The Guild

  • Westward

    Great episode!! Keep it up!

  • Agent Kablamajam

    Funny as heck episode. uh yeah where else does urine come from and Mr. Wiggle is back! With a name like wiggly there has to be more comedy down that alley.

    • FM

      I love THE GUILD have since i discovered it!

      But i must say this season there are a few scenes that are “OFF” in the delivery part/energy by vork, codex, and bladezz. Feels alittle contrived in some of the deliveries (some of the whines of shame, comebacks and snide remarks, vorks door scene with Zaboos mom etc)

      I went back and watched a few earlier season episodes of the person(s) i thot had an off scene or two…and i saw alot more energy and spontaneity.

      Not sure if its because they are rushing to get em out, got sponsors and are under alittle pressure, or busier or fame has taken hold :)

      I do wanna give props to Clara shes very spot on with her delivery…and reactions…very good acting.

      Of course only mentioning it because the cast says they read these and maybe it can help :)

      Still a big fan just what i noticed!

      • xorderofchaosx

        If they’re rushed at all, it’s only because we love it so haha.

      • Tibbles

        Don’t be a giant douche. its a web show on a budget and they nail their genre. When you have a show we can compare timing.

        • Hanarambi

          you are being a bit of a douche Tibbles, fm was only making constructive critisism nothing more. he was not dissing the show or anything, we all love the show, its a genuis of the idea, and its freaking great for a web show.

      • Vork’s long-lost son

        To be fair I think FM has a point, some of the deliveries have felt a bit off so far, but I still think this is the best season yet. I don’t know how Vork manages to make being ruthlessly deadpan so funny, but I pledged myself eternally to his service the moment he shouted “banjo factory”.

    • Darkreign

      lol i love these guys. I play FFXI waiting for XIV not a WoW head but a MMo is a MMo. What i can see next or comeing up is that somethings going to happen with tink (smokein hot) and Clair where there internet bussiness will somehow be turned into RMT (real money trade) and get there accounts band or something funny. Zabos mom and Vork will have a relationship , And Our 2 happy Fast food rejects will get fired or…. Codex wont but Blaze will. (think about it show needs drama , comic humor , and some sence of reality that us MMO people know about lol) I love the show keep up the awesome work

    • Executable

      “It’s because you have been pounding Energy Drinks!”
      “It’s urine!”
      “AGH! *drops the urine jar*”
      “-From my penis!”

      Haha, That had me laughing for 2 minutes.

    • Matthew

      she’s so cute, i want to put things in her mouth… like lolipops and candies and stuff.

  • izikavazo

    The comedic timing of The Guild is just great, but Robin Thorsen’s delivery is by far my favorite.

  • kil

    I Love This Show So Much That I have watched it like 700 time told all my friends and they watch it too i am hear for ever new episode and new anything. Watching this show has made me feel like i am in the show that is what i like about it you guys should make a T.V show because it would be a great big hit.

    • IhavaVendetta

      I disagree do not make a TV show. The fact that your watching it on your computer really does make you feel part of it since all the characters are talking to a webcam…for the most part…to the cast great job…complimented’d

      • supafly


        don’t make people who live on computers go to TVs!

        PCs ftw.

  • Trueheart

    “Press the button when I do that. Press it!”
    Haha so great. Creepy mom is back!

  • Shoshinkai

    As funny as ever…

    some people were saying that this show was losing it’s luster…
    This episode should shut them up.

    It’s would be cool if you actually had a full show like The office or 30rock because this show is just as if not funnier imo.

  • Carla

    “That’s urine,”
    “From my penis.”
    EEWWW! Thanks for the info, Vork! How creepy is Zaboo’s mom? A birthday text, and she shows up at his door! I feel like this season started slow, but it’s starting to pick up! Keep up the good job, guys!

  • john smith

    i love the guild but it seems to me that so far all of season 4 is very .. mediocre .. like something that would have 2 video’s a week or something like that.. i mean a whole year per season idk im starting to sound like a troll so im gonna stop .. just wish they would choose to be either super awsome every episode .. or stick to this and post more often .. and get rid of the whole 1 year wait inbetween

  • Stirling

    Codex is so cute in the intro.

    And I love the Cheesy Beards angles. I now have every t-shirt except the one with Vork’s face, and only because it wasn’t in my size.


  • Mwaller5

    The Guild FTW!!!

  • Shelley

    Vork is my favourite character, and I am delighted that he once again comes up against Zaboo’s mom, who is in many ways his opposite.

    Clara is really wonderful too, and so is Mr. Wiggly.

    How can I wait until next week?

  • Dave

    I swer if there is going to be a season 5 I’m going to do some halucinaries with all the lights off, freeze fram codex and start brainstorming things to do with her! LOL funnies shows on the net, Hottest geek in the planet!!!

    • Dave

      few spelling erorrs there, lol can you blame me i mean look at Cyd?

      • PiracyLtd

        o my o.o

        • Dave

          well what the hell man, I wouldnt dump her after the first night , only an idiot would do that ! Hell I’d marry a geek that dorky and cute if she is anything like her role in the show, I’d really like to date her avater so to speak!!!

  • JP

    Press the button while I do that, PRESS THE BUTTON!


  • blattu

    fishy-lips… cracks me up woot!

  • AJ

    ‘Cheese tray”…….Hahahahahahaaahaa

  • David

    That was mint “Press the button when I do that”.

  • Martha


    I would like to congratulate the cast and all the people that make these episodes possible. They are great!
    I just feel a little bit disappointed because the episodes are not as long as they used to be :( .

    Anyway, go on with The Guild <3.

    A fan.

  • Pat Powers

    It’s a mark of the writing on this show that I totally understand why Zaboo wants Vork to tase his mom. “Press the button when I do that!”

  • Tami

    I love how Zaboo’s mom doesn’t even flinch when a guy holding a live taser answers it…hahaha

  • TofoeBob

    Press the button when I do that. Press the button.

  • MidnightAngel

    I don’t see what people are complaining about. I think this season is as good as all the others. Keep up the good work!

  • Ray

    ZOMG ZOMG Cliffhanger!!!!!!

  • thunderbaby

    Hope there’s some wine with that cheese.

    Clara and I are one in the same. I hope to be as great a mom one day…

    My boyfriend’s nickname is Wiggly…

  • Hiai

    How is it that The Guild just keeps getting better and better? Such quotable lines this time…

    “That’s urine. From my penis.” rofl I love Vork so much

    “Cheese tray, Wiggly!” Clara is so hilarious. And Wiggly is getting better and better as time wears on. I vote for more Wiggly!

    But how will Zaboo and Vork clear the Mom Boss by themselves this time?!?!!? Last time it took the whole will they do it with naught but a tank and one dps, no heals!?!?!

  • zybex86



  • Seadog

    Total Epic Boss, Zaboo’s Mom is Back…..But a long Rez time. Has to be a 25 man raid, at least an Heroic!

    Best line…”Look Forward to filigree out your butthole…and cupid add on’s…………..
    I Wanna Raid With Tink….She’s so deliciously Vicious

  • Nairabrab

    Im a great fan of The Guild, shame about the audience. How many ‘push the button’ quotes can you ppl post? (and now you have ME doing it).
    While I hope episodes would come out faster but I settle for slower delivery but excellent quality! Try not to rush it like you did end of S3 – imnsho from the point where other guild is met; culminating in really dreadful LAN knockout competition was prolly written inside 10 minutes. Predictable, lacking atmosphere, unfunny. Was thinking you got bored with the series and wanted to ‘tie up loose ends’ and move on to something else.
    I am SO glad you recovered in S4 :) Well done!
    BTW: why oh why did you pull The Guild from YouTube?? You wouldn’t exist without it, and now you are cutting off a lot of your viewers that wont bother to follow you to here :( (

  • Bringit97

    Vork is officially a badass from the tazer scene

  • Kevin


  • Klaridon

    Lol @ the end, Hey mum! *pushes Vork’s arm* Push the button….push the button when i do that *pushes Vork’s arm again*

  • hylke

    Isn’t it a great idea to make longer episodes… I mean man 5 minutes is to short!

    I would like 20 minute episodes, like shows as south park or family guy

    • Katie

      yea cause i feel like its going by to fast and i have to watch it a couple of times to remeber what happpend on like family guy i remember what happend like when the family was going on a trip and stewie went back to bed and was left with his teddy bear who stares at me ALL THE TIME!!!!

  • Becca is real! Gasp!

    • Valdamy


      How not to love the “Proudly powered by Cyd Sherman” thing on the boddom.

    • GamerGrannie

      rofl.. for real!!!!!
      they think of EVERYTHING!!!

  • Kheld

    That has to be one of the funniest episodes yet, just totally awesome!

    The delivery is spot on too, “Press the button” haha!

  • lawliebites

    lolol D= my ex-boyfriend use to pee in bottles cause he was too lazy to get up from the computer too ;A; bwahahaha but still hellz hillarious!!!



  • minishadow

    i bet vork and zaboos mom will have fun together lol

  • Osten

    Discovered this series yesterday and just finished trawling through the archive; finally up to date. The appearance of Will Wheaton last season made me sqeee for sure. In a Kilt! Outstanding work from all the actors and the writing is excellent. Keep it up guys!

  • jo_jo_blueeyes

    These episodes can NOT come out fast enough! I love them! To be honest, I was a computer geek but not into gaming. However I thought this show was amazing so I started gaming…Fantasia… yeah, its cutsy but I like it. Also, when my friends and I first started watching The Guild, we thought it was great and by season three we were gaming together in our own guild. So when we were deciding on names….unbeknown to me…my guild decided to call my Ms. Wiggles. I can’t say I blame them, but I’m getting super better! OH……and I kept the name, I mean who am I to argue with guild logic. :)

  • Laura

    “. . . from my penis.” What wonderful outrage! that was awesome.

  • Linda

    I’d love a glimpse of the Knights of Good guild forum.

  • STroB

    ‘Press the buton when i do this… Press the buton…’


    I love Zaboo… xD

    This guys made me play MMORPG’s again… xD

  • Codex1

    Love that episode. Vork rules with the deadpan.

  • ggfdgdfgdfg

    butt pirate

  • Dittman

    Haha I love how you used the Simply Apple jug for the “Pee” =) i love that stuff

  • Nairabrab

    Its time for another episode guys!
    I’m getting withdrawal syndromes

  • Tim

    …THE GUILD knows what it is doing…ever since the first episode “Wake Up Call”…
    …Glad to see they are continuing to stay true to themselves and what makes the series so much fun…
    …Thanks for THE GUILD…Thanksded…LOL

  • Xenexis

    not too strong of a cliffhanger this time, yet I still can’t wait until next episode… because I know how good the program is not because of a cliffhanger.

  • Ghost467

    Press the button when I do that, press it.

  • Promethio

    I’m sure I’m not the only one to think that this is the best season yet! Only 5 episodes in and I feel like a lot of the jokes are already classics.
    Zaboo in particular is totally spot on with delivery!

  • Tom

    pfft Keynsian econmics… no wonder he is loosing