The Guild

  • The Guild Season 3 Premiere on Xbox!


    We’re so excited to announce that Episode 1 of Season 3 of The Guild is now on Xbox Live for Gold Members!

    This premiere will be exclusive to Gold members for 1 week, and then be wide for Silver members, MSN streaming viewers and Zune downloads on September 1rst. After that episodes will roll out simultaneously on all Microsoft portals.

    And for everyone’s enjoyment, we have posted a Season 3 trailer, SPOILERS if you don’t want to watch!

    <a onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/outgoing/');" href="" target="_new" title="The Guild Season 3 - Trailer">Video: The Guild Season 3 &#8211; Trailer</a>

  • Donny

    I think the concern is that there are many fans that do not even have an xbox and cannot/will not get a gold xbox live subscription, but would gladly pay for your work. Perhaps in the future you can maybe release on iTunes a week before youtube or something. This way all of your fans have access rather than limiting the initial release to a small portion and causing many to feel slighted.

    I don’t mind waiting until the 1st, though.

  • Efehan

    Come on, XBOX360 owners need a break, they’ve had a tough time. After all the breakages they deserve some perks.

    All things are better with some waiting, re-watch the first two seasons! It not just money, its a lot of time to produce something like this, a lot of effort. We’re getting it free, we’re lucky people.

  • MrBoomkin

    I don’t get the whole “you have to have an X-Box to watch The Guild: Season 3.” The show is based on an MMORPG game that obviously is played on a thing called, a PC! Yet you need some little box thingy that only FPS’ers play on to watch it? Uh HUH….I think I’m getting the jist of it all.

    • edgar

      Maybe its because you don’t need an Xbox to watch Season 3. You can watch it on your PC as of today, and every week.

    • skittlesz10

      First off.
      Xbox = Microsoft.
      The show is sponsored by Microsoft.
      Second off.
      You can watch it on here.
      Every week.
      And most likely on youtube soon.

  • Dragen

    Sadly, this is not true outside of USA. I am a XBL Gold member, and can’t download the episode.

  • Jeff

    The RSS Feed looks like it’s full of spam. Here’s what this entry contained:

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    • edgar

      Thanks Jeff… fix’d. I really need to set up an alert or something.

  • WTF

    I like how this is being released early to XBox Live, when… Xbox has never supported an MMO. I’m a PC gamer, consoles suck. And as such, it’s kindof… WTF? … to restrict a show based around an MMO to a console platform. My first and only dislike, regarding The Guild.

    • Ryuji

      First of all your wrong.. the xbox360 does support MMO’s there have been a few i beleive.. one of them i know for sure was FFXI which was cross platform.. and second of all just to correct your statement I as well as many other gamers do not just own a console such as Xbox360.. i also own a gaming PC as well in which i play MMO’s such as WoW and EVE Online so just because someone has a console doesnt mean they dont also play MMO’s on PC. It just means we are willing to pay more money for more options rather than playing one platform and thinking its the best all-around. So basically this ever popular theory about how console gamers wouldnt understand MMO lingo is just silly

    • CorrectingTheMorons

      Xbox has supported around 3 MMOs, and plans to support Champioons Online next year.

    • Jake

      If you wanna play an mmo and stop getting so upset, play FF XI theres your mmo on xbox

  • Tim

    I can understand how people (myself included) are a bit ticked about this being out for Xbox owners already (when you can’t even play MMOs on a damn xbox…) but remember, they’re getting funding from them and waiting one week is a lot better than the season not getting made / not getting made as well as it could be.

    Where is the upload though, according to my world clock it’s 45 minutes past midnight in ah me re ka…

    • Zorvan

      *snip*(when you can’t even play MMOs on a damn xbox…)*snip*

      That’s funny, since I play Final Fantasy XI on the 360 which happens to be an mmorpg. Amazes me how many here think there are no mmos on consoles. lol

      FFXI and Phantasy Star Online are both on 360.

      Champions Online, Final Fantasy IV, a new Eve Online addon game, and Age of Conan are all slated to be on the 360 (although I doubt AoC will ever make it). Global Agenda and FFIV are both slated for the PS3.

      So you might as well get used to the fact mmos are mainstream now, not just for nerds living in basements.

      Just a few examples

  • Nostromo

    Best web series eva! :)

    As for the S3 XBox exclusive, I mean, HUH!? The console crets can’t even play mmrpgs lol! Is it just me or is this THE worst marketing blunder in the history of MS marketing blunders? :-/

    • edgar

      Nope… as of today, you can watch on the internet.

  • Donathin

    Just saw the season premiere on MSN Streaming. It was great! I loved that everything left unresolved from last season is … still unresolved – and hilarious. Anyone who has ever produced a webshow knows that you guys being able to do what you’re doing now is a kickass opportunity. The Guild is the best example out there for how to start with nothing and create a popular and original show, and then continue to build on success and momentum each season to keep it running and improving.

    “Don’t bait the trolls. Not that, uhh…”

    It was worth waiting an extra week. Poop on the heads of people complaining, though it’s maybe flattering in its own way? Great job, Knights of Good. Looking forward to the rest of this season. :)

    • Randy

      LOL… I love the impatience the internet creates. For all the people who complain about it being on XBOX first, please remember that food cost money and money comes from working more often than from parents. I am guessing the actors want to eat and to eat they need to get paid. As nice as the producer is, he also needs to eat and it seems Microsoft has been kind enough to pay him and the actors because…. they hope to SELL MORE XBOXes. Hence… releasing it to XBOX ecourages PC players to buy XBOXes.

      Anyway. The Guild is so good, why not support it? Quit being cheap. Buy an XBOX!! I will! (Did you believe that Microsoft? Keep funding The Guild. please please)

  • http://nothingIdwannashow. Chaser1

    Awesome! Season 3 Episode 1 is up on MSN!

  • Jennie

    What’s up with all the complaints? i play an MMO AND enjoy an XBox 360 game! Expand horizons! A marketing blunder? I don’t think so, XBox knows it doesn’t do MMO’s… so how can they get MMO players to want an XBox? Fund a show about them that is not only hilarious, but also probably sadly accurate in some cases!
    Oh, and also, it was great getting to watch the show a week early… but waiting for the next show to come out hasn’t been much fun, my husband looks at XBox everyday seeing if it’s possible that by some miracle of God that it has been released! We know it won’t, but we want to know what’s going to happen!!
    I love the show!!

  • killercon

    i dont see the problem most ppl i know from wow have xbox accounts anyway. i mean what else are u to do when theres a shutdown lol

  • Quill

    Eh… I have no XBox, strictly a PCer… That makes me sad…

    Good for the Guild (!!!!) that they are getting paid, XD
    and yay for Microsoft-ness!!! but I do agree that it’s odd to release episodes of an MMO centered game on a console…

    (and for all you rabid “there ARE mmo game for the xbox” people… one of you stated that there are three?! out of all the xbox games? That’s not alot. MMOs are traditionally PC, whether that changes in the future is moot, the release setup is still odd, ok?)

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