The Guild

  • Michael

    Press the button when i do that. LOL
    Ever the tank, Vork stands in front defending his cloth wearers LOL

    • Angela — Nokomys

      If only your weapons in game could have Tazer enchants! LOL’d

      • Arili

        Lightning/shock effects. Got that covered.

    • kyle

      Press the button!
      Watched that end bit about 50 times

      • Julian

        Ikr? It NEVER gets old! xD If only that would happen in rl x3

  • Razzaak


    It’s a power drink! hahaha.

    • Pi

      From my penis…LOL

  • Nikolaj

    Seeing as how there’s a recession at the moment, I suppose Vork must’ve been funding massive public works. I guess that’s why he’s having a hard time saving up gold for the guild hall. :D

  • Colleen

    Fawkes needs to seduce again again and use it as an opportunity to destroy the Knights of Good in their own Guild Hall.

    Can you imagine seeing Felicia literally brought to her knees in front of Fawkes? So sexy :)

  • Angela — Nokomys

    Talk about a two hander…….what?

    Clara’s back YAY!!!

    This is by far my favorite episode this season. Everyone is hilarious. XD

  • Reuben

    this = so good

    i love you all

  • Mary Varn

    My favorite line was Vork’s addendum to “It’s urine.”
    “From my penis.”

    Love this episode!

  • logan

    did any one else find it funny vork was fully ready to taser someone no matter who they were ……..

    • Emberli

      lol yeah; I thought it was funny because he was prepared that no matter who it was they were going down!

  • Hannah

    Awesome episode. I’m glad Tink and Clara are back! Can’t wait to see what kind of business they start ;)

    • http://hotmail tara

      i think it is fashion

      • Cuppincakes

        Erm…yeah, sure. I don’t think so!

        It’ll be great, regardless. Unicorn tapestries for everyone!

  • Lauren

    Great episode, love how the kids were playing with the blender. It was almost as good as when her son was gnawing on the electrical outlet thing in seaeson 1…

  • Josh

    I love this!

    “Press the button when i do that, Press the button!”

    Keep up the good work guy. :)

    • Mahoney

      Yeah like he said!! XD

  • Lucas Almeida

    I can only say ‘good luck, vork, being around those two!’

    • GSV

      Probably true love for Vork.



  • Wrenaria

    Another fabulous episode. Sooo funny. Can’t wait for the next one. Also can’t wait for more Fawkes-Codex interactions. XD

  • Jade Rothwell

    OMG need more guild nao :-P

    sooo good!

  • Maddog Salamander

    Too many great lines, but the teaser said it all…you jinxed it. I can’t wait to see how the jinxing unfolds.

  • Troublemaker

    Best episode of the season yet.

    I like the beginning where Codex says “jooooob”… reminds me of Dory in Finding Nemo, when she speaks Whale :P

  • Cyan

    LOL, I love when the kids are playing with the blender and Clara just says “…Meh.” xD

    Great writing. Great episode. <3

  • Amy

    Look at Vork’s face when he sees it’s Zabbo’s mom….. I see fireworks ;)

    • Colleen


      • Meagan

        They totally need to hook up in one episode! I would love to see Zaboo’s reaction, omg! “Mom…?!”

  • fuzzy

    cool beans

  • Hadmic

    “Press the button when I do that. Press the button!

  • princeofelves

    HAHAHA , “press the buttin when I do that, Press the button”

  • Acey

    Gah! I love it so much.

  • kyle

    HEHEH I named her Harriot

  • chris

    So awesome! :)


    Thats urine, UGH, from my penis. ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOFL

    This episode is one of the best so far imo, I was laughing irl! IRL!

  • jmacpepe

    press the button vork !! xD

    awesoomee :P

  • Kristin

    lol zaboo is sooo much funnier now that he is hiding his love for codex

  • John

    Ugh, this season is just getting more and more lame. The guild crew is capable of making funnier episodes than this, what’s going on?

    • Reik

      Really? I thought his episode was great, (though I do agree the last few before were lacking, or felt short) and it seems a lot of others are posting saying how much they liked it as well.

  • Mavair

    “Unicorn tapestry”, “That’s urine. From my penis.”, “Real life levelling trend”
    The Guild just keeps getting better and better. Wonder what season 4 finale would be? :D

  • ßram

    i gotta agree with john about this season. and a question, when are you going to have jace on? if its not going to be funny, at least you can blame ace hole. (sorry jace, had to)


  • nikita

    I am sooooooo happy to See Viji Nathan back on the Guild!!! Her tremendous talent and expressive face was really missed in the previous season. Can’t wait to see more of Viji’s fine performances!!

  • Mike

    Is it just me or is anyone else glad wiggly is back! P.S best episode this season. I wonder what business tink and clara are going to make. lol =)

  • Some Guy

    OMFG I love the part when Vork says “Thats urine…From my penis”

  • Alexis

    Awh, it was over so quickly!
    I’m very interested in Clara and Tink’s business. (:
    And Zaboo’s mother coming to see him? Hmm…

    Can’t wait to find out what happens next!

  • thelilgamer

    lol this is random but at 2:43 in the background I HAVE THE SAME PHONE, epic’d

  • Naturality

    While hearing “Why did I say that? I just totally jinxed it…”, I read “Special thanks to J!NX”. What’s going on here? Some kind of delicious, good looking conspiracy?!

    :o Why did I say that? I just totally jinxed it.

  • deathly

    Best episode of the new series so far. The zippy dialogue is back :)

  • Steve

    Vork with a tazer FTW!

  • Gamer_Gurl

    Yay Mr. Wiggly is back hehe. Love Clara and her family.

    Mr: you have a job.. As a mom (looks at kids and seeing them playing with the blender)
    Clara: Meh

    Zaboo: Press the button when I do that.. Press the button

  • Tim Evans

    Once again you guy’s have made a great video. Keep up the good work.

  • Olaf

    Best one yet! The first season is my favorite so I’m hoping we’ll get some of the great one liners back.

  • Geoff

    I’m liking Zaboo a lot in this season, he’s more entertaining, and just seems to be more likable… Vork himself is just hilarious, I mean every time he appears in this season, he’s always had something funny to say… So far, my favorite is “if you’re not mining, you’re dead to me”

    • Hothobbit

      I liked, “I said nothing, corpse.” Lol!

  • Silhouette

    My favourite line was probably ‘Rococo’ed’ because I was an art major and I thought that subtle humour was hilarious.

    After, of course, Zaboo and his ‘push the button when I do that’ line. XD

    Tink and Clara trying to make real money? I see it ending in disaster. o_o; I hope it works though.

    And I feel a bit sorry for Clara’s husband. She ignores him and her children. Why is he staying with her?

    • Lisel

      The sex must be out of this world…..

      • Silhouette

        Haha true. Or maybe, just maybe, he keeps her grounded and she used to spend time with the kids before she picked up the game.

        I should think too deeply into this series. XD But, still.

    • Yun

      Nah. Tink and Clara are designated winners. They exist to be successful because their success will torment Codex, who is the Chew Toy/Woobie in this series.

      • Silhouette

        Really? I’m not familiar with that trope, but I’d assume Codex is finding her confidence and growing as a person. I don’t think she’d be the punching bag, if that analogy is correct. I see that more for Zaboo, he’s ignored a lot hehe.

        And I’m not sure Codex is really too involved right now with the Guild Hall issue. She seems more concerned about Fawkes.

  • Katie

    One of the best episodes by far. Keep up the amazing work, guys!

  • SMS

    The HD version from the Zune marketplace doesn’t seem to be working; am I the only one having this problem?

    • BeccaM

      I’ve noticed the same problem — Zune is playing the low-res Device version, even though it downloaded the HD one. I was able to play the HD version by browsing to the location on my disk and opening it with Windows Media Player.

      But if I open the WMV with anything else, it’s corrupted or unplayable. I suspect there’ll be a reload at some point…

    • BeccaM

      I redownloaded today and it seems to be okay now.

      • sms

        No luck, mine’s still broken. Ah well, guess I’ll have to deal with SD video for that one.

  • Elixii

    “That’s urine… From my penis.” ~~~ <3

  • APP

    The way she says “Darla and Pancake” is just hilarious.

  • Christian Edvardsson

    Haha, i just love these people. 5 out of 5 as always :)

  • TobyT


    Boss on front door step….Press the button! Classic!

  • Shannon

    “Gabby?!” “Meh..”
    Best. <3
    Love this show.