The Guild

  • shannon Gilmore

    Woohoo! go codex! that was awesome!

  • Whiteflame Ash

    I say the heck with Will, Falicia has given me a deeper fascination for the beauty of redheads…… She could join my guild any day, I’d even let her lead sometimes. Codex, Do you wanna date my avatar? He’s a star…… lol

  • AnnimeerKat

    Oh my… I just caught up… I soooo want more… When will they have session 4 I wonder.

    • belentejada

      they do have season 4 :)

  • Torbjørn

    Make more!! This serie is AWESOME.. please don’t EVER stop making new episodes. its like im addicted to this serie! :D

  • Jessica

    does anyone know when the next season comes out?

  • Raya

    Totally loved the part when the asian guy grabbed her boob. Her face was priceless. And then Zaboo tried to get in on that action, covering it up with a “high five!” sooo great!

    The whole thing with her ending up in bed with that Axis of Anarchy guy…my opinion, he’s just a higher level of stalker than Zaboo was. then again…it’s just an opinion.

    P.S.- Totally wanna hear that in a video game like Final Fantasy; when in a battle, the player’s battle cry is “My hair is naturally wavy!”

    • Kaykay!

      Lol I would piss myself laughing if that battle cry was heard in a game!! HAHA! It is now a goal in my life! LOL MY HAIR IS NATURALLY WAVYYY!!!! :D

  • DKO

    maybe they should put a cs team in there o.0 cs= counter strike :) for u WoW players ( have one of them play cs to train there reflex’s xD) <- lame idea. Anyways i dont think ive ever watched so many videos let alone a show basically ,this much and liked it…. talk about l33t. o yeah hunters ftw? mr wiggly was playing a hunter i think :) the best. i thought they were actually gonna show some battleground fighting or arena in the show when they were having the final battle , would be so epic to watch real WoW footage lol. Anyways this show is great :)

    • Rhino

      They did. At least, a top corner of the screen during one shot. LOL!

    • Chickflix

      Yeah, using WoW footage would’ve been awesome (like they did in South Park – the 1 and only episode I watched of it lol). Maybe next season.

    • Tiberius

      I’m sure it has to do with copyright issues — I think that corner of the screen was the first time /any/ shots of actual gameplay have been in the series.

  • Calibri

    Felicia, we love you! <3 My very first crush was on Wil Wheaton, awkwardly enough. Wes was just so.. earnest. I felt he would treat a lady right.

    Yes, I know that's creepy.

    Cannot wait for s4. Also cannot wait for the s3 dvd! This show keeps me from murdering my guild leader in the night. :]

    • nocuzzlikeyea

      YES I crushed on Wes too!!

      and now that I’m grown up, and he’s all rough around the edges, I like him even more. I was waiting for those two to hook up since they first talked one-on-one.

      Bold move at the end of the episode, but I think it will totally pay off

  • Rachel

    Holy shit do I love you guys. Just felt the need to say it. :D

  • OhEmGee

    Damn Zaboo! Cock-blocked by Wil freaking Wheaton.
    d’aaw I was kinda rooting for Zaboo =(

    Am I the only one who thinks Kwan is totally hot? lol @ boob grabbing.

    Yay Codex!!! =D You did it! Just had to go a little bit Fight Club on yourself.

  • LlewellynKin

    i love it all! i never fail to laugh at every show!! every tiem i watch i see things that my own friends and i myself do whiel gaming or have been through. god i love rthis show * sighs in satisfation* and i love Zaboo he has been a fav of mine form the start. i think he will be pissed at codex i think he will maybe win her over somehow with something he dose to protect her form herself. just liek she was telling him abotu how bad his girlfriend was, im sure he will be ther for her shoudl that be the way of things.

  • Guenn

    O M G i cant wait this is gonna drive me maddddddddddddddddd!!! i think we all hated that guy in the Anarchy, but (in secret ) we loved him!!!
    WE NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED season 4 NOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    pleeeeeease!! you guys just get me even more adicted to my game than i am!!!

  • Sunao


    -Zaboo crawls to a corner and draws circles with his finger as he pouts-

    Zaboo, stop growing mushrooms in that corner… >.>

  • Pheace

    Was a douchy moves to remove certain episodes from Youtube and other sites. (S1 E5)

  • TheDesertFox_TFD

    Got to say I loved this season , each one gets better and better. I am very curious as to what will be the center of drama for season 4…. another larger guild that makes the knights & anarchy ally to survive?

  • Ezri

    HOLD THE PHONE! Felicia Day will be on the LIE TO ME television series on Fox, on 12/14/2009.

    • CZ

      Just saw the episode. Great job!

      • CZ

        I meant the episode of “Lie to Me” with Felicia! Apparently I clicked the wrong post to comment on!

    • mayamaeru

      Hell yea~ I watched that! From the way that episode ended I think she might even be in the next season of Lie to Me :) !!!

  • stela

    when is season 4???? I can’t wait!!!

    • mayamaeru

      umm I believe the series is completely over, this was called the finale and none of the other season’s last episodes were called a ‘finale’. But if I’m wrong I’d love to watch more episodes :D

      • uWishuKnewMe

        This was the season finale, if it was the series finale, they probably would’ve at least said something along how it was a great run or something or another.

  • crystal

    YAY boobie grab! <3

  • GM/DM/SnM (SnM=JK)

    Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE this show but the only thing that I did not foresee in this episode was that in my mental version (prior to release of this episode) Tink backstabbed the GM of AoA directly rather than just throwing the match.

    It is a bit “mold fitting” compared to past episodes. I am curious to know if the G/G kiss was just for ratings as several shows have done in the past.

    PLEASE!!! Don’t go generic on us now.

    This episode was like a straight “A” student getting a “D”. Passable but I know you can do better… you already have.

    • GM/DM/SnM (SnM=JK)

      In reviewing my first post, it came off as harsher than I was looking for. I’ll post another that conveys my real meaning next.

  • frankAbbey

    Whaaaa? Did that just happen?

  • Brendan Weinhold

    I’m confused. I only see through episode 10 on the website, but here’s episode 13 at MSN… what’s going on? Where are the in-between episodes, and can I watch them at

  • Kyle

    This is an amazing show. I hope you guys do more seasons. Hmmm…..possible…

  • Drew

    Aw cmon =\ she sleeps with the guy that just caused her all that hell!?

    So she beats him, just to roll over on her back and let him give her the old heave ho, IMMEDIATELY afterward?

    Wtf!? Really?!?!

    *Respect meter running on empty… Danger, danger*

  • EasyRage

    NO!! How could she DO THAT?? omg… well, i suppose we can expect a 4th season now >_> stupid codex! grr, after all he did to herrr, well, lets hope she is in his house and can just ditch before anybody finds out… Im disgusted codex! >_<

  • Your friend

    Well, I wonder if anyone is going to read this ever but…

    Felicia Day is voice acting for Guild wars 2.

    We won’t see The guilds episode for a very long time.

  • Junisaur

    Freaking GENIUS! Love the story line as a whole, but i wasn’t too fond of the cliff hanger, although I know they will seriously make pwn some n00bs in season 4!

  • skyangel

    Just started the serie and watch it all in a couple of days!! Very nice and goofy:D I love it and wait for next season.
    Felicia you rocks!!

  • Shadowshockx

    The guild is great, can’t wait for more seasons to come out!

  • Charlie

    Felicia, you are truly the avatar of my dreams! It would be a dream come true to see you guys make it to “mainstream” TV with 30 minute episodes every week (not trying to make your head explode with the thought of writing like that) It looks like you guys are truly on a roll with your success, please never ever (not ever) stop creating new episodes. Perfect casting, I love all of you! Your show and “The IT Crowd” out of England is comedy gold for us geeks and nerds. :)

  • SarahFlaps

    I seriously wish this game was real. This series must continue it just got more interesting. Though I think Codex has gotten a little to confident from her avatar lol.

  • Rofl Copter

    Will Wheaton took that red headed bitch right up the pooper!

  • Illusion Bronzebeard

    Great episode

  • Funny Person

    I wonder if there is going to be a season 4 O_o?

    • Lintu

      Yes there is. If you read the news section of the website they say that they are working with it as fast as they can :) .

  • John Stephen

    From a large group of gamers an the kila clan
    here in Scotland, u guys rock!!!!!!!!!
    Keep up the good work lookin forward to season 4

  • Ariadarkholme

    omg, that leader guy from Axis of Anarchy is hot. XD and hello, Codex was drunk so she prolly doesn’t even remember doing him…although she prolly shouldn’t have gone for drinks with him…she should have let me go in her place ;)
    Yes, I just WINKIED you! *gasp*

  • Neil

    How can the Axis of Anarchy consider themselves anarchists when they have a cop on their team and use state power to exploit people as a means to achieving their short-sighted ends?

    • C B

      Because it is just more hilarious!

  • Hiai

    It has been an extremely loooooong wait for season 4 to start. So I went back and re-watched…again. A question arose in my mind….

    I am a nerdy, insecure, gamer redhead with pasty white skin untouched by the sun (mostly, one does have to shop). Does this mean I have a chance to someday wake up next to a kilt-wearing Evil Wil Wheaton?!!?!?!!? *quickly hides wedding ring*

  • Blah

    Just so you guys know, if you didn’t note before, the Asian dude’s Korean. There’s this whole thing about Koreans having gamers do this kind of “boot camp” where they made them play StarCraft, and pick them off until they have their top player, blah blah blah… I do admit that they can be competitive, but I’m not sure it’s true.

    Anyway, he said Hwaiting when he made the fist, which means Fighting in English. I think Japanese say Faito. It’s a thing to say like Good Luck, keep fighting. It’s a big thing about having the Fighting spirit. I guess it’s like the Saints with their “Who Dat” stuff.

  • Anon

    Hahaha… When she said “Uh, no” about dating him, her face said, “Yes but I’m not telling you.” Sooo saw that coming. No pun intended..


    thanks to codex, are awaiting in the Internet, video of anarchy, “f***ing The Knights of Good”.

  • orbenthal

    My old guild on wow (inactive) is just like vork’s guild!

  • hannah

    i love this show is there going to be a 4th season on youtube soon im dying from not being able to watch it. (dying jk)

  • CoreyTaylorr

    Cause she slept with the Axis of Anarchy dude, And Zaboo liked Codex? Just a thought.

  • McAwesome

    zaboo hated it when codex didnt like him and this is like 500 times worse

  • Vividarium

    Zaboo will feel betrayed,,,because he’s deranged like that, but he will still like her.

  • spiffer10

    LMAO Felicia and Wil Wheaton, I always hated Wil on Star Trek:TNG but major props for at least appearing to get it with Felicia.