The Guild

  • SamOlats

    I dunno if i’m watching the same episode as some of you guys, but this is the best episode of season 4 yet. The premiere was great. Episodes 2 and 3 suffered from trying to get screen time to all characters where the impact of the episode was diluted. Also having a semi-resolution to the Codex/Fawkes thing was needed in order to get Codex to move on which allows the plot to progress beyond them.

    To those who commented or implied that all characters need to show up for the episode to be complete; they dont have to. If I recall correctly there were very good episodes from past seasons were only a few characters were shown. Heck Tink was nearly absent for season 3 and that was IMHO the best season so far.

    Not to say that we need less Tink though… far from it :)

    • Followmeboy

      Was Fawkes wearing a kilt?

      • Draxin

        Yes he was, he almost always does silly =P.

      • EroSempai

        Yes. He wears a kilt. Hawt. :)
        Love the episode!

      • KCfakessmiles

        asking that is like asking if Will Wheaton has ever played a serial killer!
        okay it’s nothing like that but he has……
        umm…. yeah…. he wears a kilt….

        • FoxyTsuki

          @KCfakessmiles Lolz

          • Stephanie

            It reminds me of the fact that several Renaissance Faire participants (who love their kilts) will play WOW after hours. :)

      • kathleen

        I think he’s wearing what they call a utilikilt.

    • mike

      tink is hott!!

      • Me

        Yes she is!!!

    • magdalene

      Eep! I loved it so much!! Fawkes is such a jerk, but he’s so cute I want it to somehow and for some reason work >.< Thank you for making him wear a kilt!

      • GamerGrannie

        On the guys it works for, (they got to have the legs for it), kilts are… well.. yeah. Wish more guys would wear them… :)

        Personally, I think Codex should get over Fawkes at just about the same time he realizes he wants to try something new… dating her for real…

    • tracerthegnome

      Like many people, I thought this episode was, as well as the rest of season 4, absolutely amazing. I feel the show just keeps improving and while everyone and their mother is due their two cents on things I find it silly that people are arguing over small things like who has the right to provide what kind of criticism and the minute details about what exactly defines a furry.

      In the context given, the description was accurate and was even concluded with a non-judgment. Could have just been left at that but congratulations if you feel you’ve stood up for a group you felt was misrepresented.
      Regardless, when push comes to shove we’re all a bunch of geeks – whatever your poison, whether you’re an avid gamer, a larper or if you dig people with animal characteristics (to whatever degree, I hope you know that deep down they’re of the same vein – plushies never would have existed were there not furries to begin with). The sensitivity and need for specification only makes a person look more like the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons.
      It makes my brain hurt that I’m even posting this in response. I just hope someone uses this to aid in heeding codex’s words when the new expansion came out.. It’s about the game, not each other.

      I’m pretty sure Zaboo’s mom just killed herself, I wish I could time warp to next week to find out what’s up with her and that huge knife.. if I had money I’d give it to Felicia Day and the crew but I’m about as broke as codex.
      Whose laugh, by the way, at the end of this episode completely brightened my day with how wonderfully awkward it was.

      • Kalanac

        I doubt she’s killed herself, that would be a little heavy, but I’m fairly sure she’s playing mind games. Poor Zaboo, he should turn gay and put his terrible luck with women behind him.

        • Lyca

          I think she may have hurt herself, but not so badly that she’d die. On the other hand, she might just like using over-sized knives to cut cake.
          Or maybe she thinks she IS cake and wants to get at her frosting blood!
          Well… the last one is probably untrue, but she’s up to something.

  • Andy

    What does Codex mean when she asks Fawkes “Your not a furry, are you?” Great Episode though. : >

    • kaber5150

      A furry is a person with a sexual prefrance to dress up in costumes. Like rabbits, dogs, or other animal costumes. People are strange, but they also have their right to do what they want.

      • Allie

        That’s not true. A furry is a person who has an affinity to anthropomorphic characters. True, there is a sexual aspect to the fandom, but not all all furries participate in that aspect.

        • karl

          thankyou for clearing that up i actually have friends that could be classified as furries and i don’t like people to think that their all a bunch of pervs tha get shunned by society. so thank you.

        • Volk

          This is true. However the internet has made ready the more… Disturbing aspects of the fandom, making people uneducated about furs. It has also made them scared of something they think they know something about, but really know nothing of.

          • krides

            Duh, you are actually discussing this =\

          • kaber5150

            In this case the context of which the comment Codex made was purely sexually based. Considering the context of the comment, and the op’s question I answered the question correctly without going into detail.

          • Patrick

            Allie’s right. Furrys are people who dress up like animals, but not necessarily for sexual pleasure. Plushies are the ones who go around in their costumes lookin for sex.

          • Skeinchug

            It was once said to a radio jock that yes, furries are the only ones who have sex.

            There’s a sexual side to just about everything. If you can think about it, more likely than not someone has thought about it in a sexual manner. So yes furries have a sexual side to them. Who doesn’t? Please note that there are a lot of things that the majority of furries look down on.

            There’s more to furries than just sex. Furries are one of the biggest groups of independent artists, writers, puppeteers, costumers and more. Most enjoy it as a hobby. I’ve yet to meet anyone that treats it as something more.

            This episode of The Guild made me a little uneasy, I hope that this will be the only mention of furries in the show. You might not realize it but furries are a fandom founded upon anthromorphic animals and built upon the internet. As such when furries gather in person internet memes and fads can be expected to be found there as well. I’ve seen my fair share of TF2 cosplayers and other internet memes at conventions. To get to my point, there are a lot of furries that watch this show. Alienating them is something that I and I’m sure others would not like to see happen.

    • magdalene

      he made some comment about having wild animal sex, and furries dress up like animals and doooooooooo it. He’s an epicurean, so he wants to experience everything, remember?

      • magdalene

        No, plushies have sex with stuffed animals.

  • Dean

    Great. This is Syd’s chance to break in Fawkes. I’m a little worried about Zaboo’s mom, though.

  • eclaire

    I love love this show, and this episode was the best yet! Seriously, the amount of people whining is really disheartening and I hope that it doesn’t have an effect on the motivation of the creators of The Guild. Don’t like a few jerks drag you down, the show is awesome!

    Also, the little smirk that Fawkes gives Codex when she sits down is so creepy/lol.

    • ChiliMac

      Eclaire, with all due respect I don’t think I’m being a jerk when I speak my opinion about this episode. I am sure Felicia and the rest of the Guild crew can take it.

      • magdalene

        Well, I don’t want to read mean comments, it makes me feel really sad. I’m not sure why you think people who are working for very little and very hard to bring us a really great show can take unnecessary mean comments. Cant you just keep it to yourself? Your opinion isn’t so great that everyone needs to read it.

        • ChiliMac

          With all due respect Magdalene I do not think my comment was mean. It is just my opinion of this episode. I have a feeling that the cast and crew would like to have honest opinions on the site rather than just fan fluff.

          • Pi

            I agree with you pal. Feel free to speak your mind. If all comments are meant to be positive, then no constructive criticism comes to the show and thus no input for improvements. Obviously you like the show or else you would not even bother to be here. Some people idolize everyone and everything they like and cannot even hear negative criticism. It is perhaps not random that the Americanism “fan” stems from the word “fanatic”.

  • Stephon

    can’t wait for more episodes (:

  • Josh

    @Dean Fawkes does not require breaking-in, he has the most sane outlook of any character on this show.

    Also – this episode was good, but it didn’t have Clara. Clara is basically my reason for living. Tear. :’-(

    • Cat

      Yes! More Clara!

    • The Shepherd

      Clara and Tink were probbly just too busy raising money for pink guildhall with ice cream cone towers to be out and about this episode.

      Dude, the most sane character on the show is …
      egads how awful is this…


      • magdalene

        what about bladezz? Tink is evil but surrounds herself by pink fluffy things, weird.

        • Piklink

          Agreed, Bladezz is definitely the sanest one out of all of them.

          Hmm, an evil person who loves fluffy pink things? Are you sure you’re not talking about Delores Umbridge from Harry Potter?

  • scott


    • Naomi Gower

      HOW COULD YOU NOT RECONIZE HIM! I WATCHED THIS ON NETFLIX AND SQUEALED!!!!!!!!!!! WIL WHEATON IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!!! Ha ha! I am glad to see a next Generation watcher! another TREKI on board!

      • limpytoast

        Well here is treki #3. I saw this show on netflixs and LOVED IT. I even got my husband to love it. We are also Star Trek fan so flipped when I was Wil Wheaton. God I hope this show never ends!!!

  • Untetheredsoul

    The Guild is dare I say the best web series ever hands down, sure Legend of Neil is right behind it as is Craig and the Werewolf. Dr. Horribles sing along was great but do they have music videos, nah I say sir. The Guild is epic, I am talking professor plums here!

    Keep up the awesome work and if ever you want a free tattoo come see me at Voodoo Tattoo in Middletown Ohio, ask for Greg!

  • Untetheredsoul

    LOL, um yeah please note the free tattoo was only for those who are in The Guild, the other millions of you well, sorry gotta pay.

    Look a gold coin (points and then runs away when you all look)

  • Elixii

    Yay new episode! (Day behind.. /shame)

  • Echo

    Love this series! Huge fan and can’t wait for more.

  • Matias

    I’m loving season 4, and soooo enjoying it!!!
    Congrats to all the cast!!!

  • JoRokHed

    I think Fawkes gave her an STD (system transmission disease)

    • MadManiac

      haha i lol’d

      • Deo

        me 2 :D

    • Nichi

      I think that he messed with her comp! How rude!!!! :-p

  • Alexis

    Fawkes is totally only covering for Codex to cause more issues with The Knights of Good.

    That sly fox. :D

    I myself loved this episode; I was laughing so much. XD
    I loved the furry comment, and when Vork called Zaboo a corpse.

    • Deo

      when vork called zaboo a corpse was brilliant, when bladezz appeared though i lol’d because i thought of him in game on :P

  • Brian

    Can’t wait for more episodes. Codex needs to give Zaboo a chance. I am a little worried with Zaboo’s mom though. I miss Clara too. Does anyone know when Season 4 will be done? I am so antsy to get it. I mean an episode every week it shouldn’t be to long then.

  • mconrad

    Ah, the joy of geekdom. Long live online gamers!

  • Grendal1971

    “If your not mining, your dead to me.”


  • CriTiCalxPapa

    Awesome Series love the whole thing! Found it on Xbox live and Im mad to say that they dont download in Canada. Looking forward to upcoming episodes….where can I donate?

  • Mwall5

    Great episode!!!

  • Jeff

    I’m freaking out right now because I have the same phone as Zaboo; the LG Rumor 2. I barely paid attention to the episode, but when I did I was entertained.

    • GamerChic2

      HAHA!! Me to!

      can’t wait for the next episode ^_^

  • Tylor Sweeney

    I feel the need to come in and make my case: all of you who are complaining about this season, please calm down. It’s 4 episodes in, the plot is still developing, and things are heating up. Calm down. This is the best season yet, and this was the best episode so far this season.

    I am loving it guys. Keep it up, and don’t let a few bad comments kill the vibe!

  • Seth


  • Drafter

    Man, I feel sorry for poor Mr. Caso having to endure that hair net for all these episodes! I had a job for a year and a half where I had to wear a hair net — a little piece of your soul dies each morning when you put it on….

  • FKinthecoffee

    Love this episode. Okay maybe I’m being a total weirdo here, but does anyone else see the super cute Codex x Bladezz potential? I mean I know she’s older then him, but in this season they’ve been hanging out more and inspiring a lot of “awwww cute” moments and this is coming from a person who really, really wants to see Zaboo x Codex happen.

    haha Fawkes only wanted to play along because he was causing turmoil and chaos. Axis of Anarchy indeed. A previous comment said Fawkes was the “most sane” out of everyone in the series and I’ll disagree. Beneath his calm, intelligent countenance lies a crazy dude. Any person who wishes to cause chaos and misery to others is generally not a sane person. lol

    Oh, and I second the comment where they suggest The Guild goes to a con! That would be so awesome, they’d dress up (well probably not Tink…) and deal with even crazier fans. I’d be a chance to get some famous people in the industry on screen. What would be hilarious would be if you had Sandeep talking about Legend of Neil. I guess it would be difficult to fake a con, but I’m sure you have lots of willing extras in your fanbase!

    • Skye

      yeah a con ep. would be freaking awesome!

    • Alex Arachnis

      Sanity is really all relative… Technically the person causing chaos COULD be the most sane person, because they are able to see the faults with the world and act to show people these faults by causing chaos… It means that they are sane enough to see it… We could really be considered the crazy ones for living in denial…

      Look at the Joker (The Dark Knight or otherwise). He worked to cause chaos using basic human instincts and emotions, yet he was considered insane… He was thought to be “crazy.” But why does everyone think he’s crazy? Take away the fact that he’s a sociopath, that he doesn’t mind killing people, feels no sense of guilt. He knows what he is doing is against the law, against the grain of civilization, so to speak… But he does it anyway because he knows how it will affect people…

      Really, if you consider it, insanity is whatever the “sane” people in the world make it to be. People once thought that philosophers and scientists were insane, but now we, as a people, hardly make a move without them… would that make US insane? Maybe not to us… but what about future generations? Or even this generation… the people around the corner or down the street could think we’re insane for mowing our lawn on a Monday instead of a Saturday… It’s all in the perspective…

      Just some food for thought. ;D

      • FKinthecoffee

        You can’t exactly just ignore the fact that Joker is a sociopath, or likes to kill people, or feels no guilt. And just because he knows what he’s doing is illegal doesn’t make him sane, it just means he doesn’t care. ie. he’s an anti-social sociopath.

        I will concede that sanity can be relative depending on the circumstances related to time or popular notions, as you mentioned. It does depend on what generation you are, or a societies understanding and acceptence of new or unusual ideas, but looking back through history, the chaotic and the cruel normally aren’t praised for thier sanity. Although that is just a standard set by society, but does majority not rule?

        Not to say that you are wrong, but having a criminal lawyer for a dad and seeing forensic psychiatrists testify against the accused, it becomes a little clearer what “sane” is, strictly in terms of legal circumstances or morality.

        You certainly brought up an interesting point though!

  • Naomi Gower

    HAHAHA I loved it! why does wil wheaton walk around in a kilt all the time! gosh I LOVE YOU WIL WHEATON YOU ARE TE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE! I WOULD LOVE TO BE CODEX RIGHT NOW! You are my little wesley crusher!

    • Hannah

      I think a lot of viewers are jealous of Codex, including myself ;)

  • Naomi Gower

    WAIT! Was that the flying dutchmen from spongebob? I didnt see his name on the credits….. but if someone knows tell me he sounded like the flying dutchmen….

  • Hmm

    Fawkes’s epicurean speech about wanting to sample all that womankind had to offer made me wonder just how many times he has sampled before, and whom? Tink? It’s possible. She seemed awfully certain that Fawkes was not going to have a long term relationship with Codex.

    Venom? Even more interesting. Did anyone else notice that Venom was even more venomous than usual when retrieving Fawkes’s jacket?

    All of which brings us to the photo that Bladezz took. After Bladezz got an entire website devoted to him by the Axis of Anarchy in Season 3, does anyone else wonder what depraved uses he will put to that photo he took of Codex and Fawkes kissing?

    I am also wondering if that photo will cause Fawkes trouble with Venom (“You gave that albino a second date!”) and his other guildmates (“You goin’ soft and mushy on us, Fawkes?”) I am really hoping that this bites him in the butt.


    PS Is anyone else as amused as I am that Codex chose initially to be honest with her guild about her date with Fawkes? Now, to save face, she is choosing to deceive them so that she can pretend that she and Fawkes are still together.

  • Dan!elz

    is the serie about World of warcraft or something like that??? Plz tell me that their playing World of Warcraft.. that would be freakin awesome!!!

  • Shorgoth

    There isn’t enough comments about the captain “pirate”! Yarrr! Everything is better with pirates!

  • ben

    lol cheeseybeards will be getting business or codex will be walking the plank

  • Christopher Corona

    The guy codex is “supposedly” dating is really ugly, they could have found a better guy.

    • The Shepherd

      Well, that’s troubling as he’s better looking than me :-( s.
      Speaking of kilts, the New York Renaisance Faire has started.
      They’ve got guilds there too. My sister is looking to found a(nother) pirate one for her D&D crowd who play a pirate crew.

    • Hannah

      Dude, that’s Wil Wheaton. He’s a geek God.

  • chris

    damn, though they need last name too. ignore that lol

  • Brad K.

    I loved how she shook his claw xD

  • Jake


    • marthamaeee

      What was the episode title??

      • Jake

        The Girl I Love i think… its a season 5 episode,

  • Chris

    I don’t know why everyone is thinking that Zaboo’s mom killed herself, she was using the knife to cut the birthday cake.

  • Colleen

    I *really* love the Fawkes/Felicia drama.

    He needs to seduce her again and use it as an opportunity to destroy the Knights of Good in their own Guild Hall.

    Can you imagine seeing Felicia on her knees in front of Fawkes as he destroys her Guild? So hot.

  • DanThaMan

    Wow, girl.

    I like the way you think.

    Syd could give Fawkes a blowjob as he plays the game.

    I’d pay good money to see that.

    • DanThaMan

      Oh – that was a response to Colleen’s post. Pardon my lack of experience with forums.

  • Daniel

    Poor Zaboo’s mom.. :/ she seems so lonely. Especially the cake scene where she had to make it for herself and no-one would be there.

    Not too sure if I should have freaked out when she got the knife, though… her smiling while holding a knife is just creepy.

  • Troublemaker

    I think the story needs to change its epicenter. Codex is dragging the story too long and her obsessive egocentric behavior is getting a bit tiresome. I want to see episodes (a whole season even) where Codex is not the main element of the storyline, but instead someone else gets to do his own video diary to narrate the whats and hows of the episode.

    Felicia, please focus on the other characters a little more! Don’t get me wrong, Codex is cute, but I want to learn a lot more about Tink, Vork and Zaboo to be honest.

    • GamerGrannie

      umm… sorry, but if they do that, they lose the basic premise of the storyline. It is all about Codex, her addiction to the game, how it affects her life, how the others come into her life BECAUSE of that addiction, and how they are now affecting her. Focusing more on any of the others could only fit if Codex herself was focused on them for some reason.

  • melanie

    I can’t believe I’m saying this since I never found Will Wheaton hot as a teen, but he sure is hot NOW!! hehe :)

  • Fayth

    Want. Painting. Here’s my life savings…. /drool

  • Rave

    Aha, took a second viewing to realize the glitches at the beginning were from Codex’s faulty computer. Thanks Bladezz!

  • JT

    Loved it…need more…more I say MORE!!!!! Arggg!

  • Melponeme_k

    I hope Codex does move on from Fawkes and turns Cheesybeards into a successful business. She needs something beyond just the game.

    I noticed that Fawkes’ group all have important jobs with responsibility (We never found out what Fawkes worked on….I’m betting he is a game dev). While Codex’s group seems to avoid any kind of work except for Bladez who was the first one to grow up. Interesting since he is the youngest.

  • Jace

    Think I can play a role in The Guild? It looks so fun.

  • Carla

    I love how all it takes is the idea that Fawkes dating Codex making chaos in the Guild for him to be on board with the pretending they are still together.

  • Lana

    Finally, I was getting tired of watching Codex obsess over Fawkes and getting left in the dust!

    Good episode! :)

  • AJ

    “If you’re not mining, you’re dead to me” LOL

  • Laws

    OMG. I keep pausing to let my video load, and I’m almost finished loading it and it won’t let me press play. The button is grayed out and clicking the video doesn’t help. What’s going on. Help, I can’t watch it!

  • C B

    Okay, I’ve never really seen Wil Wheaton’s other work to notice him before but count me a fan for life! I hate seeing Codex getting messed with, she is too sweet but if anyone should be evil on the show, it should be Fawkes! He must be on the show until the end (and I’m hoping there never is an end!) I love this show. It is the best thing ever. The entire cast is awesome and hilarious. Keep it up!