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  • The Guild Season 4 DVD in Retail Stores Today

    The Guild Season 4 on DVDThe Guild is pleased to announce that as of today, Season 4 is out on DVD in retail stores in the US and Canada.  So if you didn’t already buy the DVD from Amazon, you can stop by your local Best Buy or Barnes and Noble (or your HMV or Indigo if in Canada) and buy one starting today.

    As we posted before when the Amazon-exlusive DVD was released, the DVD is packed with tons of bonus features, including many DVD-only extras. Bonus features on the DVD include the “Game On” Music Video, The Making of the “Game On” Music Video, Cheesybeards featurette & commercial, Avinashi Returns featurette, Season 1 and 2 recaps, Season 3 recap by Auto-Tune the News, Table read by the cast, Audio Commentary with the Cast, Audio Commentary with the Creator, Director and Producer, Axis of Anarchy Interviews, Gag Reel, PDF of Script, Play All Feature and English Subtitles.  The DVD is NTSC format and region-free.

    NOTE: The content of the two different “versions” of the DVD are identical, the only difference is that the Amazon exclusive release comes on two DVD-R discs by Amazon’s Create Space, while this retail release is on a single, manufactured DVD.

    Season 4 also available for purchase via iTunes, and if you’d prefer to buy online, here are some links: Barnes and Noble, Best Buy,,, (Canada) and (US).

    Win a Cast Photo Signed by Felicia Day

    To celebrate the retail release of the Season 4 DVD, we’re giving away some 8×10 photos of the cast, signed by creator/star Felicia Day.  Simply take a photo of the Season 4 DVD in a retail store and post it to our Facebook page,  Twitter (use @theguild in your tweet so we see it), or link it in the comments on this post. You have until midnight, US Pacific Time on Thursday 2/24 to post, and we’ll draw names at random from the valid entries. [Note: you don't have to buy anything, just get a pic of the DVD - so if you've already bought the DVD, we don't want to penalize you for that, you can still enter!]

    Discuss the Season 4 DVD and iTunes release on our forums, and talk to us on Facebook, Twitter or by leaving a comment here!

    The Guild Management

  • Obssoyo

    Yes Finally :D

  • http://notinUK Ra100

    Angain it’s not in UK (, I don’t wanna pay double prize for shipping to Czech Republic :(
    sometimes I hate Amazon

    • BrianK

      Sorry about that, our international distribution isn’t as easy as we’d like it to be… wherever possible, we try to make decisions to be as region-friendly as possible (making DVDs region free, doing subtitles on YouTube). But sadly, we unfortunately can’t get the physical DVD’s out to every country where we have fans.

      • http://notinUK Ra100

        I understand, it isn’t easy :(
        Well, looks like I’ll have to wait.

      • Crispy_pete

        Have only just stumbled across this but have watched all four seasons in two nights and going to order the DVDs from Amazon UK (think they come from the US though so postage is a bit more expensive). Love the show and I can’t wait for season 5.

        All the best

        Peter (UK fanboy)

  • Baard Hansen

    Good news!

  • 40ydos

    Here in Spain it would be really difficult to take a photo of that DVD :-)
    Good luck to everybody!

  • Tim the gnome slayer

    I also cannot take a picture due to living in England, but I am sure the wait is worth it as every episode so far has been golden!

  • Whitemere

    Out of stock on Amazon US

  • super

    whens season 5 coming out?

    • Matthew

      felica recently posted on twitter that she had gotten the funds from microsoft, and is currently writing :)

  • AJ83
  • travis w

    This wasn’t available in ANY “best buys” that I called and or visited and or threw rocks at. However barnes and noble came through! [View:

  • travis w
  • Daniel Forge

    Loved Season 4!!! Can’t wait til amazon get more in stock! Eagerly anticipating season 5!

  • Kaz

    Got S4 from Amazon ASAP, I hope the retail release brings more recognition!

    Eagerly awaiting S5, hoping that Dragon Age project doesn’t slow it down

  • Ali

    Weeee! I feel like a hipster that I found this series so early XD and I’m doubly glad I can find it in BestBuy now!

  • serg

    ?????? ???!

  • Ivan Burdugov

    I have it already its fantastic. But when would 5th season come out? Ive been waiting so long

  • Crimson

    I have watched and re-watched every episode, gag reel and music video at LEAST three times and I am EAGERLY awaiting Season Five!! Any news on when that might be happening?

  • Theo WolF

    There needs to be more Guild videos. Maybe a Zabo Seat Savers infomercial…

  • Rian Yan20


  • Minfu2008


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