The Guild

  • ‘The Guild’ Season 4, Episode 7: “Awkward Birthday!”

    Episode 7: “Awkward Birthday!” is up on MSN and Bing video and downloadable on Zune and Xbox Live. And don’t forget to bookmark MSN’s Parallel Universe Hub. Fawkes’ arrival at dinner throws Codex for a loop; Clara and Tinks business congeals into a plan, kind of.

    Special thanks to Amalfi Ristorante & Bar and our fabulous extras (who were unfortunately omitted from the credits): Sam Bender, Tess Bodley, Troy Butcher, Beth Dunham, Kathy Flynn, Lanie Iannucci, Robert Iannucci Jr., Aaron Jackson, Catherine Koenig, David Koenig, Andy Law, Sarun Lorteerapong, Dennis Mai, Amber McBride, Bronte Neel, Matt Newcomb, Robert Queen, Jason Rector, Beverly Reynolds, Autumn Robertson, Andrew Salamon, Francis Santos and Meredith Williams.

  • Dean

    Omg the zerg comment was awesome, btw best show EVER!!!

  • james

    I feel nerdy as hell when i watch this…

    Damn horde zerging stables in AV :(

    • Blah

      It’s AB.

      • blargh

        You’ve just been trolled

  • Brittany

    Wil is so hot.

    • Jeannette

      hells to the ya

  • Mahoney


  • AngusJames

    As usual, enjoyable both for the obvious humor, and the subtle humor. The twinges and satire of relationships, is the best part.
    “You can be of use to me!’ Love it.

  • standalonejoe


  • standalonejoe


  • Giggles

    We all just love this show!!! The Guild= WIN

    • Sheildon Couper

      Will Wheaton…

  • Karl

    “8-bit baby with a machine gun…”

    OMG!!! Cant wait to buy it!

  • Mysyic

    This series just gets better imo…. as a gamer myself it keeps me laughing… Wil Wheaton definetly grew up.

  • XeRauS

    just me or does bladez’s sister sound like a boy?

  • Yamana Boogie

    Dena! Dena! Dena! Too long since we’ve seen Dena! Last time was, like, late last season when she was quotin’ Sun Tzu.

    Umm… Dena!

  • LolSC2

    LOL SC2 reference!

  • Raphael685

    Zerged? NO!

  • ChazMat1959

    You have got to love that Beautiful Babe Codex… :)

  • Therese

    The first time I watched this I thought Fawkes was wearing a full suit at dinner. I then realized he was in fact not wearing pants, but his kilt; my love for him grew even more.

  • Brooke

    Haha…I laughed so hard when Vork dumped the bread in his suitcase. What a cheapskate lol.
    Wait…is Fawkes not wearing pants?

  • http://none Skaldi

    Love it!

  • john


  • name

    best episode of the guild ever

  • matthew

    THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER! i used to be ADDICTED to world of warcraft and i watched this and i learned that this is where i am headed if i stay in gaming, and what do you know i have finally QUIT!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrew

    Heh, when did “Codex”‘s boobs get bigger?

  • Nick

    I love you Evil Wil Wheaton

  • Nil


  • Alfred

    Is it just me or does the little sister bear a striking resemblance to Scarlett Johannson?

  • Robin

    Season 4 is a let down
    Codex former nervous and quarky behavior was cute and funny. She was my favorite character. Ever since this depressing dependant Codex with no self value showed up in season 4 im not enjoying the show half as much :(

  • laura

    <–notice name girl, lolz. This show hits way too close to home. ;/ Absolutely love it! Keep making them I watch and rewatch obsessively while gaming…matter of fact gotta go my dungeon came up, lol cya love ya'll bye….

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