The Guild

  • EternalDoom

    Wahhhhhhhhh I have to wait another WHOLE week? ?!?!??! >_>

    Nice ep lol. Codex just dump him already.

    • Tim the Enchanter

      Can’t dump someone you’ve already been dumped by… surely?

  • David

    Nice. Like how yuo address that she has no money. And Zaboo’s ‘Mo-’ was great

  • A Moyle

    WHOOO! I love The Guild! Bladezz is hell funny! haha cant wait for the next one! :D

  • Micheal

    UGHH! NOT ANOTHER WEEK! but seriously sending VIPER of all people to get the jacket, talk about a stand up from hell! favorite quote of the episode was “Nice dress :) … NOW GO DIE IN IT!”

    • Neil

      Great line and Teal’s delivery is perfect.

    • Bladezz

      its poison actually

      • Bladezz

        i mean Venom XD

  • Micheal

    Replace VIPER with VENOM! after watching season 5 for the fifth time today i forgot her name…

  • Haguy

    I really like your show ,I followed you till season 1 but as i saw in S3 it was obouise that he is an asshole and he will do that i think there will be a chanse for a re-fight between them.
    Or she will just go into depression cuz i CANT live without my comp

  • Thaddeus

    “Did you borrow my crayon set…. AND MY MIND!!” Funniest line from the ep, I think. Great stuff so far, and I can’t wait to see more.

    • xMiiky

      Clara is my favorite ^^
      “Parents influence their kids?! …. what is that you studied?”

      • Jade Rothwell

        actually the second part is “what is that, a new study?” but still funny none the less :)

    • Jade Rothwell

      love love love that quote! <3

  • Liberty

    Zaboo still living with Vork lmao.That Guy is a Real jerk I bet that was his First time all he is , is a nerd in a Skirt

    • Barb

      Wish that I could agree with that, but lets be honest. The geek guys in kilts are hot. Sorry. It’s true.

      • Crystal

        Can’t help but to agree with that. *nod nod*

        • Lucky

          I have a thing for nerdy guys period. I was raised playing mmorpgs with my mom and dad, and go figure i met my bf online 4 years ago and am currently living with him.

          I wish Codex would find the right guy already!
          Great character development.

          • ethan

            im a nerdy guy… =D

          • kaewen

            the “right guy” is obviously Zaboo.

            i mean it’s him or Vork, and i just don’t see THAT one happening.

            Zaboo just needs to grow up a little bit, and Codex needs to stop living in a fantasy world and take advantage of the good things she has around her.

            of course, where would the drama come from if Codex wasn’t insane? :3

      • tracietracie

        heck ya!! — well young nerdy guys who aren’t overweight are hot in kilts…

        • K

          I have a thing for fat nerdy guys, myself – as long as they shower, anyway. <3

  • JoRokHed

    Hey Codex,let’s go for a pitcher of margaritas and ‘talk’ about it!}

    • Hansel

      I second that!

  • Doomfall

    Lol great episode as ever >.<
    Felicia <3 ^-^
    btw why arent they airing it on Youtube?

    • Mary

      It´s to do mnore publicity to their site i think, so people buy thinks and that kind of stuff!

    • Uzetaab

      Because Microsoft is their major sponsor.

    • captainswift

      The last few episodes of Season 3 just went up on YouTube a month ago. They’re letting the sponsors get the hits first before they start putting it elsewhere.

  • Layla

    Awhh! Poor Codex. She got stood up. :(

  • Nobody

    Epic ending!!! :D

  • len

    Just right!

  • Charlet

    I think Clara and Tink are gonna help eachother get gold since they both want the same design.

    • Xiertic

      You’re probably right. Sucks for the rest of them. lol

      I love this show far too much…

      • Cuppincakes

        Sucks?! Did you not see the ice cream cone turrets in here design?!

        The first thing I do when Cata comes out is bribe enough people so I can finally make a guild with a pink tabard and pie emblem. Or perhaps a bunny.

        • Lauren

          Totally agree with the ice cream cone turrets, but I think that the blood fountain would be an excellent addition to the hall (lol: Can we buy slave girls on PC?). Wow. Codex’s idea may be hippie-ish, but it may be the only thing that works…

          • Ed

            I think it’s “Can we buy slave girl NPC’s?”

          • Arili

            Actually, Bladezz asked if they could buy “slave girl NPCs,” but whatever. It still totally reminded me of some over-hormonal 20-something guys I game with. hahaha

        • Ayd

          What server you on? I’m happy to be bribed.:D

        • Angela — Nokomys

          I want to make a guild called Cupcake Commanders. What server are you on??

  • CanadaDan1971

    I think they would be a good match. Fawkes could help Codex to be more assertive and Codex could help him not to be such a total douche bag all the time.
    More likely he will use the already low self-esteem codex to has to keep her jumping thought hoops until she finally wises up.
    It would be good keep the Axis as semi regular characters.

  • Me

    So…Felicia Day did some voice work in a Guild Wars 2 trailer. And I found this on their site… seams like someone has a crush. ;) lol

    • Bb Elementalist

      God I love guildwars<3 I was extra super excited for gw2 when i found out that Felicia is the main asura<3 I love asuras<3

      • Lucky

        I played Guild wars since the beginning, love it, met my bf of 3 years there (now living together and engaged) Then my account was hacked and i lost all of my armor (My FULL Fissure of Woe set on my ritualist :( and because of this I won’t be returning, sadly.

        Playing world of warcraft now and I’ve become very accustomed to the cartoony graphics.

    • Breakfast

      Actually that cartoon is a humorous commentary on a serious disorder striking many American men. This of course is redophilia. As a sufferer of redophilia myself, I know the social discomfort redophiliacs feel because every decision in life is ruled by the question “Does this decision involve a hot redhead, and if it doesn’t involve a hot redhead, how can make it so that it does?” Given the low population of “true” redheads (carpet/drapes), this makes redophiliacs very aggressive and territorial towards each other when there is a redhead in he vicinity.

      So have strength my fellow redophiliacs, my brother “ginger-jumpers”, my compatriot Duracell Diehards! The world will one day know and understand our plight!

      • Darkrose417

        Lol! Thats awesome! Thank you for explaining this to everyone!

      • kaewen

        ;-; never were truer words spoken

  • RedisFun

    Heh….I love venom! How fun to play a character that is just so pissed…at everything!

    Can’t wait for next one!

    • JTA

      Isnt she going out with Riley? Lol
      Cant wait for Riley to show up, Sadist and Masochist Lovers lol

  • Excalibur

    God, Bladezz always makes everything sexual. LOL. Zaboo’s overdoing it with the friend thing. But I’m loving the season so far. AWESOME JOB! :D

  • fuzzy

    cool beans!

  • Angela — Nokomys

    You guys did it again!! For a second I thought Venom was going to run Codex over haha.

    Ty for making my servers 24 hour downtime more bearable!! <3

    • Sabrina

      Omg tell me about it. I was antsy waiting for my server to come back up so I looked on here to see if the new episode was up, and sure enough! Now time to go play ;p

      • Angela — Nokomys

        My girlfriends & I were so bored that we went on Uther & made 3 DK’s, we also made a guild called

        All the guild ranks are from the Steve Miller song The Joker. I’m the GM, so I’m the Gangster of Love XD

        • Angela — Nokomys

          Blazed and Confused…got cut off.

  • Em

    Wow… I love Fawkes but I hate him at the same time. Finally finished the comics of the meat head boyfriends I like Fawkes better then Trevor. I know this would be out of character but I’d just never call him and let him stew on it mind you setting Fawke’s kilt on fire would be awesome.

    Clara is my hero! “Parents influence their kids? Is this a new study?”

  • Fae

    Fawkes is such a douche but I really love Venom.

  • Gnarlie

    Great episode. Cant wait for the next one :D
    Felicia <3

  • Naomi Gower

    The best line of the whole thing would be: Damn it Venom! Why don’t you just cut off my dick and tell me it’s a popsickle! I LOVE WIL WHEATON! He is my little Wesley Crusher!

  • Cody

    Brilliant! loved the Episode, ALso “Nice dress, go die in it.” LOL!

  • ChiliMac

    I can’t decide if I think Fawks sabotaged Codex’s computer or if it’s a coincidence. My first thought is sabotage but it’s almost to obvious. Of course I also want to believe that Codex has better taste in men even if she was drunk.

  • Flintlock

    I’m starting to believe that Wil Wheaton is, in fact, The Devil

  • Peaches

    I can’t believe Codex even wanted to go out with Fawks, he’s such a jerk. I hope in the future she gets better taste in men.
    Other than that, I love the season so far. Keep up with the good work.

  • Conrad

    Please dont let this become a soap opera. I love this show, please keep it about the game.

    • eclaire

      This show has always been about gamers and their personal lives (or lack thereof) … this episode is not much more extreme in that aspect.

      • Angela — Nokomys

        Exactly…Wade, Riley, Zaboo. Keep it up Felicia :)

  • Jeremy Cole

    The Zaboo thing was done brilliantly. It’s always extremely difficult to be friends when you don’t want to be so overdoing it is so in character.

  • Jeremy Cole

    Also, extended maintenance :(

  • MArcus

    Why only one ep a week, I need more [Insert crazed look here]. Great work, keep it up!!!

  • JennL777

    Oh CODEX!!! Yes, he’s hawt, but it was always obvious that he was, in fact, a GUY, with all the negative connotations that implies. DON’T CHASE HIM!!! DON’T CALL HIM!!!

    (Apologies to the guys on this comments thread ;-)

    • ChiliMac

      But JennL777, you are right. Fawks, like Wade is just a guy. Codex deserves a real man! So far I don’t think there have been any on the series.

      • JennL777

        Well, if I may be so bold, with proper training, I think Bladezz has potential… (COUGH)

        • K

          And he’s hot as hell, too.

  • Tembac

    Great Show.

    But we need the subtitles back.

  • Felicia Day

    The camcorder scene was so annoying it took so long to film, But still yay!

    • Steve

      I was trying to understand why the camcorder shot was there, but i guess it was needed in order to do an intro to the episode.

  • Lance

    Venom made our Codex sad.
    No one makes our Codex sad!

  • Melanie

    Some day the line “Nice dress, now go die in it” is definitely getting used….ohhh yes that one is danged quotable! So glad Venom is back, her bitterness is so fun to watch!

  • John Harnes

    Maybe Codex should try dating Riley — she can’t be worse then this dude….

  • Silhouette

    I really want Codex/Zaboo to hook up in the end but…he’s been in the friend zone for a while now. Ah well.

    Fawkes pisses me off. I want him to go die, even though he’s kinda attractive. XD

  • André

    This show is so awesome…I’m probably one of the few viewers who isn’t a gamer (well…I played Runescape once, for maybe three hours, but I don’t think that counts. ^_^) but I love it anyway.

    Also, Venom is great. I might be biased, because I have a friend who looks *exactly* like Venom (luckily, her personality is the opposite, though), but still. “Nice dress. Go die in it!” Epic. XD

  • Chris

    Please someone pick this up and make it a weekly hourlong television show. I need more.

    • Breakfast

      hourlong? I’m a gamer, I don’t have that big of an attention span.

      • Chris

        Lol, point taken. What the heck was I thinking? Plus that would cut into game time.

        • TS Cheshire Cat

          I think a half hour show would work for everyone. I mean, we have to eat at least once a week and we can watch the weekly episode at the same time. :P

          • Arili

            REAL gamers eat during downtime when we’re waiting for the slower people to sell/buy pots/get buffed up. Come on. That’s why Dominos and Pizza Hut have online ordering. :)

  • eclaire

    SO GOOD! It’s kind of sad, watching this show actually made me start playing WoW because I guess I expected some Claras and Zaboos to come running up to me in game and trade some witty one-liners with me. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case, hahah (I quit.)

    • Neeeeeeeeerd.

      You, me, pick a US server, we make a guild with all the accurate character names/models and bicker in-character in the middle of a capital.


  • Faxi

    I really love your shows, and now when the eu WoW servers are down, theres nothing better than wathcing new episodes of the guild! Woho !

    But I really miss the subtitles, because you all talk so fast, and it’s not like I don’t understand english but it really makes me understand the situations a lot better. And I think i’m not the only one who thinks that.

    Any chance there will be added subtitles maybe later on?

    Anyway thanks for showing us these epic episodes for free, i wish i cud buy the dvd but i live in Denmark, >.<

    Greetings from Faxi – Sylvanas EU – World of Warcraft gamer

  • Toast

    cant find ep 1 for this season!!

    • Middle-aged nongamer

      At least for now you can get to season 4, episode 1 from Wil Wheaton’s blog, wwdn In Exile. Of course this means I found The Guild, which I love now, via Fawlks. I think I find Clara the most fun, but all the characters are a lot of fun in their own way — though so far I have not found Tinkerballa to be en-dearing. All the others have redeaming qualities, but her not so much.

  • Steve

    I love how Codex just tosses Bladezz aside when the computer is up and running again.. talk about mad strength.. lol

  • Jonathan

    I wish a cute redhead would ask me to her armor off… God, my life is way to much like this show.

  • Rachel

    I’m so attracted to Fawkes. I’m still pulling for “jerk with a good heart” but I need something to work with here, Felicia!

    Okay maybe I’m grasping at straws but he DID leave his jacket, right? So (here comes psychology 101 that I never took) maybe that was his subconscious trying to extend a connection between him and Codex.

    Because deep down he’s all into her… And they can be all cute together… And Guild episodes will start being 45 minutes long… and whenever I feel like watching there will be like 10 new ones on the internet for me to just binge on…

    Okay back from fantasy land. Basically I’m totally hoping to see Fawkes step it up and deserve Codex because wasting Wil Wheaton on a disappointing male lead is… disappointing.

    • Arili

      How can you be attracted to him? Honestly. Every time I see him I can’t help but hear “shut up, Wesley!” in a little voice in the back of my head. Most. Annoying. Character. Ever. EVER.

      It IS pretty amusing to watch him play a a total jerk, though, after having whiny Wesley burned into my brain via Trek-loving parental units.

  • Rachel

    Oh, one more thing. I LOVE you averted the whole overdone “oh let’s have a forbidden secret love that we keep a secret from our friends until the season finale when it all comes out.”

    Instead Codex went with option 2: pull the band-aid off, come clean with your friends, and take the shame.

    Only the shame doesn’t come from Codex’s friends. It comes from her no-longer secret forbidden lover. Which is so perfect! Because part of keeping a lover secret is avoiding the reality of a relationship, and “our friends wouldn’t understand” is just a front. But Codex owns up to it and realizes that reality can bite in more ways than one.

    Kudos! Overdone trope averted! And in doing so we got a more engaging storyline, which I can’t wait to see play out.

  • microbot001

    Wow, I JUST started watching this from episode 1 to episode….this one. Man, I CAN’T HANNDLE THE SUSPENSE, I JUST WANT TO WATCH MORE!! HaHa, keep up the good work!! I hope that the game you play is one day created for PC and Mac!! This is epic!!

  • Mumbojumbo

    Why would someone leave her in the cold, damn wish i was there :P