The Guild

  • jingle kringle

    Ahahah, this cheasiness is goofy but fun. Janette, Fawkes and Codex rule but I have to say, Vork and MRs Zaboo are the weiredest but somehow fitting match. Haha, gotta love them :D Good episode.

    • TheLordTalon

      Jeanette gave Fawkes exactly what he deserved Sheldon has been Avenged (but seriously can we get Felicia on the Big Bang Theory). The Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock shirt is from Think Geek as a matter of fact are they sponsoring the show since I also saw the shirt of NO there as well.

  • TheLordTalon

    The Rock Paper Lizard Spock shirt was epic!!!

  • Equlan

    Finally he got what he deserved for misunderstand Epicurus! The bastard…

    Excellent episode :)

  • Ghost467

    So every time Zaboo’s mother is asked to marry someone, curtains set on fire?

    I could use this to my advantage.

  • Matt Hamilton

    oh god give second gotta stop laughing …… lol i have been waiting all season for someone to put fawkes in his place and when bladezz set cheesybeards on fire i just lost it. Cant wait for season 5!!!!! how do you come back from that?

  • jake

    The return of Riley FTW!

  • Felicie

    Codex starts show by mentioning that girl I suppose she dated (unclear if I have that right or I am assuming), but it looks like foreshadowing to me. Perhaps Jeanette is her next relationship and in a weird overprotective way, leading to season 5 confusion.

  • Daniel

    one of the best episodes IMO. so many great quotes, i just love the “romance” between Vork and Zaboo’s mom. it gives Vork and zaboo more opportunity’s to have fun little exchanges (i found the scene in the bathroom great). it was hilarious when Jeanette threw Fawkes over the railing, i have not laughed that hard in a while. as always great acting by the entire cast, great writing and great fun keep up the amazing work. can not wait for the next episode.

  • Rafael

    this is soooo addictive to watch :P
    I look on this site everyday in hope it comes earlier :D

  • Joe

    I realy love this season. But if they dont do a 5th. I will hunt each of them down and cut thrier throat off and delete their RL wow chrs.

    • piti

      the fire is fake, u can easily see it.
      Anyway 5* on the project

      • Murk

        The fire is fake? Wow. There I was expecting the budget would stretch to setting fire to real buildings.

        Next you’ll tell us that Wil Wheaton wasn’t really thrown down some stairs….

        • davide

          ahahah Murk 1 – Piti 0

          • Joey

            No doubt

        • Andy

          He wasnt though, its just a film trick. Loljks =P

        • Joel

          You can see Wheaton’s stundouble in the credits.

      • Rich South

        It’s still better than the fake fire in Expendables.

        Totally loved this episode. Great work all round. – Thank you for making such a great show.

    • Flipsta

      Thats a little bit dark….

      At any rate: Fawkes = pwnt!

    • Mysyic

      I hear ya they cant stop now they just keep getting better

    • Deleeta

      Easy there crazy person i doubt threatening Felicia & friends with their physical and virtual lives is the way to get a next season of the guild.

      • Kenno

        Why not make a 5th season? The shows awesome.I hope Codex ends up giving Zaboo a chance.

        • Zarenth

          i agree. codex should give Zaboo a chance… poor Zaboo :’(

          • Candy

            I’m still waiting for Bladezz to reform and go out with Codex :P

    • dayton

      when you do that send me a call first i will get my REVENGE!!!

    • OxideLex

      Im sorry but the black kid that said * sir vork* and then curtsied, and his name was Fluffykins of gigglebunny guild……….made me wanna bunch something a wall. idk out of laughter

    • Brad

      You know, because threatening people is definitely the best way to go about that, mate. Joke or not… seriously.

      Anyhow love this show <3

  • Benelson

    Sista girl is baddddd Azz.

    • Clarissa

      Who doesn’t love Dina? (Deena? Whatever…)

      • OxideLex

        deena looks way to much like a boy with boobs to really get me to say anything about her :/

        • Moobiwan

          By “Sista girl”, I think Benelson meant the black chick that pwnd Fawkes, not Bladezz’s little sister.

          • Naomi Gower

            HAHAHA! OWNED!

      • http:/ BlackQueen

        I believe that they were talking about Jeanette the black girl. hint the word sista and bad azz and the fact that she has a bad ass attitude

  • Paul Gomes

    I actually dropped my jaw and gasped when Blades set the wall on fire. It was an “Ooooh nooo” Family Guy moment lol.

    • Rich South

      Yeah, I actually shouted with surprise. Thought’d he’d actually eat the fire.

  • Shanks

    Will wheaton got crit’d

  • Benson

    Codex is just smokin

    • stoop

      So is Tink

    • Thrak

      Yeah Especially in that Pirate Wench outfit :)

      • Thorn

        Clara is the hot one. MILF

    • ChazMat1959

      SHE IS SMOKIN!!!!!!!

    • Jeffie

      Mrs. Zaboo is the hottest.

  • crappy

    ow no fire, save urself felicia! ur to beautifull to be a burn victim.

    • Thorn

      So ugly people are ok to be burn victims?

      • Zarenth

        lol, i don’t think that’s what he meant

        • Vitalla

          Yes its okay for ugly people to be burn victims

          • Fawby

            Only ugly people get burnt. How many pretty burn victems have you seen – exactly.

  • Lester Bear

    I bet the captain will finally realize that Bladezz is bad for business and fire him, the quality of their food will improve and all will be well.

    Jeannette is a ho-bag, she had it coming. I still liked it though when she threw d-bag down the stairs.

    • theguyfromsaturn

      I don’t think he needs to fire him. I think they pretty much are ALL out of a job now.

    • Naomi Gower

      yeah he is a d-bag but he is wil wheaton! i want him to bang me sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad……..wesley……..sigh……

      • Allirian

        agreed … I like the beard. Though my sister would kill me cause she liked him first when he was playing Wesley but in my defense I was like 6 I couldn’t exactly call dibs. :P

      • Poapst

        At first, I didn’t like him. I was like “Oh god, Will Wheaton? Where are all the Trekkie fans…”
        Every since he screwed Codex over though I find him very attractive… I think there’s something wrong with me…
        But seriously, Allirian, agreed. Beard = +500000000 to sextility.

  • Flipsta

    I liked it better when she threw him OVER the railing, and wtf!?! Vork’s gonna marry Zaboo’s mom?!?!

    • Benny

      I think that Vork expected her to decline and left him alone. U can tell by his expressions that he hates her :P .

      • Naomi Gower

        I still feel a little sorry for her. but don’t find me racist by saying. That most muslim men mistreat their wives and don’t give women respect… have you been to wal-mart? They can’t even take off the things that hide their hair!

        • xKiesix

          You mean a burqa? It’s in their religion to always wear it over their hair. It’s meant to symbolize modesty. Most women of Islamic faith WANT to wear it. I’m not really sure what it has to do with Wal-Mart.

          Also, I’m not really sure what it has to do with Zaboo’s mom. She is Hindi, not Muslim. That’s a completely different religion. For one thing, Islam is an Abrahamic faith related to Christianity and Judaism. All three of those religions celebrate one all-powerful god. Hindu is a faith created in India that has more than one god.

          And yes, you sound extremely racist.

          • Walt

            It’s called a Hajib. The burqa covers the whole body, head to two. The Hajib is more like a scarf. As far as the treatment of woman it is more cultural than relgious. Muslim woman in places like Turkey are treated pretty much the same as they are here, within cultural differences of cousre.

  • YoGi

    ok that was just too funny. its about time someone from the Axis got their porkers fed to them. and piti, don’t hate on the show this shit is amazing. oh yeah, i sooo want an 8-bit baby t-shirt!!!!!!!

  • MizuJosh

    Fawkes is so hot. <3

    • Hannah

      Mmm, I agree.

    • tonx

      does anyone even know that Fawkes
      (real name Wil Wheaton) played Gordie Lachance in stand by me?????????

      • Xystren

        And don’t forget Westley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation

      • Mike

        holy crap! it wasn’t until you gave the “stand by me” thought that i finally took it all in. awesome! i KNEW i’d seen him somewhere, but just couldn’t put two and two together. good job!

        • benibluetwo

          He also played a serial killer on an episode of Criminal Minds.

      • Naomi Gower

        YES! He was also Welsley crusher in Styar Trek:The next generation! He was Dr. Crusher’s son! and he has his own blog twiiter and website! He has written so many auto-Biographies! and he is freakin sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Demi1588

      omg wil is hawt i so wannt get an aoa t-shirt

  • Katie

    I’m liking this season. I even think the Axis of Anarchy dude should stick around.

  • Sanctum

    The pregamer shirts are in the shirt store already….for those interested.

    • Naomi Gower

      AWESOME! Thank-you!

  • Amy

    Fawkes was a jerk who deserved getting thrown down the stairs; especially after gettin’ all up in Jeanette behind Codex’s back.

    • Naomi Gower

      Yeah but he is Wil Wheaton! You can’t turn down WIL FREAKIN WHEATON!!! He is freakin sexy!!!

  • FIRE!!!

    Why not use real fire, that would have been epic!!!

  • Odd Bet

    More episodes with Mike Rose/Valkyrie, please. He is such a studmuffin.

  • LuckyShoe

    I don’t even play WOW anymore and this show makes me laugh everything I watch it. I heart Wil Wheaton!

    • Naomi Gower


  • upa

    Rock paper scissors lizard Spock t-shirt.

    • logan

      Yeah from Sheldon Cooper :D

    • Naomi Gower

      YAYA!!! I notticed that too! My brother has one he baught it online but he dossn’t watch big bang….. :(

  • Josh

    “.. So, what I miss?” xD

    OMG its Riley! God how I love her. Michele Boyd is so amazing! Season 4 was meh til I saw this episode, amazing I love the guild!

  • Gam3r

    i dont play wow any more. but i wish my guild would’ve been this fun… i would’ve never left the game

  • Kaori

    NO! NO! NO! NO! Vork can’t go down like that! When a boss respawns you don’t marry it! You pound it into the dust again!!! Plus he’s just too cool to marry Zaboo’s mom…

    • Naomi Gower

      Wow! Well said my good friend! Well said!

  • Tish

    LOL OMG they are getting masrried really? Fawkes going downnnnnnn

  • Josh

    Zaboo’s Mom : @Kaori “Season 1 was merely a setback!”

  • Warren

    Msn sucks! I absolutely love this show but every time i try and watch it it skips and messes up. I let this episode load completely and it still skipped around. I dont know What the hell is wrong here but it needs to be fixed because the show is not being done justice while being shown on this!

    • http://TheGuild Kount Kill

      I had the same problem with MSN, but I found if you re-load the whole page(sometimes a couple of reloads are necessary) you can get it to run through without pausing continuously.

      • einwol

        if you have an xbox360 you can download and watch for free… it looks great

    • Naomi Gower

      My problem is that it buffered at the end I just re-loaded the page but it’s probably your compute…

  • dr.bob

    lol. i cant wait to see vorks little hin-jew children.

    • fawks_babies_mama

      omg ewwwwww lol

    • Naomi Gower

      AHH! The though shivers down my spine! But I am also laughing at the thought of little children saying “Women; Can’t live with ‘em They will not go out with me…” Best line ever created by mankind other than- “Day man! aaAAH! Fighter of the night man! aaAAH! Your a master of karate and friendship for everyone!” It’s Always sunny in Philadelphia? Anyone?

      • Naomi Gower

        ooooohhhh wait I left out Champion of the sun……. shoot….

  • fawks_babies_mama

    hahahaha i never saw the vork thing happening…… great! and fawkes is amazing.

  • Mysyic

    great episode lol

  • JP

    Best Cliffhanger yet! Best scene for me was when Vork asked Zaboo’s mom to marry him, and she said yes. XD

  • Laurie

    Ohmigod. That was THE BEST episode EVER.

  • http://TheGuild Kount Kill

    I thought last season was a little weak, but this season has just been awesome. Felicia Day is really growing stronger as a writer, and she’s doing great things with the characters and their development. She’s actively finding reasons to bring these characters together organically, instead of forcing them together in arbitrary plot contortions.
    Tink and Clara starting a business, Zaboo’s mom and Vork hooking up, Codex and Bladezzz working together. She’s finding ways to make the characters come together that feel real, and mining the humor in those situations that follow, which is the mark of a skilled writer.
    Plus, I’m not going to even mention the great new characters she brought in with Ollie and Jeanette, plus her great respawn of Zaboo’s mom.
    My personal belief is that this show would do well on television, especially if CBS picked it up and paired it with Big Bang Theory. That would be an hour of geek comedy that could not be beat.

    • ChazMat1959

      I have to agree with bringing it to TV.. Thank You Felicia for putting this together.. AWESOME!!!

    • sarsec

      Why on Azeroth would you give big network executives a way to get their idiotic hands on this gem? Let me finish with this quick comparison
      The Crow and TC: City of Angels. Bean counters have the opposite of the Midas touch.

    • Zarenth

      you really thought last season was weak? i really liked it, the adding of actual villains that perused there in game characters was a great idea. and i thought Felicia’s writing was really strong in the fact that every member of the Axis had there own, strong, identifiable personality. i do agree however that this show would do well on television if placed on CBS with big bang theory. but i like it where it is now, i feel it belongs here on the net. although i would love to see more and longer episodes. its really a great show, keep up the outstanding work guys (and gals).

    • Aly

      What a horrible idea, no better way to destroy the show by shoving it into mainstream…

    • Naomi Gower

      AWESOME! I love the big bang theory! Sheldon is sexy! And felicia isn’t the only one writing this you know! There are a lt of people working on this! Anyway….. yeah….. but yes felicia is working better on her acting and producing and writing…. SHELDON AND PENNY FOREVER!!!!!

  • Reupel

    This whole pirate stuff reminds of of my favorite pirate-metal band:

    They should get them for their season finale ;)

    • erndre

      I visited that link- that song was absolutely terrific. =3

    • Naomi Gower

      WOAH! That video is awesomo!

  • Stang50

    Vork proposes to Zaboo’s mom and I immediatly yell “DUDE, ARE YOU NUTS???” :D

    • Naomi Gower

      Hhahaahh! I said “No! What an idiot!” And I was thinking- (NO you can’t be zaboo’s daddy!)

  • Josh

    Fawkes purposely threw the showdown at the end of the last season and let Codex won. Or at least he will claim that at some point. Just watch.

  • Dawn

    Well this episode was my fav! Laughed throughout it…
    Keep them flowing…

  • Darkreign

    The next season of the guild thay all quit WoW and start playing FFXIV : ) lol

    • Random0292923


    • Naomi Gower

      They are playing WOW? GAY!!! they should play LOTRO! (Lord of the Rings Online) It has wayyyyyyy better graphic and is about Lord of the Rings! I don’t think that can get more awesome unless Wil Wheaton is in my fellowship!

  • Mikey

    Love Janets dancing!!! hahaha keep her in the show!

  • ChazMat1959

    I think he’s going to Marry her.. I see it in the dot..

  • Ashley

    PLEASE keep Fawkes on the show I have loved every second of watching him. This last bit was too hilarious.

    • Naomi Gower

      I know! I love Wil Wheaton! MY WIDDLE WESLEY CRUSHER!!!

  • sarsec

    LOL, she’s bind on pick up Vork. But seriously how many lesbians are they going to cram into this show.

  • IrmaVep

    As many as they can get in, I say the more the merrier.

    Vork is absolute comedy gold, the whole interaction with Mrs Zaboo has been amazing. As for the “surprise” of him marrying her to get her to panic and leave? Priceless.

    Pirate Wench Codex = yummy

    (btw ffxi ftw)

  • Joey-Lee

    This episode was the best one of this season yet!
    i havent laughed so hard in a good while, thanks!

  • Fusjon

    LMAO didn’t recognise the Gayest character in Star Trek until today :D