The Guild

  • Myrddin

    That was really good.
    Wow, talk about a lot happening..

    • Myrddin

      And, I hope it won’t be too long before S4 arrives.!
      But, this will be a good time to rewatch ‘em from the start to find some of the little nuances that I missed during the excitement.! *chuckling*

  • mikess

    oh man, this episode was real good.

  • Wintzer

    “Down boy, down” haha

  • bob

    whens season 4 coming out???

  • Mydarisis

    LMAO that ending was epic XD XD XD

  • Amy

    Adorable rodent-like nibbling.

  • skyedawg

    In the girl on girl scene i was thinking to myself “down boy” as zaboo said it. Like they say, great minds think alike.

    • Cirrock

      In the words of the immortal Sheldon Cooper


      • Tru

        i totally say that every time i see him on the guild
        CURSE YOU WIL WHEATON!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha

      • Andrew

        lols agreed


      • Don Murphy

        You should be nicer to WHil WHEATon seems like a nice guy. LOL

        • Logan

          I am sure he is actually a nice guy. In fact every post I have ever read from people who do know him say that he is. However, he can play a total douche very well.

    • collin

      nooooooo codex got molested by that douche lol!

  • Sarah

    Oh no what has Codex gotten herself into now?

    • Yuu

      Hahaha exactly. Ooh Codex.

      And why did the Korean guy grab her boob?

      • Erias

        because he could… and given the opportunity, I salute him.

      • julio

        all that scene needed was a
        squeaky toy sound

      • quasicampus

        wouldn’t anyone? in that context i mean.

    • McAwesome

      Zaboo is gonna hate codex

    • Yun

      Don’t you mean, “what’s gotten into Codex?” *runs*

      • GKnight

        Don’tYOU mean “Who”? *runs the other way*

  • Troublemaker

    To all those ppl who are dissapointed about the turnout of the season finale… and all those who go like “since when is Codex the main hero?” I have to say a few things to you…

    To begin with, the fact that every video opens with Codex narrating the events that happened or are planned to happen says a lot about who is the main character.

    Also this season is a good representation of Codex’s character and how she cannot cope well when she is the centre of attention… She is more of a maintainer (like she said in episode 2 :P ). This season more about her changing attitude and achieving her goal to be more courageous and confident.

    In my opinion I wasn’t dissappointed at all! I was so satisfied with the finale that I want season 4 NOW!!!! However, I do hope that we will get to see future seasons about other characters being the central points of the story and get a bit more variety in the series too… cause since Codex achieved her aim to become more confident and brave so could the rest of The Guild members get what they want (or what the spectaror wants):

    Clara -> a responsible mother (I pity her children on every episode and now that there’s a fourth coming I’m like “damn, those babies are doomed!”)
    Vork -> a ladies man :P (“Women… can’t live with them… they will not go out with me!”)
    Zaboo -> finds true love and becomes a strong and upright man
    Tink -> becomes more approachable and better friends with the other members… i.e. a bit more sensitive.
    Bladezz -> I dunno… learns to live with his sister in peace and harmony??? (musical harmony or not… or whatever…)

    • Rob

      ok,i cant argue with about 90% of your statement,but i have to step in where you think Bladezz live in as you put it “harmony” with his sister,b/c the fact half the time he was yellin/throughing stuff at and chasingher out of his room for the most part,so in that area i need disagree with a little bit,LMAO

      • Troublemaker

        I was just saying that maybe they will learn to live with each other, not that hey necessarily want to. But I thought again of what I said about Bladezz and it would probably be that he gets redeemed at school, i.e. no longer ridiculed amongst his school mates.

        • Kaonin

          I dont think any of those last sentences you said about the charecters should happen, because thats the fun of the series, them bieng the way they are

          • Sandworm

            As a guy with a little sister, I can guarantee you, Bladezz will never live in harmony with his. He likes to push Vork’s buttons, and he is very good at it, but no-one can annoy you like a little sister.

        • Rusty

          I like how he ends the story. I think that part of what this series is trying to portray, is the untold story of the ‘extreme’ gamers. However as cartoonish and blown out of porportion it may be, the show holds kernels of insight into the lives of extreme gamers. I think that a proper balance between life and the game would be a nice ending for the characters, and serve as a great resolution for the audience.

    • quasicampus

      I want more humour like in the first season. I hope the next one doesn’t have too much drama in it and continue to poke fun at the gaming addicts like myself.

    • Whispyre

      Where you said “This season is more about her changing attitude and achieving her goal to be more courageous and confident.”, well said TM!

      Isn’t the basis for these games escapism? We all want people to percieve us positively so we are always putting the best foot forward, especially in a virtual world where you can create an uber persona.

      I thought Felicia captured this well in the scene with Codex’s avatar talking about what she desires to be is her (the avatar), not the lame reality.

      I also got a huge kick out of her avatar saying “Don’t count on this happening again, I kinda glossed this it, but you’re pretty close to insanity right now!” So mad props on that scene Felicia!

  • Erias

    Why am I seeing a guild merge….

    “The Anarchy of Good.”

    • Sarah

      Or “The Knights of Anarchy” maybe? XD

      • Kat

        The Knights Of Anarchy sounds like a cool guild. I’d apply to join that for sure! :D

        • Sarah

          Same here. That’d be fun. :)

  • Matthew Hodgson

    All I can say about the final scene is ‘eeewwwww’ !!!

  • Michael

    ROFL 5:20 – 5:26 awesome episode can’t wait till next season

  • cris


  • Rhino

    ‘INSIDE VOICE FOR CODEX!’ Hilarious!

  • Sarah

    I liked the season finale. Especially the final scene. That’ll definitely make season 4 interesting.

  • coolbeans

    that was awsome and season 4 is going to be awsome

  • sexywrm

    k…..first what happen to episode 11?…..i just watched the last episode….new the aoa was going to lose….and what bruiser said to bladezz….that was funny…..and what about tink and bladezz in a pyscho relationship….how did clara get knock-up if she is playing the game all the time?…..and the way the japanese guy grabbed he boob..thats classy…(he not korean he is japanese)….that final secne was the best…see what alchola and loneliness do to the human mind… many one nite stands….roflmao

  • Kat

    Haha! I have been waiting for those costumes to show up again! That was awesome!

  • Jon

    I don’t know WHY Kwan grabbed Codex Boob…esp cause the Korean masseuse has the BEST rack ever… (the other scenes were nice too.)

  • Tony

    Where will zaboo go now? back to codex’s house, Or back to vork?

    • Sarah

      Probably to Vork’s. It might be awkward if he stays at Codex’s, especially with there being a possibility of a Codex/Fawkes relationship of some sort.

      • tor

        ah, but that would be good plot tension…
        the off-season will be p41nful:(

        • Sarah

          Good point.

          Yes. Yes it will. I hope that season 4 comes quickly.


    LOL!!!!!!! tristed each episode is it not? lol

  • Flagfreak

    I saw that hook-up coming from multiple episodes away.

  • sixteenbynine

    If I was a girl I’d totally do Wil Wheaton.

    • Chickflix

      I’m a girl and I’d totally do Wil Wheaton :)

      • Sarah

        Same here. XD I think he might redeem himself in the next season (hey it’s possible).

        • sassette

          Any man who’ll wear a kilt in public is definitely worth getting to know.

  • Poixe

    FawkesxCodex Wooowww!. But Was That Comment Made By Bruiser Real Or Sarcastic? The One About Actually Wanting To Be W/ Bladezz Mama? Because He Says In Your F*cking Dreams Afterward But Then Again He Says That After Saying Maybe We Are Kinda Equals. Just Wondering Even Though It Probably Dos Not Matter At All. P.S. Kwan Grabs Her Boob? Is It Just Me Or Does Codex Attract Only Asians (HotStuntmanLookedToBeOne,SorryIfI’mWrong) And People With “Problems” (Zaboo=Mama/NotBeingA”RealMan”.Fawkes=DirtySlobb/ConnivingBastard)

    • Yannick

      “Hey, maybe we are kinda equals… In your fucking dreams.”

      My guess is that he was just trying to act tough. Probably didn’t feel comfortable admitting their equality.

  • James King

    Thank you Knights of Good! What an outstanding season. I loved the finale. Thank goodness Tink is back. How about in season 4 Codex gets Nathan Fillion. Loved it and can’t wait from the DVD.

    • Hunter

      I don’t think Nathan Fillion would fit into this show very well, maybe but I doubt it.

      All in all, it was a fantastic season.

      • Milkman

        Nah, not Nathan Fillion. Neal Patrick Harris.

        • Matt

          Most Def, Neil Patrick Harris

      • Chickflix

        Yeah NPH would be awesome.

  • Palmer Stanfield

    I have to say, I found this to be a very satisfying season. I’ll have a review up on my site for it later, click above, but I’ll basically sum it up here. Funny, well written, lovable characters, and another great ending to keep us all in wait for the next season.

    Great job guys.

  • makie

    soooo, did anyone else notice how hott kwan’s assistant is? who is she?

  • MrsWiggly

    I think the last scene is a dream personally but we shall see haha

    Bring on next season!

  • Mckeanna

    ngl Codex, I’d hit it too. :P

  • wickedlovely

    Sleeping with the guy not one of her finest moves..

  • NukeMaster

    We shouldn’t overlook the importance of Zaboo soloing the boss at the end of his quest to man-up. I think we will see a new awesome Zaboo in the next season.

  • YayCodex

    So glad this show is around. ^_^

  • Valerie

    Yeeeah Codex, you go girl! It’s about time you broke off a piece. It better not be a dream sequence either. Use him and lose him!

  • Troublemaker

    Please give us some clues about the next season!!! Please please please… >.< I cant keep on watching the previous episodes for the 20th time… I need my weekly dose of The Guild again… O_O

    …pretty please…

  • Safaria

    That was the final episode of season three? It seems like it needs more of a ending. All good seasons, made me laugh out loud in class a few times. I love it. But it just seems too hang a bit. :’(

  • QQ

    lol what’s with the breast action? XD sucks Zaboo didn’t get a chance on it.

  • Cal Q L8

    I didn’t think there was a hotter chick on the show than Tink, but that Korean chick with that ringer dude in the Kings of Anarchy was SMOKING HOT!!!!! I didn’t think they had chicks that look like that in Korea. Tink would still get it, but that other chick pwns her. Clara is freaking hilarious and Vork needs a new suit. Maybe he will find one raiding caves and dungeons.

    P.S. – I would smash Tink in a 1-on-1 basketball game.

    P.S.S. – I did not realize that was Wil Wheaton until I read this message board. How did I miss that?

  • BillyZ

    Brilliant episode guys. It’s your best yet!

    “Everybody has their taint”

    I haven’t laughed so hard in quite some time.

  • mayumi

    Okay, I love you guys, I really do. But you have got to drop MSN video. It’s sooo annoying! I’ve been trying to find Season 3 Episode 11 for the past 15 minutes through Bing’s “Search” function, and the following return NO results on MSN Video:

    “The Guild Season 3 Espiode 11″
    “The Guild S3 E11″
    “The Guild” (even this only returns myspace/youtube results)

    In the end I had to search Google, which returned some random site which had a link to the proper MSN video.

    Switching from youtube to MSN video is like… having someone remap your custom hotkeys by randomly banging on the keyboard! It’s like attack is F7, defend is Page Up, and your spells are Num Lock, Print Screen, and ~

    Seriously! Still love you guys, though!!!

    • Ashleigh

      Totally agree about Bing being horrific to navigate… I also have resorted to googling to find episodes—some WOW fan site always has them up, which makes life easier.

    • Healadin

      Put it back on Youtube. That’s where I found this gem to start with. Then we can all subscribe (no pun intended) to get our weekly fix.
      And hurry up with S4! I refuse to believe Cyd found her confidence only to have it stripped away like that. Wrong! Either they’re an item and Fawkes becomes a good guy, or it just didn’t happen.

    • Chickflix

      Yeah MSN has been really awful lately. And Bing is the worst search engine I’ve ever seen (it even hijacked hotmail for a day or so and no one could read email!) I use to view Guild episodes. It’s been mentioned several times in posts and it works really well.

  • ScrooDoo

    Epik Lolz! plz let there be a season 4 >_<!!

  • aquairis00

    I just found this and I watched all three seasons in a day I NEED MORE haha sandeep did a good job of zaboo and i really like vincent caso(bladezz) he keeps his presence on screen well this guy should be in more sitcoms and movies etc.
    btw i’m an aquarius and the username is aqua iris hence…yeah
    i’m such a loser

    • Chickflix

      If you love the show buy the DVDs – the extra material is worth it.

  • Ezri

    If you want to watch Wil Wheaton make a bigger fool of himself, start here I always wanted to see Wesley Crusher get punked out by a gang of gay Klingons. Okay, I’m just mean.

  • Healadin

    Gotta work on the credits, guys. I’m tired of going back through 20+ episodes (however much fun they are to watch) just to remember a character’s name. Besides, it feels disrespectful to misspell the names of such well-written characters!

  • jeffy87

    That’s gonna be my new battle mantra: “My hair is naturally wavy!”

    • Zonmaster

      Funny you say that, I was thinking same

  • - J.K.T. -

    Hahaha. What has Codex done now? And the reason the korean guy grabbed her boob is cause’ she’s attractive and she just pwned their asses. Hot and Gaming Master? Why wouldn’t you grab her boob? :P

  • K-T

    Awesome show man! I can’t wait ’till season 4, the drama, and of course the *ehum* little dilema Codex (aka: Sid) got into. OOOOOH, Don’t be to long till next season!

  • bjeweld

    Love this series – the Valkyrie/Artemis guy makes me laugh so hard, he’s great! Actually, they’re all hilarious. I’m not sure how the show will be now that things seemed to have cooled down between the two guilds, I kinda like the rivalry they had going on. Season 4 will be interesting for sure.

    And I hope the ending was a dream btn Codex and Fawkes! It’s more fun if their like/dislike connection was drawn out.

  • Kyp

    Wow, awesome finale….for someone who actually does play WoW…this is sad…two guilds actually fucking with each others lives…lol

  • Kyp

    I mean fourth season =P

  • Theodore

    The fourth season better be coming sometime soon – if it doesn’t, I might have to skip off into the sunset with Glados, eating the cake that is a lie.
    This was epic and fantastic, with a superb hook into the 4th season.
    PS Vork is my favorite. : )