The Guild

  • Saphire

    Didn’t see that ending coming. Cool though.

  • Legs

    CODEX! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I love Wil Wheaton, but… she’s the guild’s priest! She’s been corrupted! TT-TT Excited for Season 4!!!

    • Dr Cooper

      Damn You Wil Wheaton!.. I mean he doesn’t even have enough L’s in his name, who doesn’t know how to spell their own name?

    • Duran

      Iam a 100% with you on this one.

    • Rob

      I’d freak out to if I woke up next a guy…really freak out.
      God the black guy is funny.

    • dustindreadful

      ew. that dude was ugly. shes to pretty for him. eek

  • Monsterious

    Nice finale to a great season! =D

  • praxtiprat

    most awesome end to a scary season. i have to admit i wanted codex n zaboo together but fawkes n codex could be VERY interesting

    • Igloo McCoy

      I have secretly hoped for Fawkes and Codex to get together since he showed up in that little kilt. I think I’m sick in the head.
      Fawkes has shown some sort of sadistic romantic interest before. The question is if he actually likes her or if he’s just doing it to prove something. I hope they stay together and Codex tries to hide it from the guild.
      What’s Fawkes’ real name, anyway? Do you think they call each other by their character names?!

      • Evilynn

        ofc they will ;p

        I call my bf as well by his nickname and not by his realname :D DDD

  • AlphaBob

    Didn’t see that ending coming. Fantastic twist. As for the boob grab, I assume the Korean guy will surgically remove that hand and have it bronzed — seriously, very funny bit and great job by Zaboo.

  • Joeboy

    Classic CLASSIC line: “Subscribe!”

  • David

    sorry guys its a dream

    • Kelly

      No way!! Too cheesy. Plus we already have the unreality of the game…can’t have reality become unreality that would be too confusing!

  • kaje


  • Danzerz

    Can’t wait for season 4, this is my favorite show EVER!!!, also WTF was the other guild leader playing to get killed by a healer for gods sake!!!

    • kayla

      i know right1 thats exactly what i was thinking when it happened!

    • Shelby

      well she’s playing a priest, not just a healer. I play WoW and priests can dish out some good damage in PvP

      • Grim

        Yea im with ya on that one i play disc priest in pvp and basically we tear shit up unless were really undergeared compared to the person or they know how to play their class better than us, but other then us were annoying to kill and then its just dots dots and shield reflect

        • Grim

          Yea im with ya on that one i play disc priest in pvp and basically we tear people up unless were really undergeared compared to the person or they know how to play their class better than us, but other then us were annoying to kill and then its just dots dots and shield reflect

          *note* i used a word that might not let my comment be allowed on the site so im reposting this comment so that it can be allowed.

      • Matthew

        Yea, I have a priest on WOW and if I get bored of healing, I can dish out tons of DOTs and then just sit back and shield myself and heal, thats what she was doing.

    • Rysha

      Priests rape in PvP, check out SK gamings Synoal, in the finals he 3v1d against a DK pally and mage and kited them so bad he actually won.

    • Mel

      Priests (healers) DO do pretty well offensively in WoW; they aren’t just support like they are in other MMOs.

      • Tork

        Obviously you have never played Everquest II! Inquisitor FTW!
        All priest classes can tear people up in EQ when well played.

    • Taneer

      I don’t know anything about WoW, but in DnD, Priests have all the powerful offensive and buffing spells, so, if they’ve had time to cast some, they can hugely outweigh even the party’s main fighter.

  • Johnny Kross

    Felicia NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How could you betray our love like that? T_T

    lol… subscribed, that didnt masculate me at all……… down boy.

  • Laura RX

    Whoa whoa whoa. Ok, where’s season 4? And yeah, I’d like to know what class he was playing that could be pwned by a healer, lol. What a fantastic end to it tho!

  • Anthony

    haha nice Finale… Wesley crushed it. ;p

    • Neal

      Well said, and grats on the best tng reference probably ever!

  • Olivia

    all I need to say is,


    • VIP

      Does anyone else think its weird that Felicia always puts herself as the center of attention! Bad season finale and for her benefit only!

      • Duran

        Felicia has been the center of the guild from the begining and its nice like that, the show is perfect how it is.

      • Jeni

        Not at all, she’s the heart of the Guild, and I think it’s rather unfair of you to make an accusation after a season of learning about every character’s situation.

        GREAT season finale (even though, if I do say so myself, I thought the whole Codex/Fawkes thing was… unsurprising).

        • Simona

          What do you mean it was unsurprising! Eew that guy is totally creepy. I thought it popped out of nowhere! I CAN’T WAIT FOR SEASON 4!!!!!!!!! Gah!

      • Troublemaker

        I partly agree to that because a guild is not just one person. However, Felicia has made her character the protagonist because that way she knows what she wants out of her own show (since she writes it). I would like it though if there were more episodes with the other members of the guild being the central point of the story.

      • lynsilvan

        I love that Felicia puts herself at the centre of attention. She’s awesome and the one I most want to watch.

        • Cadaver

          Tink is was hotter!

      • Lar

        Well, Codex IS the main character.

      • Amy

        Uh… Codex is the main character?


  • liz

    YESS i hoped that would happen!!! cant wait for the next season!!

    • VIP

      I hope next season is better, this one seemed rushed! Usually I do like the show though!

  • Kozy

    Such a fun season! Can’t wait for the next one. :)

  • Duran

    Subscribe jejeje that was a great moment to say that

  • shawn

    Best show ever!!!

    I love this show soo funny and well written. can’t wait to season 4! btw riley call me ill take some of that tough loven.

  • bastardfish

    wow i didn’t know that other guild leader was wil wheaton.

  • Caleb

    Season 4 is gonna be awesome!

  • Mir

    The fan girl in me is please :3
    /claps. Good job guys.

    • Regrette

      I loved it. awesome!!!!! I would like to ask, how many women out there can totally relate to Codex, because I can. I think that is what makes the show so great. She is believable as a person. They all are, don’t we all know these people (or ones just like them) in game and real life! Can hardly wait for next season. Great Job everyone!!!!!

  • Xena

    This totally rocked and was worth every cringing moment that was previously endured. Way to go everyone! A fitting and WONDERFUL final ep for season 3 (I loved the bloopers too!). An awesome cornucopia of awesomeness :)

  • Riley

    I LOVE THIS SEASON Woot Zambo is sooo cool! Grats for your succesfulness guys you really deserve it!

  • Patricia Roca

    No puedo creer el final. Maldito seas Will Wheaton.
    Can´t wait for season 4.
    Greetings from Chile

  • CatBoreal

    YES! Go Codex!

    Okay, he’s a jerk, but he’s a damn hot jerk (can’t believe I’m saying that about Wesley Crusher!) and it’s about time Codex starts developing relationships outside of the Guild.

    • Healadin

      Outside the guild? What about the hot stunt-guy, Wade Wei. (sp?)
      Imho, Wil has always been hot.

  • kayla

    WHAT GAME IS THAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
    if i knew i would bye it imedeatly! i wanna play so bad!lol

    • Christina

      it’s not a specific game, it’s called the game, and it’s kinda like every morpg games, just in 1.It’s made that way, so that everyone can relate to it.

      • Mel

        It’s mostly World of Warcraft, due to frequent useage of WoW phrases (hunter pets, DPS, aggro, DoT, raiding.. etc) … Also, you can see in some of the screens in this ep the party window which comes from WoW

        • Librain

          Those terms may be primarily or originally from WOW, but I would be surprised if most of them weren’t in most of the MMORPGs out there.
          I believe they kept it generic to avoid lawyer problems. Those guys are really tough to take down…

        • dinorlondi

          most of the terms became famous in wow just because its been around longer then most other mmorpg’s out there but i wouldnt be suprised if some of the older ones used them too

  • Artimisia

    How long until season 4 comes out? I can’t wait.

  • Raposa

    way to go, fox
    that guy rules

  • Lenord Robinson

    WTF! Codex can’t be that conflicted, can she? Oh, well……

  • BDOL

    Wow! What a cliffhanger! I hope you know what you’re doing Codex!

  • BDOL

    Damn! That IS Wesley Crusher!

  • Jess

    ohhh my god! x_x

  • Midnight Rider

    Whats the Korean assistants name? The girl with the huge boobs!

  • Avid Fan

    Wonderful! Subscribed! Season 4, please commence! Now comes the challenging part… Each 1 hour season takes one year… how many 1 hour seasons are you going to create next year to handle aging of actors? Can the Guild stick to just one game all that time??

    Fabulous work. The Guild’s reward is more quality work demanded by avid (and paying) fans.

  • bob12

    oh man will wheaton, your a lucky son of a bitch

    • Grognik

      heh, I thought the exact same thing :)

  • Ethereal

    Wow, I don’t know about everyone else but that finale made me instantly dislike Codex. Other than that ending great finale! Loooking forward to season 4

    • lynsilvan

      Oh, come on, who hasn’t had a one-nighter they regretted? It fits her character – the whole having difficulty setting boundaries thing – makes me feel a bit sorry for her, not dislike her.

      • lynsilvan

        also it sets up a lot of dramatic tension for the next season. I thinkg it was a wise choice for the show

      • Corey

        I haven’t had a one-nighter, soooo I break your theory! XD

        But it DOES fit her character, though I imagine she just got drunk XD

  • BULK

    Love this show, it’s a 9 out of 10 for me. I have to ask though, what is with all the weird crap in the season finales??? Nothing throws me until the finales. Season 1 finale had the mother pull supernatural powers out of frickin nowhere, granted it was kinda funny but also just plain distracting. In the Season 2 finale Cyd’s “spirit”, or whatever, leaves her body and appears to almost be running in place down the street, really distracting and just plain weird (partially because of the extreme close up). Maybe I don’t get it because we’re exploring (*giggle* exploring. . .) a female character and I’m not female? Season 3 finale didn’t disappoint, err, I mean it did. She ends up talking to her I.G. character, a third weird and distracting scene in a finale.

    P.S. Did I mention I love the show?. . .ugh, fell like such a jerk posting this. . .lol.

    • Yannick

      I think the mother superpowers were how Zaboo saw her. The running spirit probably represented Codex trying to escape from the situation, which led to her split personality – explored in the scene where she talks to her avatar.

      …And I base this on absolutely nothing, so don’t take my word for it.

    • lynsilvan

      Isn’t the running spirit a nod to WoW – don’t characters’ spirits run back to some home base when they are slain? Isn’t it representing how she felt when she realized she had lost Zaboo’s attention – as if she had died/lost the game?

    • BULK

      Thanks for the replies. I understood what the scenes meant, they just came out a little weird; to me anyways. I did forget about the ‘spirit walks’ after you died in WOW, thanks lynsilvan I understand that one better now.

    • Whispyre

      Hey Bulk,

      If at any time in a conversation you think you have a womans full and undivided attention, think again.

      There is at least eightlayers of things like going thru thier minds like; “Can I pick up those shoes on sale today?” or “Do these jeans make me look fat?”, or “Wow he IS really cute!”.

      So call it an out of body experience but for the most part women are just plain crazy. Of course we chase after them so what does that say about men? /palmface

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  • Sheldon Cooper

    Damn you Will Wheaton! Damn you!! :) )

  • vasilios

    well i killed the stunt guy… looks like the murderin isnt done yet! RAAAAAAAAAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • adamrussell

    I wish there was a better more coherent listing for the episodes. Had a hell of a time finding ep 11.

  • John

    I don’t think we’ll be seeing the Axis of Anarchy again, so forget about a merger and/or fights between the two guilds. Under terms of the agreement, the AofA ceases to exist. We may see some of the individual characters from the AofA, but I don’t think we’ll see Venom (or Riley, for that matter), the Korean and his lady, or the fabric guy (I forget his name though he’s hilarious) again. We might see Bruiser in connection with Bladezz’ mom. As for Fawkes, who knows? He may or may not feature in next season, so you shouldn’t speculate with useless phrases like, “It’s good to know that Fawkes will be in season four.” For all we know, he’ll just be referred to in past-tense because Fawkes suddenly, let’s say, immigrated to New Zealand. We. Just. Don’t. Know.

    Also: PLEASE STOP WITH THE ‘SHIPPING. Some of don’t care that you think Codex and Zaboo should be together, or that Codex and Fawkes shouldn’t be together, etc, etc. Same goes with whether Codex’s healer could actually beat Fawkes’ avatar. “It’s just a game”… errr, web-series, I mean.

    • VenomousNinja

      Err, no. Instead, the Axis of Anarchy just quits messing with the Knights of Good in real life. They don’t disband. That wasn’t part of the agreement. That was the Knight’s of Guild’s wager, not the AoA’s.

    • BULK

      I’m gonna miss Riley if your right, and the masseuse. They’re hot.

  • Valpariso

    Best line:

    “Did he just touch your boob? Are you letting people do that now?”

    • BULK

      “Alright, high-five.”

  • Lis

    I just almost started hyperventilating on that last shot there. I think Cid might have gotten a little too Codex confident there.

  • Rhunadan

    oh no! felicia day and wil wheaton can procreate!!! geekest babies ever!!!

  • Kara

    O__o I wasn’t expecting that ending at all! ahh I can’t wait till next season! >:I

  • brian

    where can i get that sweet shirt zaboo was wearing

  • Stephanie

    RUT ROH!!!!

  • Teej

    LOVE IT! All of it! Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!

  • Ezri

    Loved the ending, save for Fawkes getting Codex, yuck Wil Wheaton! PLEASE! Fawkes just banged Codex to prove to her that all things considered, he is the real winner. I mean when do you hear of the loser getting the poontang? This will send Sid into a nervous fit, more twitches, and a burst victory bubble. Also, since Wil Wheaton can’t find a job, I think he’ll be in seasons 4,5,6, as many as he can snivel into. He needs the publicity. I mean who’s really wanted him since Wesley Crusher, and making a fool of himself on The Weakest Link by coming onto Roxann Dawson, that episode aired ONCE, yeah thanks Wil.

    • praxtiprat

      is he wearing a shirt that says ‘FAIL’?…

    • Yannick

      I’ve never watched The Weakest Link, and I don’t know his Wesley Crusher character, so based just on his performance in this series, I’d say that Wil Wheaton is pretty freakin’ awesome.

      On a side note, Codex was a winner and she got the “poontang” as well…

      • Yuu

        “On a side note, Codex was a winner and she got the “poontang” as well …”

        Yes thank you. Why is it that people always assume the girl is always passively receiving the actions of a guy…. -___-

    • BULK

      If Fawkes lives up to his douchey exterior he might not have used protection. . .at least Cyd didn’t bang Fawkes from Fallout 3, all I can say is blunt trauma. . .

    • Chickflix

      I like Wil Wheaton. I’ve seen him on G4/Tech Tv a few times so I’m pretty sure he’s been getting work. I didn’t know about Weakest Link though.

  • PrincessLunara

    Ok Codez Wil is really cute ;) But what on earth went trought your mind??? Oo Seriously u can’t get close to the enemy NEVER!!!

    • Zonmaster

      She had one to many drinks?

    • dinorlondi

      come now you keep your friends close and your enemies closer so ending that way makes total sense

      • Yuu

        Haha, true this. I can’t wait to see what they do with this relationship.