The Guild

  • Kiki

    Awwww!!!!! I wuz hoping that Codex’s date would work out!! Even though he’s a jerk, she obviously really likes him!!! :(

  • xFloris

    Go die in it! XD lmao
    Keep up the good work guys!

    • Bozh

      Exactly *lol*

  • Lino Silva

    Loved it! Codex <3

  • Mo

    I started watching this show this summer all thanks to Netflix. Apparently the fact that I liked Buffy and Dr. Horrible made Netflix suggest The Guild, and when I made the connection between Vi, Penny and Codex I was more than willing to see if Felicia Day could impress me again in a third performance. Less than a month later, I’ve watched seasons one, two, and three and now I’m still coming back for more. Suffice it to say, I was impressed. Especially with this being a web series.

    I’m not an MMORPG gamer, but I still love the show and the characters. This is a great series, especially because of how true and original the idea is. But argh, Netflix conditioned me into not having to wait a week for the next episode, so catching up kind of sucks.

    …Yeah, so… When exactly is this show uploaded? I’m guessing either Monday night or really, really early Tuesday based on when the comments start.

    • Cliff Danger

      You should also check out the “Epitaph” episode of “Dollhouse”.

      • Lols…

        I probably should have spaced it out, but I just ran through all 3 seasons, and the first two of season 4 in over the past 5 hours. It’s now 3 am… Suffice it to say, I love The Guild, and I shall be calling out of work tomorrow morning.

        • frestyle

          I got some sleep myself, spaced it out over two days… I’m hooked, gotta get the DVDs. Keep up the great work!

          • Jack

            What they have dvds? =O

  • Rachiix

    OMG!!!!! I waited fir ages for this season i can’t believe I have to wait for the next one!!!!

    and btw i LOVE clara’s hat !!!!!

    I WANT ONE!!!

    • MsKitty

      Me too :)

      • swankypants

        me three

  • A

    Okay, it’s 12:04….. TUESDAY! NEED NEW EPISODE!! :D

    • troop

      its not tuesday and i dont know the exact time but i need new episode!

  • Dittman

    Great Episode! I love how you guys really bring out Zaboo’s personality on getting over codex… because that’s how a guy would act… and end up creeping the girl out until someone gave him a good talking too… hopefully that goes over well! Can’t wait to see who will win the contest on the guild hall…

    Just a note, hoping y’all go into more of tinkerballa’s character.. she seems so mysterious and not much is known about her besides her playing… Oh and where did clara’s husband go xD Mr. Winky!

    • Mkjangy

      I totally agree about tink.
      I thinks its actually mr. wiggley
      idk lol

      • Randomage

        And actually it’s Mr. Wiggly.

  • Tealia

    Oh nooo… Poor Codex!

    I hope nothing bad happens (other than her usual vlogging schpeel about how Fawkes doesn’t show up or something)

  • Arnie

    I smell plot no. 2 from the axis to ESTROY THE knights of good. ;p

  • Bozh

    On the bed & waiting for me… Rawr… *lol*
    Best writing yet. haha

    • Tommy Gundersen

      “Inyourendo” ^_^

      • frederic

        that joke was on the show “scrubs” a while back

        • Agashi

          Maybe that’s where Bladezz heard it. ^_~

  • Eiji

    Brilliant! Keep it up Knights~!

  • Maglubiet

    I’ve never watched a series that can make me laugh 20 times in five minutes. I love this series!! I wish it had more funding or whatever it needs to GIVE US MORE. Five minutes a week is not nearly enough in my opinion. :(

  • Anonymous

    Nice video. Cant wait for the second.

  • Glyn

    I wonder if Felicia naturally has that odd quirky sense of humor that was once Joss Whedon’s trademark, or if she learned at his feet… but she’s mastered it and I love her for it :-)

  • Inue

    “Do you guys really do that?” hahahaha

  • Vanessa

    Aaawwww… I Love it!!!! <333333 Keep it up the good work!!!!

  • Milolika

    When is the next one???

  • Milolika

    When is the 3erd one coming out

  • Trip

    Only person better to pick up the coat would have been Bladezz mom and Bruiser. Epic show guys thanks for all your hard work.

  • punk-puppy

    New episode… hilarity ensues. Awesomeness, as always.

    I got turned on to this months ago by a co-worker of mine. I have watched ever since and anticipated every episode. Lovely work folks, lovely.

    As for financial support… MS was smart to fund. WTF was everyone else thinking? You snooze you lose!

    • Mo

      I’m pretty sure Felicia Day turned down other offers waiting for the right moment. Then Microsoft came around at the right time and she finally agreed. So I guess snoozing was actually in Microsoft’s favor this time around. In this scenario, you snooze you win! …Or something more witty than that. Like… “The more you wait, you lure in the bait.” *cough* Kay I’m done.

  • MissMacLeod

    Please , please, please make this a full 30 minute series!! G4 will pick it up in a minute – the best show in such a long time !
    Thank you for showing real life – girls, and Mom’s – are gamers!

  • Bloodhawk

    Where’s episode 3? My addiction must be fueled!

    But seriously, where is it? I thought they were supposed to be posted every Tuesday. It’s now Friday and it still isn’t here.

    • Randomage

      I recommend you follow Felicia Day and Watchtheguild in Twitter. It was said there that it’s not out, because their new Game On -music video took too much time.

  • Johnie89


    I agree, when’s Clara’s husband coming back… he’s sooooo cute :P :P:P

  • monzoid

    I started watching this show because I am a fan of Georgious tiny chicken machine show (say hello to Lick Poop ). Will “the boy” Wheaton, OMG. I guess I dont have to wonder what he’s been up to lately.

  • Karen

    Gah! Where’s the first episode of the new season?!

  • Cheyenne

    Hey where is episode 3????? I love this show so much!!! lolz

  • troop

    OMG im in love with the guild and cant wait for more!

  • troop

    i want episode 3 really bad right now……. =)

  • Aperson


  • DeepEE

    Don’t want to come off as a scrooge, but I made a comment about s4e1 that said this series needs to be careful about getting too “established” and I am going to reiterate that…please, EVERYONE from the Guild: Think back to who you’re character was in seasons one and two. Please avoid the “familiarity” with your character and the other characters that leads to lazy character development and interactions.

    Remember Happy Days? Fonzie started off as so cool he was cold. A couple of seasons later he was a boob doing Broadway and couldn’t find cool in Alaska. I’m also noticing that the camera work is even less like the earlier seasons. I don’t know how much longer you plan on doing this, but you need to retain the “underground” flavor you had when this started no matter how well-known you as actors and this series becomes. It’s the key to keeping this from becoming the last season of Northern Exposure.

    In other words, please keep these characters from becoming characatures of themselves. It can happen before you know it. That said, Go Guildies! This series is hilarious!

    • Agashi


  • edc

    damn. i keep forgetting that i’ve to wait a week after each episode before the next one comes out. wish it would come out all ready!

  • Kinosuki

    Ahh i cant wait for episode 3! where is it D:

  • batmanuel

    Hm this episode is just like episode one. Looks like Season 4 doesn’t have much story or direction. I hope the season picks up

    • Shelby

      Hmm… i disagree. lol. I mean its only the second episode. Plus they left a bunch of unanswered questions and potential plot lines from last season, like clara being pregnant, riley and zaboo’s breakup and rileys rebound. (subscribed!) :D And not to mention the obvious stuff with codex and fawkes. This seasons gonna be great. (It had me at farting to make someone taco flavored…)

      (sorry, more ranting ahead)

      And to DeepEE, i understand where you’re coming from…but i dont see it happening as of yet. I mean i agree that it could do damage to the series if it happened…but they are still FAR FAR off away from that IMO. I mean everyone seems to be growing as characters (well other than tink…but they havent really gotten into her character yet.)
      But nice happy days reference. haha. i cant even remember the lst time i thought of the fonz. lol.

      And seriously….where the hell is Ep. 3!!!! i loved the music video but damn…dont tease me like that!!!! :( ((

  • Bladezz

    Where the hell is S$ EP3 The suspense is killing me

  • Bladezz

    Where the hell is S4 EP3 The suspense is killing me*

  • Tim

    Pleeeeeeeease can we have more Kwan, aka Alexander Yi?

    Starcraft players are cool and Koreans rule! ;D

  • dan

    I’ve never found an Asian as hot as Tink is. she’s at my age, perfect :)

  • Jaz

    wheres episode 1?

  • John Spears / Manixx

    Ok, I think I’m in love with Codex, is that a bad think?

  • Surfer

    I knew itt :P Axis guy just thinks of it as a one-night-stand. C’mon, Codex.

  • Stephon

    when is the 3 episode coming out ?

  • Randomage

    Now please: every one SHUT UP AND STOP ASKING AFTER THAT EPISODE 3! It is said in nearly every news, which are following the progress of the Guild!

    Episode 3 is not out, because their new “Game On” -music video took too much time. But hey, check it out! Maybe it keeps you alive until they publish the episode 3. Here’s the link:

  • iMeebo

    Venom showing up like that was just plain odd

  • David

    gah! this show is deffinitely my guilty pleasure. i really wanna see codex and zaboo get together. He’s my favorite :p.
    “im half the warlock i once was..from now on you can just call me za….or boo. ya boo is cool call me boo” bahaha

  • Carla

    oddly enough, this show makes me want to play mmorpg’s again. I started watching this on Netflix. Gotta love netflix sometimes! They recommended it to me. Now I’m kinda obsessed =) Poor Codex. Totally knew that was going to happen…just…not quite so mean.

  • Tim

    Did you borrow my crayon set, AND MY MIND!!!

  • Tim

    …They actually “Beeped” out when Fawkes said “dick”…
    …I know that because I caught this episode right when it came out, and upon later viweing of it again..noticed the “beep”…
    …I lost count at all the times the “F-Bomb” was used in past episodes…
    …Oh, and the censorship better not be on any of the DVDs when I buy them in afew days…
    …THE GUILD rocks…
    !!!…GAME ON…!!!

  • ExGamer

    I am so impressed by this web series. Felicia Day has created a hilarious and albeit insightful look at MMORPG players. Keep it up!

  • Elwa

    it scares that I love this show = )

  • hostile17

    haha I just re-watched this since the first time it was posted and my favorite part is Vork says the Gazeebo’s color in hexidecimal code. The dialogue is superb!!!