The Guild

  • Hatenfury

    ha nice one guys :D cant wait for the next episode :P

  • nikki

    love it, and i love the fact that i bought that wench costume like 3 months ago for halloween and its awsome to see it on here

  • Kiwi

    This was the most epic episode ever; I cannot stop watching this over and over again. Fox got his ass HANDED to him; it was amazing. Codex got balls…and Vork may be getting married. Wootage.

  • Cyhm37

    Damn cliff hangers!

    Cranky Geeks!

  • Evan

    I just watched Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and watching the guild was the only way to fill the emptiness inside my heart.

  • Naomi Gower

    WOW! PUT OUT THE FIRE! You don’t run from a fire that little take the curtains and put it out! Anyway I would go out with faux for these reasons: 1. He is a gamer. 2. he is sexy as crap. and 3. He is Wil Wheaton…..(In my book Wil Wheaton is the sexiest man alive…..) I LOVE HIM!!!! I want to meet him someday! :)

  • Imani Vaughn

    Not gonna lie, I kinda wanted Codex to date Faux again. I mean, he abviously actually likes her, and he’s like a walking greeting card, filled with quotes! SOUNDS LIKE CODEX’S TYPE!

  • Allie-oop

    HOLY S***! Fawkes got freakin pawned!! I was so excited when that happened. I literally yelled in excitement. “BOO YA!”
    But ending the episode with that fake fire? Seriously, leaving the building that early? The place is definitely gonna be burned down in the next episode. If not, the firemen will tell the manager that he’ll have to rebuild that part of the restaurant. What a freakin disappointment.

  • Therese

    So, is Codex going to have to save an unconscious Fawkes from the fire next episode?

  • Chris

    OMG that last minute I can’t stop laughing.

  • sexywrm

    yeah d-ass “dont get all in front of Janettes’ face”….will wheaton got his ass wupped by the ho…vork u just messed run vork run….bladezz pulled fire outa his arze…lol…will wheaton needs to stop useing bad quotes makes him look like a dush bag

  • TheAmazazingRaynbow

    OMG. The bunny kid was wearing a rock,paper,scissors, lizard, spock shirt!

    • Brittany

      The geekiness comes full circle.

    • Cilliandrew

      Geeze, I hate Big Bang Theory. Like, a lot.

  • Mike

    Bing video sucks. Every episode stops halfway through for no reason and starts over.

    Why did you guys have to partner with MSN, they are terribad. :(

    • iFanboy

      Definitely agreed. The quality is bad and it skips around a lot. Plus a full screen ad came right before the marriage proposal and totally ruined the scene. They should at least put it up on YouTube or something. Quicktime would be better too.

      • Knight of the Astral

        My MSN video works fine.No ads, no skipping, no stoping half way through. What is your Internet Speed,computer, and what Browser?

  • OmniShadow

    Anyone else find it slightly odd how Deena referred to her brother as ‘Bladezz’? Maybe she’s started playing the game?

    I’m personally disappointed at the lack of Bruiser and Kwan this season. They were by far the most amusing Axis members.

  • Reilyn


    Mrs. Zaboo, will you marry me?
    Oh my goodness. Yes. Yes I will.

  • Samantha

    for some reason the video stops at 7:35 out of 8:12. I know it isnt much that is missing but it still makes me wonder what was cut off grr lol

  • Vincanni

    This is the way Cyd’s relationships end,
    This is the way Cyd’s relationships end,
    This is the way Cyd’s relationships end,
    Not with a bang but a whimper.

    Sorry, but the beginning of this video just reminded me of T.S. Elliot.

  • Klatouu

    More music videos. I am in love with Codex!

  • Mr. Exquisiti

    este capitulo mola un pajote! jajaja XD!! que sepais que esta serie tambien se ve en España! (que por cierto esta en europa)
    this chapter is f*@#ing awsome! hahaha XD!! just let you know that this show is also watched in Spain (wich by the way is in europe, not in south america).

  • sam

    c’mon its tuesday post episoooode

    • BrianK

      It’s Monday. New episode up tomorrow!

  • ME!

    shut up morons the msn vids run fine buy a computter from THIS decade naybe?

  • Yamana Boogie

    “I’m center stage or nothing at all.”

  • Geoff

    for some reason, why do I see this season ending with both the Knights of Good and the Anarchist combining to create one guild? I mean it would add a lot more to the story, and bring in a lot of new characters we all love (come on, you know you like the Anarchists as well)

    • Jeremy

      ZOMG, I never thought of that but thinking about it that would be a really good idea. I particularly like the idea of Valkyrie and Venom joining the guild (Kwan and Bruiser bore me a little). I definately think that if the series wants to have many more seasons it needs make some of the good characters it already has permanent. Either that or finish at Season 5 and call it a day (I wouldn’t mind this as it means we get to see Zaboo/Codex sooner!)

  • Barry

    NO VORK!!! NO!!! LMAO!!!

  • Beysin

    awesome keep up the good work! Thumbs up for The Guild our favourite show! :)

  • Manic


    Wonderful to see Fawkes get his comeuppance.

  • Tim

    …”Sir Vork, I need to talk to you about my potion portfolio”.
    …”Fluffykins of Gigglebunny Guild I presume”?…(Vork)
    …and the guy in the blue shirt from the Axis of Anarchy cracks me up every episode he’s in…f’n hilarious mannerisms and dialogue…
    …This is one hell of a cliffhanger…!!!
    …Thanks again for all the laughs…EVERYONE in the cast is a hoot…
    …and PLEASE keep THE GUILD where it started…on the internet, going to TV would just ruin it. Alot of the appeal is I am watching episodes through my PC monitor, watching it on TV would lose that connection…
    !!!…Gmae On…!!!

    • Tim

      …that would be…”!!!…GAME ON…!!!”…lol

  • sdm125

    im with tink- ive been hoping for that for so long! x

  • hunterloli

    During the magic show, I totally spotted a girl wearing AP’s dreaming macaroon OP in black. My life is complete. <3

  • nab0b

    So rad… I just finished watching from the series beginning up to S4 Ep9 on YT in 24 hrs and thought I had come to the end. Wo0o0o0o0T! M0ar-M0ar-M0ar-N0m-n0M-N0mz…

    This calls for a spot of found oject soup! brb

  • Philinda

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has birhtgneed my day!

  • Angel

    I loved that dance she did while the Captain sang, was hilarious.

  • Lady_Inari

    I loved that dance the black chick did while the captain sang. It was awesome.

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