The Guild

  • Courtland

    I may be remembering incorrectly but didn’t Zaboo help codex with her computer last episode so why’s it still messing up during the opening monologue? (yet again, don’t rage reply to this cause as i said, i may be remembering incorrectly). Also, fawkes creeps me out, incredibly so. Also, I’m so happy to actually have Zaboo’s mom back in the flesh and i’m waiting for her to just go completely nuts. And i think imma shut up now after this but , Codex’s pawing at bladezz….so freaking adorable.

    • Violet

      Indeed he did. Maybe Zaboo didn’t replace ALL of the parts that Bladezz put in to begin with though, and the remaining ones failed on her.

      • Angela — Nokomys

        Also, a lot of the RAM came from his pants so you know…it was covered in his oils.

        • Saiyan

          or maybe the other guild leader sabotaged codex’s apartment with magnets or something to mess up her online gameplay experience

          • Stirling

            Let’s face facts. He infected Codex’s computer with a virus. Which is why replacing a few parts is not going to fix it.

    • Radical

      3 options:

      Option 1:
      Fawkes planted a virus after thier “night of passion”, Since the motherboard was in flames its likely that the HDD was the only vital part that wasn’t replaced in Codex’s PC, The Virus causes the GPU and CPU to overheat.

      Option 2:
      Fawkes stratigically hid a small magnet inside of Codex’s PC case, the Magnet would currput any new hardware that is inserted to the PC, though its unlikely that it would cause the PC to burn up.

      Option 3: Options 1 and 2 combined.

      Makes sense since its obvious that Fawkes seeks to sabotage Codex (“Life is PvP, in game and out”)

    • Marlena

      Oh I loved the pawing! Course Ive done it a few times myself

    • slayerlow

      LMAFO she was totally freaked out by Captin Hook!

    • Ashley

      Well, he did try and fix it, but if you remember it shut off quickly after and Codex had to look at Zaboo’s laptop to see what was going on in the game.

      He attempted to fix it, I don’t think he actually succeeded.

    • PeterHSL

      He just took out the video card that was from an ATM but he was never able to replace it…etc
      as Ashley stated I think Zaboo attempted but was unsuccessful

    • Kog

      I’m waiting for either an episode about a hacked account or maybe a guild member re rolling or transferring servers. It’s happened to every guild at least once. Would be funny if now that Codex was not so priestly she became a shadow priest and left the guild heelless.

  • Angela — Nokomys

    Meh. I miss Clara.

    • Holics

      Me too. :/ She’s totally my fave. :)

      • Aphasia

        AND Tink! Hollow and empty without the snarky girls…

  • Jim DeLaHunt

    Funny, the Parallel Universe Hub refuses to display the S4 Ep4 video in the main spot on its page, and when I click on one fo the links at the bottom of the page (e.g. the S3 Ep 9-12 gag reel) it doesn’t go to the linked video. I’m on Firefox 3.6 on Mac OS X 10.5.8. Anyone else having that problem?

    • Mandy

      Your problem is simple: Mac OS X.

      • Brian

        Noooo, because I’m on OS X and it loads just fine.

        • Joshua

          I think that was more of an attack on Macs.

  • Amber Lee

    Wheaton plays such a good jerk, I’m holding out that he’ll get his comeuppance.

    • Keith

      What makes you think that he is playing one?

      • LauraDryad

        Because his motto is “Don’t Be a Dick” and he is an incredibly nice person IRL.

        BTW…love him in the kilt!

        • dJhenn

          /drool Wil is TOTALLY hawt in the kilt. Poor Codex, i feel for her

  • Jim DeLaHunt

    OK, I could watch the videos at Hard to find them, since search for “Guild S4 ep4″ gets no results. But once found, I can watch the video on FF 3.6 and Mac OS X 10.5.8.

    • BrianK

      Jim – thanks for posting your solution. In theory, the parallel universe hub should always have the most current episode served up in the main spot. I’ll pass on your feedback to the folks at MS who post the episodes for us.

  • Spencer Brown

    Very enjoyable episode.

  • Enamouring

    ahhh! I love that Wheatons in this more now, he’s such a good actor and I love how Codex and he work so well together. Not to mention he’s utterly cute to boot! I’m an utter fan girl. He’s great.

    The writers of the guild are awesome. keep it up guys xx

  • CreepyWheatonFangirl

    Well, she didn’t get her second lay but she got necked at least. >>

  • ForsakenSights

    Really enjoyed this episode, wish Vort was my guild leader in WoW. my band in the link lol (Website)

  • ForsakenSights

    guess it doesn’t work like that

  • PPM

    another almost too short episode but still a great one, looks forward to ep 5 next week

  • Christian Edvardsson

    Epic as always :)

  • MandeeMoose

    I love Will Wheaton as Fawkes. I heart Felicia Day a little more each day! What a great Webseries!

  • Koda

    Another unbelievable episode from The Guild. Can’t wait for Fawkes to get his comeuppance – miss Clara too! But quote of the episode goes to Vork – over and over and over again. <3

  • Guildie

    This going to be interesting. Next time she make the startvideo from her Work and Captain “Hook” comes out xD

  • fuzzy

    cool beans. love Wil Wheaton.

  • Mousejockey

    Oh, boy, my first comment and everybody’s going to cut me up for fishbait.

    Because I think it’s slowing S1 and S2. They can probably get the rest of S4 and an S5 filled, but it’s time to bend the arc toward “wrap-up.”

    • The Shepherd

      I don’t think so. Each season basically amounts to what would be a single 1 hr timeslot episode of normal television. That means there’ll be some really fantastic seasons, and some only margianlly fantastic seasons, like how not all 13-22 episodes of really great programs are all equaly as great as the proram itself is. If’n yo find 3-4 a bit slower than 1-2, still there can be like 9-~20ish more seasons and 5-6 etc. might pick back up to your tastes.

      Presuming the world doesn’t end in 2012 of course.

  • Robert


  • Threk

    I loved the way Fawkes misinterprets Epicureanism!

    I’m not sure if Codex missed Fawkes reason for supporting her lie, or she just doesn’t care as long as he does.

  • Callum


    “Wait, are you a furry”

    Maybe he is a scallie ? XD

    Love season 4, don’t think i laughed so much in ages XD …

    It’s getting really crazy for Codex, so awesome to see how far The Guild has come, despite tink being like (GTFO)

  • batmanuel

    Guild Season 4 isn’t FUNNY!!!! What the hell happened guys

    • Queo_Lita

      Ditto. I still love the show, but I feel disappointed with this season so far. I tried to wait on commenting until the setup phase was over, but seriously- we’re in the 4th episode.
      Why is only Codex given a storyline this season? Episode 1 was really good, but for 3 consecutive episodes the show has failed to progress; and if it tries to get somewhere- it is at the cost of the characters. Everyone seems written out-of-character, if they get any screen-time that is.
      What is the point of the Guild Hall competition? I try, but I can’t find it exciting thus far. What’s the point of Codex’s computer issues? To get her inside Cheesybeards? Why work in a Zaboo’s mom angle, if it’s going to be so poorly handled?
      NOTE: I know this is a show and things get explained with each episode, so I don’t actually require answers to those; but really, can you blame me for not being satisfied with the writing this season?
      Unless this is headed for an ending where Cheesybeards gets taken over by the Guild and becomes a real life Guild Hall, this seems like it’ll be a disappointing season.
      The comedy? Yeah, well, I’m not picky about that, but I will agree that it’s missing. However, my opinion is that it’s due to the lacky character-writing.
      The Guild- I love you, but where is the Guild?

      • cristy

        nothing beats S1. I have to say, it’s reverting to drama rather than sticking to what drew most ppl in anyways. The fans are staying bc of what drew us in initially. I’m waiting for that epic humor to come back. Not loving the love drama between Codex and Fawkes =[

        Still love The Guild though!!

  • Drannath

    Will Wheaton certainly does play an awesome jerk. Just check out his two appearances in Big Bang Theory.

    Also, I have to say I’m enjoying S4 more than S3. Hurry up next week!

  • Jim

    Did anyone catch Zaboo’s ringtone? Sounds like Tim and Daisy’s doorbell from Spaced! Great homage! Oh, and Felicia Day is absolutely the hottest hottie! FD if you ever end up being single, there will be a line of guys out there waiting for you–and I claim dibs for the head of the line!

    • http:/ Nuclear Fire

      It’s the standard iPhone alarm.

  • len

    “Went too far.” That’s funn…


    Some bosses. The nerve..

    • Josephus

      Me too!! :)

      Ok, back to work….

  • Debbie

    Awesome episode and I love that there building a real guild outside of the game and helping each other out. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Also, I sooo want Fawkes!!!!

  • Zoegirlfan19

    Why was Bladezz UNrolling the toilet paper?

    • Zoegirlfan19

      Not complaining. Just curious. Also this is my favorite episode so far this season.

      “I said nothing, corpse!” Vork is awesome! :)

      • Absafraginlootly

        Maybe someone TP’d cheesybeards and they’re rolling it up to use to save money?

        • aFreakinMushroom

          He, said UN-rolling, and he’s probably doing it because;
          A) he’s bored.
          B) it’s counter-productive
          C) Just seems like somthin’ he’d do.

          p.s. see website If you’re wonderin’ why I’m a freakin mushroom T-T

  • Raistlan71

    I was surprised actually when I first found out that Fawkes was Wil Wheaton. I mean I loved him in Star trek TNG, he looks, acts or speaks nothing like he did there, yeah I know he was younger and all but man has he changed. I really do like this season, me personally, I think Fawkes put a virus in Codex’s computer, his way of getting revenge for her beating him lol. As for Zaboo, well, I think his mom is going to end up going all psycho on him soon enough lol.

  • TheManLuc

    Best episode of the season. I was starting to lose faith in the Guild after the last 3 episodes were 3 of the exact same episodes told different ways, but this episode brought up an interesting plot point of Sherman getting out of her comfort zone. Well done!

  • thelilgamer

    OMFG it took so quick to make the next episode!! this is why I love the guild!!

  • Mahoney

    I Loved it! NICE!

  • Elinye

    Is it just me, or does it look like Zaboo’s mom might pull the suicide-attempt-as-a-guilt-trip move? It seems a little dark for The Guild, but the way that she’s behaving, the way Zaboo’s avoiding her, and that knifeblock all seem to add up in ways that make me nervous…

  • Thomi

    Haha, I agree entirely.

  • daniel808

    why dosent codex play the violin outside the restraunt to get pepole to come

  • Stirling

    I love this show!

    Here is an idea for next season: “Game-CON”

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the guildies went to a Game-CON in (cheesy, handmade) costumes?!

  • chris

    liked! :)

  • Mikey


  • Michelle

    I’m a little worried about Zaboo’s mom. This reeks of bad things to come.

  • Steve

    awesomeness. I can’t believe codex got a job.. lol

  • ChiliMac

    I’m sorry but…. most boring episode ever!!!!

    • eclaire

      What?? More like best episode ever!

  • Mcsilver

    7min episode longer then the others yay but could be great with 10 min episodes love how this season is going so far i have a feeling that codex has a virus and it was fox that put it on her computer.

  • Julian

    Just a hunch, why is the last we see of Zaboo’s mom is her picking up a knife over her self pity cake….

  • John Spears / Manixx

    GenCon was amazing, seeing all these people in real life was awesome. I only wish I had the extra $20 get get autgraphes. Damn you Wil Wheaton, lol.

    • Pepper

      Actually, Wil’s autograph was free. I was a little offended to be asked for so much money just to get some signatures from the others.

  • Renvi

    Zaboo’s mom being ‘nice’ freaks me out even more than when she was crazy. o_o

    Pawing Codex on Bladezz = win. :D I love Bladezz~

    • The Shepherd

      Bladezz is a bit of a yutz no? He should have hugged her right at that moment. That was the opportune moment for a hug.

  • Olaf

    Fawkes is a putz, Codex is hot. Sure she’s insecure, but I think we can all empathize. I’m sure a lot of us still play tabletop D&D and post replies under their dwarf fighter’s name… Oh my god… THAT’S why I haven’t had a date in four years. Damn you, Felicia Day! You stole my life and made a web series out of it!

    • eclaire

      Olaf? Love it.

      • tracerthegnome

        lol agree’d

  • Rotom

    LOL. When Zaboo’s mom hung up and picked up the knife I thought she was going to stab the phone~!! xD And also guys… Not every second needs to be revolved around Fawkes. I want to see more GUILD stuff not Guildies Drama~!!

  • Aera

    “Every answer is C”

    I always thought it was A. Reverse psychology or something like that.


  • nevek

    Wil Wheaton in a kilt…that is all


  • …..

    In the future he’ll become a furry….

  • Amy

    I watched Season 1 and 2 on youtube back to back, and waited for Season 3 to be completed before I watched that straight through.
    But waiting seven days for a new episode? EVERY WEEK? This is hard! I can’t do this!! AHHHHH!!!!! Haha!!

  • Kate

    “Jesus woman you need to be tranq’ed”

    oh my god LOL I love Bladez