The Guild

  • dan

    wow great mom lol

  • dan

    shes a great mom lol

  • Justen

    Anyone notice they said “CheesyBreads” instead of “CheesyBeards” about 50 times?

    • Renvi

      lol no they didn’t. XD

  • Tiril Marie

    i love the guild! :D keep going n lot of people will be happy :3 love ya!!!!! <3<3

  • Steve

    That’s urine….from my penis

  • natalie

    lol, love the guild

  • slupka

    Every boss has it’s respawn timer:P

  • sexywrm

    lol…….poor mr.wiggly…..he should start his own guild….and here comes zaboo’s momzilla

  • WoW not wow

    This entire season should be about that portrait of Wheaton/Fox and Codex.

  • Tim

    “…I’ve been practicing classic keyensian economics and I’m only up to twenty-seven…!!!” (Vork)
    …He would do alot better if he tried Austrian economics… ;)

    • Lethkhar

      Austrian Economics is unscientific drivel. Any economist worth their degree will tell you that. >_>

      • Maty

        That’s opinion, not fact.

    • Richard

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing when Vork said that.

  • http://NONE Kevin Carey

    I actually ordered a CheesyBeards T shirt from
    I love the pirate burger on it and people ask me if its a real restaurant

  • Ashana

    Y’know what the most worrying thing is? It’s all so damn recognisable! *Is the first female leader of her guild on WoW* Lots of laughs, keep up the awesome work! ;-)

  • Akanit Kuntolbutra

    The guild is the best series ever! Makes alot of gamers like us happy!

  • Rafael

    haha this is such awsome stuff :D – cracks me up every time

  • Tim

    …”They’re called layers hater” (Bladaezz)…

  • Anna

    “Press the button when I do that. PRESS the button.”

  • Alice

    lol the End Was spectacular ,,,, i should really start using shorter words .. .

  • KJC

    Clara and I have the exact same mouse O.o

  • Dsfdsfd Ghgfhgh


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