheesybeards episode

      • the guild watcher


        • David Mello

          Darn, I never heard that part. I should check with my DVD on that one

      • Jigz

        Ye it is herman , he said it at blizz con when he was doing a standup , it was actually quite good , hilarious..

        b t dubs , huge props out 2 the guild , awesome show .

        - Extremely hot and sexy guy, most fierce warrior on all of the ravencrest servers, and invincible sniper in tf2

        -out :D

  • David Mello

    and I meant “not with your Axis buddies”, by the way

  • lemon509

    wow, tink is sooo not cool, tho it was funny when she got all frightend”do you know my real name???” lol.
    cant wait to the see the aoa get crushed…

  • David Mello

    I’ll just say if the solution to the KoG’s problems is someone named wiggly, it will be all worth it
    And what does Fawkes do for a living aside from pretending to be Blofeld, anyway?

  • Randi

    Awww. Riley is so cute. “Run in a Z sweetie!”

  • UNE4K

    Get Riley in the guild already the fraggin skills are needed aoa need taking down to spot 2.

    Riley is hawt but poor Zaboo gettin shot like that after giving her a ring and all.

    Great episode.

    • PJThePally

      Being and FPSer does not translate to MMO skills.

      • whatismytitle

        But it is better then someone who has pong experience

        pong does not equal MMO skills even more

  • lmao

    lol awesome.

  • Luikseer

    This episode was horrible! Poor Zaboo and Codex! I feel so bad for both of them…

  • David Mello

    I know a lot of you think Codex should break down and ask Riley to join the Guild…which may lead to Riley doing even creepier things to Codex before she agrees.
    Sorry, but I just don’t see Riley in the KoG. She seems to prefer FPGs rather than be in a group. In fact, she may prefer to be an Army of One to take out the A of A and KoG in an afternoon. If she doesn’t fall for Fawkes eventually, that’s probably what she would do.
    Besides, that would be too obvious. Felicia clearly has something else in mind, and I hope it’s soon. Seeing the KoG being pummled like this is so sad.

    • whatismytitle

      did any1 forget about the stunt guy?

      • Kronik

        yeah i really want to know what happened to that guy

  • Deanna

    I just love the emerging pods of freckles!

    Awesome ep!

  • Eric

    You’re venturing into “Pan’s Labyrinth” territory this season, where no matter how things turn around for the ‘good guys’ at the end of the season it won’t make up for the bad stuff that’s happened to them. I left “Pan’s Labyrinth” feeling such overwhelming disgust that I screamed at the top of my lungs all the way home. How much darker are you going to go? I like the cast but I don’t like the darkness.

    • Xena

      I have to agree, at least on some level. While I found alot of the episode amusing (gotta love the freckles scene! Fair skinned folks unite! lol) I am not finding the abusive situation with Zaboo and Riley funny anymore. Now it’s gone from mildly amusing and “oh carp I hope he gets out of that soon” to “OMG that is totally abuse and just plain sad!” C’mon writers…lighten this up pretty please? Just a tad would go a long way with those of us who truly do not find abusive relationships funny (because it isn’t).

      • Silhouette

        I agree with you both. I’m just waiting for this relationship to end because it seems Zaboo is going to have to fight another boss like in the first season but since this seems like a side story, I doubt it’ll be resolved in that manner. I’m getting tired of seeing her abuse him all the time.

        In his currently relationship with Riley his personality seems rather two-dimensional. Maybe that’s because he’s focusing on her more than the game and also the fact that she doesn’t play MMO’s? Hm. I’d like for Zaboo to calm down and get together with Codex but…we’ll see.

        I didn’t really like ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’ either because the darkness overshadowed any possible hope towards the end. It appears there’s nothing to redeem the KoG now. Everyone seems stuck in a rut, since week after week it’s the same cuts and talk about the AoA and said party harassing them. I hope it picks up soon.

      • t4Gecko

        Yep, have to agree but someone else here was saying that they just finished filming the season. So no matter what we beg of the writers, it’s already done one way or the other. Very ‘Schrodinger’s cat’. Incidentally, from your tone about the Zaboo and Riley relationship, I think that’s about how I feel with the whole ‘banged your mom’ bit. I don’t really find that funny. It just doesn’t work in this context for me. I think maybe it’s because it seems so contrived – like the writers were running out of ideas on how to torture Bladezz, and so they threw that in. It felt like a sudden cut to lowbrow humor in a mix of otherwise witty comedy.

  • andrew

    hahha run in a z sweetie

  • Timestopper

    almost make oout gag reel hahahaahaahhahaha

  • Stu

    good ep
    i really think Zaboo should break up with riley although she’ll probably knock him out

  • Rob

    Cool!! Love all the episodes, so funny, so hilarious, just right to end a day.
    Looking foreward to se the next one.

  • Curasarion

    Riley rules!

    Now is the time to unleash Riley!

    Yes, Codex…. The Godfather has his Luca Brasi who brought death and terror to his enemies. Codex has to do something strong, to prove to Riley that she is someone to actually support. (I don’t mean just being another weak tool for Riley to exploit.) Codex is smart – being a healer is no easy skill to master. If she can prove to Riley that she is a strong leader — oh, the other guild is in real trouble…

    I was more disturbed by Tink in this episode. I had hopes, but it looks very much like Tink has gone over to the Anarchy side – does not bode well.

    • Michele

      I like you. ;)

      Interesting..the two points of view seem to be that Riley will either beat the crap out of Fawkes/AoA or will wrestle that ex-Next Gen’er to the ground and order him to engage.

      Interesting. Did not expect that second perspective from you guys.

  • Pulse

    More hot chick in the wheelchair please! She is fine and disabled… so she can’t escape.

    • Rynn

      Um Whoa creepy dude.

    • JcBeME


  • bigmak

    who plays riley

    • Vince

      Michelle Boyd. :)

  • Ludge

    Wow, So I watched this episode when I got home from school, and now, I just finished watching Being Erica. Guess what? Dr. Tom uses the exact same quote as Fawkes! Anyways, not a bad episode, but not particullarily good either. Oh well. Can’t wait for the climax!

  • Rynn

    Thought the episode was hilarious and awesome as always! I love the stuff with Wil Wheaton.

    Anyways, everyone who is complaining about stuff on the show remember this:

    No one is forcing you to continue watching.


  • hey henry

    remotley f–ked up but okay..

  • Izztyrr

    Was that Nichelle Nichols? Sure looked and sounded like her to me. Didn’t see her name in the credits though. Did The Guild just have cast members from TNG and TOS in it?

    • Crystal

      It looked like her but I can’t tell

  • Vampyr

    Another great episode, I only wish they were longer!
    Can’t wait to see what happens next week!

    • Zonmaster

      Dont we all wish things were longer,… and if they were, I can not wait to see what happens tomorrow…^_~

  • Scrambler

    Riley is freaking badass!!!!!!!

  • Kronik

    seriously. Clara’s husband needs to unlock his power and form his own two-person guild with Riley to just own everyone in its path.

  • Kronik

    lmao seriously the gagreel was great. specially the part where codex and riley are SO close to kissing. my god that would be a dream come true.

    • idolmonkey

      Creepy as it sounds… that would’ve made my dream come true too…

  • Jesse

    “Run in a Z, Sweetie!”

    That was golden. Almost bright and jolly enough to make me forget that I just lost 10,000 souls.


  • Cadaver

    YES! Tink, is super hot! this show needs more tink.