The Guild

  • Curt

    Brilliant! Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!

    Just brilliant!

    I think I love this web series too much.

  • Johan

    Great episode! (As always)

    Just wanted to know where are the other shirts?
    I really like the idea of the baby tee “Mini Boss”.

  • Ninjamonkey

    Good to see the sassy little telemarketer Anarchist again, he’s funny. I’m still waiting for Bruiser to make an appearance with Bladezz’ mom…

  • Rob

    The RSS feed had the link to episode 5 instead of episode 10.

  • Miranda Mayer

    Fluffikins of the Gigglebunny Guild… Hee!

    • Amyliana

      That is beautiful.

    • Kotex

      I agree…I love Fawkes and Codex’s repartee…the epicurian line with the waitress was awesome!

    • Dan

      Always mkes me smile.

      • Dan

        That would be ‘makes’…

  • Meredith

    Where was the rock papers lizard spock shirt that everyone keeps mentioning? I don’t see it!

    • Nathan

      those shirts are from thirty rock if I’m not mistaken, rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock T-shirts.

      • Elena

        It’s actually from The Big Bang Theory.

        • mmm122

          Rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock was made before big bang theory went on air.

      • Mdragonfly

        The Rock Papaer Lizard spock t-shirt is on the only black guy to ever have a speaking line!!!

        • Hannah

          …are you serious? What about Bruiser and Jeanette?

          • jason

            Jeanette is a girl

          • Hannah

            I dunno, I assumed they meant “guy” in a gender-neutral sense.

  • Kinosuki

    Haha she agreed to marry him, strange woman, i’ll be interested too see where this is going :D

    • charles

      season 5 maybe?

      • rob

        we can only hope and pray…

  • Bethany

    Woah. I totally expected that. ENGAGED!! Holy guacomole! dude! Anyways. You are probably going to burst my bubble and cancel the wedding. If you don’t cancel, I will love you forever. no realleh.

    • ForPony!

      Ahem – Engaged’d.

      You’re welcome.

  • TofuStealer

    Ok, so A. whats the plot of this season? B. Whats the purpose of Fawkes and Codex’s “relationship” and C. Where’s that first second and third season gamer based humour gone? The comedy is so generic now. I assumed the guild hall thing would be of significance, but obviously, this season is just a series of events…

  • bloomie

    OMG, I lol’d so hard when Vork said: “Will you marry me?” xD And then his face… priceless.
    Andand… I hope Fawkes will recover. Now he seems to be interesting, too. :D

  • Alexis

    Die Fawkes, die!
    Haahaa. (:

    • Hannah

      I strangely want Fawkes and Codex to get together. My years of adolescent anime watching has caused me to be fond of the bad boy stereotype in shows.

      • Hannah

        Whoa, same name…same ideas…are you me??

        • GamerGrannie

          Nah… she just borrowed your color palette…. and, your mind!

  • Christina

    Fawkes is so hot! Yum! I love Wil Wheaton, I hope that they don’t write him out of the guild. I enjoy him and codex’s interchanges too much.

  • Hans G

    Jenette is KICKING Wil’s ARSE! Much love for this series, it keeps me well entertained!

  • Sara

    Zaboo: “The fabric is milk resistant…”


  • delfknight

    omg i laughed so hard coz all i heard wasa vork sayign will u marry me and then someone on tv sayin oh hell no!!!!! XD

    • GamerGrannie

      It wasn’t up yet when I went to work, had to wait ALL DAY, but it was worth the wait!!!!!Just about everything I want to say, somebody already has, except for two things:
      1. I’m really upset about the shirts, havn’t been preggers for 25 years, and both my kids are boys, so I can’t even get any for them… :(
      2. I not only want Clara’s hat, I want one with a headset built in so I can wear it while I game/chat on vent…
      oops, and a 3. ONLY 2 EPS LEFT??????? OH NOOOOOOOOES!!!!!!!!

      • Coragia

        There’s the possibility of daughters-in-law, though :)

  • Mysticwitch

    This last episode was great, I just wish they were longer… leaves me wanting more and hate waiting a week… I am addicted to this show!!!

    • Radical


      • stoop


        • Hannah


          • Icha

            Skip back before fourth’d and pi’d!

          • Mikey

            Pi to the infinite powered

  • charles

    *stands in running shower with my hands against the front wall and cries* Why, Bladezz? Why?

    • jason

      i see what u did thar

  • shelley

    Never fear! Vork will save the day! And I bet when he sees Aivinashi’s house he will be excited to marry her! They are perfectly suited, in a weird way.

    I hope that Fawkes is not out of the story now.

  • M

    I loved this episode. I felt strangely delighted that Janette kicked Fawkes’ ass because I love Fawkes. Maybe it’s because I love Codex so much. I just want to hug her. If I had to marry any fictional woman it would be her.

  • Julia

    I always said that when Wil played Wesley on TNG he was cute, although an annoying character, and prophesized he’d be totally awesome when older. Noone believed me.. and now look at hottie Fawkes :D D

  • Amyliana

    Codex is a fire magnet.

    Also: GO JEANETTE!!

  • Icha

    Great ep! Can’t wait to see what this all winds up to. Can’t wait to see what super Vork-y way Vork gets out of marrying Zaboo’s mom.

    And to see what happens between Fawkes and Codex. Grrr, can’t wait!!

  • Silhouette

    I was so happy when Janette pwned Fawkes. XD Sorry Will Wheaton haha but Fawkes is a ‘d-bag’ to quote Codex and had it coming for a long time now.

    I really hope Cheesybeards doesn’t burn down after they finally got a lot of customers. o_o; That would suck.

    • Dean

      I hope Ollie has enough insurance he can afford to revamp his menu after this.

      • GamerGrannie

        If he wasn’t too cheap to get a good insurance policy…

  • Tequima

    Vork: Zaboo, I AM your father!

  • Jeff H

    Ok first, yes, my name is my real name…like Clara. Second, I think we have all been trickled downed on during the last 20 years…..Third….did he just say he ‘fellated their asses’???
    Love the show, it is like all the laughter of a 30 minute sitcom in 6 minutes…

  • RatherDashing

    that was a really gewd one

  • Kevin

    Codex should take ukulele lessons from Molly Lewis!

    Just love her, “I only know 3 chords…”

  • Stew

    Fawkes cannot end up with Codex, if he does he wont be the antagonist anymore, and all of his quotes, lines, actions etc. will no longer be mean and “d-bagish”, which is essentially his whole character. I dont really like Fawkes, how can anyone think hes good looking, esp with that nasty beard? He was better looking in Star Trek TNG

    • Magdalene Mags

      Ok, let me say that he is a smokin fine scorch cake and he can still be a d-bag and in love ;)

      • Arili

        Trust me, you can be a douche to everyone else and still love the one you’re with. I met my guy gaming and he’s a real jerk to everyone but me. This episode totally took me back to when we got together.

    • Hannah

      I think that’s the whole point — just as Codex has gotten stronger this season, he’s softened up a bit. He’s not meant to be the antagonist anymore. He’s more complex than that now, after meeting Codex.
      I dunno. If he ‘repents,’ in a way, for all the shit he did, they might have a chance.

    • Wulfy

      I think it’s far more likely that this experience will make Codex realise that Zaboo is actually the only guy who hasn’t been a d-bag to her and passes her litmus test.

      Just sayin ;)

  • powernerd84

    you guys should seriously consider putting this on TV. make a half-hour pilot and i bet it would pass.

  • Rui

    Obrigado, For this wonderful serie. It’s just awesome. Top Ten. WOW! Good Stuff. Thanks.

  • Gamer_Gurl

    While reading the comments on the past episodes, ppl were looking for a partner for Vork. But this is not what I had in mind lol. I was thinking of someone who vork likes and will try to date but the girl doesnt like him haha

  • shelley

    I didn’t expect that the Jeanette character would suddenly save Codex from her wimpy side that would fall back into a relationship with Fawkes. Fawkes is such a douche. (I don’t think he will change, but I hope he wasn’t hurt.)

    Also, what about the evil sound effects around Vork? Is his money-grubbing turning him into a cruel overlord?

    • Chase

      THE POWER OF LOANS!!! Rule number one in life: Never become indebted to anyone. ;)

      • Dean

        Vork to Zaboo, “If you only knew the power of the Dark Side!”

    • Dean

      Vork is starting to act a lot like Ebenezer Scrooge. He’s rationalized it so far as being for the good of the game, but eventually he is going to have to bring his behavior more in line with his alignment. Maybe being in love will soften his heart.

  • Bunneh

    omg omg omg favourite episode ever!
    I love it! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

  • V2

    oh man, this episode was so awesome.
    did you guys actually set something on fire or did you cg it?

  • http://NONE Kevin Carey

    Holy crap they killed Fawkes…how can he survive that fall?

    • GamerGrannie

      He already survived the fall… I doubt she was beating up on his dead body… too many sound effects for that. :) :P

  • James Boda

    LOL Blades just burnt down Cheesey Beards what a riot

  • Spencer Brown

    Wildly good episode, thank you.

  • Sofy

    Love Jeanette. Check out her freakin’ dance moves.

  • Angel

    team zaboo

  • Chase

    How I wish these were 10 minute episodes instead of 5!!! Also, I loved the “+20 Intelligence Hat” line ^_^

    Is there a guild on WoW of The Guild watchers? If so, what server and what race?

  • DavidN

    Fawkes yes love him
    Vork and Mrs Zaboo awesome want more
    Hope Cheesybeards isn’t destroyed

  • Pau

    Anyone know if the “Still Leveling Up” shirt is for sale yet?

  • Wrenaria

    OMG MOAR PLZ! Can’t wait for next Tuesday.

  • Carla

    I didn’t like Codex and Fawkes. I was glad she was letting that go. Then she turned around, and he was there, and asked her to go out with him again, and I have to admit I gasped with delight.

    Guess there IS something to those two together.

    And how awesome is Jeanette?

  • Steven

    If Vork really did marry Mrs. Zaboo he would buy a ring for her with her own money :P

    • Dean

      He’d at least look into the possibility of mining for the diamond himself. Or he could exchange an in-game diamond for a for a real one, and then work out some sort of barter arrangement to get it set.

  • Deathlyrat

    Oh noes cheezybeards!

    BTW, Thnx for making the guild funny again, Codex was starting to drive me crazy.

  • Amylia

    Next episoooode! Can’t wait! :D

  • Vol Jbolaz

    I remember a show that used to be about gamers. While this is not a bad show, there are a dozen just like it.

    • Arili

      The show’s still totally about gamers. Come on, you’ve never met someone who tried to take over a player economy? :P

      Find THAT on network TV.

      • GamerGrannie

        agree, totally about gamers.
        I think they’ve been eavesdropping on my vent channel…

    • Mikey

      actually I have to agree…I liked the idea of watching them from their living rooms/bed rooms in front of their computers respectively. Then when Codex recommended they all meet in RL I was like “Ok…but let’s not make this a habit.” Now, they’re all always getting together and being RL friends and they’ve lost touch with the game itself that they’re playing. Yeah, sure they talk about it sometimes, but there’s other stuff going on. As for the Fawkes/Codex thing…I’m kinda annoyed. I want to watch a show about gamers…not another love story about the guy who gets the awkward girl…go to your local movie theater any friday night for that. GIMME GAMING!!

      • Leon

        I’d disagree, just focusing on the gaming would make this show 2-dimensional. Season 1 was establishing characters and building the stage for later seasons so it had to have more game-focused scenes. But S2 and 3 can move beyond that, plus it would get visually boring to just have a single person talking to the screen all the time. Putting them together allows the actors to interact and thus bring comic gold (e.g. Vork and Zaboo).

        If they stuck “in-game”, i’d still be funny but but would only go to 10, adding their “RL” side takes the comedy up to 11.

  • Leslie Rogers

    OMG……this had to be the best episode so far. Clara’s idea was fantastic. Imagine Cheesybeards becoming a gamer haven. Too funny. Hopefully Ollie has enough insurance to rebuild and get internet access installed. Keep up the good work guys!!!

  • WoWaddict

    Most awesome episode of the season! Vork engaged? Clara with an idea that would have worked had Bladezz not burned down Cheesybeards…..outstanding. And the funniest of all – Janette taking down Fawkes. This has been an amazing season.