The Guild

  • ‘The Guild’ Season 4, Episode 9: “Pirate Paddy”

    Episode 9: “Pirate Paddy” is up on MSN and Bing video. Codex’s creative endeavors do not pay off; she turns to the Guild for support.

    And, our first bonus video of the season is here, enjoy:

    <a onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/outgoing/;from=sp&#038;fg=shareObject&#038;vid=a7ae1053-b75b-4437-8961-bb0afdcc05bd');" href=";from=sp&#038;fg=shareObject&#038;vid=a7ae1053-b75b-4437-8961-bb0afdcc05bd" target="_new" title="Season 4 - Bonus Clip - Taste My Pirate Patty">Video: Season 4 &#8211; Bonus Clip &#8211; Taste My Pirate Patty</a>

  • Warren

    Absolutely love the show, but have nothing but problems with the whole msn video thing.

    • Seth

      It doesn’t even work on my xbox. I guess msn is better than nothing.

      • Jeremy

        It’s not even REALLY working on my computer. Buffering is incredibly slow.

        • Victoria

          Its buffering fine on my computer and its years old

      • deniss biggles

        maby you should get a better connection!!

        • Jeremy

          Maby. But I’m not having the same scale of problems with youtube or netflix, etc. . .

          • timber

            im not having any of these problems with msn video it loads extremely fast for me

          • simpa

            it’s working fine on my ps3

          • Cassidy

            MSN Video is so much more convenient for me than Youtube, which refuses to load at all. I think some operating systems just have issues with certain video players.

    • Joseph

      “Arrrr, I’m a Pirate! Taste my pirate paddy.”

      Blades brought some serious lulz. I haven’t laughed that hard in months. That was amazing ^_^ I love this show.

      • Edward

        I’m so there with you…

        ARRR, I’M A PIRATE!!!

        I am like ROFLMAO everytime I hear it. Glad I got to hear it in the episode, but wishing it was in the commercial vid as well. Oh well, great show!

  • Stirling

    I just found out that Sandeep and Amy star in educational videos on the NASA JPL website named “Behind the Scenes: Dead Stars” and “Spaceship Spitzer: Bots of Both Worlds”.

    • Ben

      10.26.09 Felicia Day explains some of the science behind galactic “collisions,” including the upcoming collision between the galaxy Andromeda and our own galaxy, in this mock behind-the-scenes look at the making of an educational video. Sean Astin also stars.

  • DLG

    I wish they’d actually sell the pregnant gamers T-shirts. I know a few people who’d buy 1.

  • Erik

    HAHAHAH!!!! “Taste my pirate patty.” I LAUGHED MY BUTT OFF!!!!

  • Seth

    Bladezz… Stephen Speilberg…

  • Cheesy Beard

    Tell me you guys watched the commercial and tried the phone number. It’s great when shows do stuff like that. Call it up: 1-323-570-1ARR

    • Allison

      Oh wow that was great lol

  • Lisa

    Yeah, I totally called the number, it works. How clever! I love this show. :)

  • victoria

    “great…an idea…from clara….” DISASTER AWAITS!

    • rosetta

      Oh deff Clara is evil and her ideas usually match

  • faaaaail

    wtf I got someone from Country Energy T_T

  • 3lvi

    Want Clara’s hat!!! so awesome…

  • TheLordTalon

    Evil Will Wheaton aka Fawkes strikes again easy way to bring him to his knees bring in Leslie Winkle and then all of Codex’s problems are solved

  • Mad Mahogany

    I love the episode, and can’t wait for the next one. It’s really coming together. The only time I really feel disappointed is when I reach the end on the video. I’m like aww I want more.

  • http://idkkk Mandy

    I love The Guild. Always have and always will and i wish that they’re new episodes would come sooner. Im SO hooked :D

  • meganc.

    that was scary knowing that clara had an idea.

  • JP

    Codex…. a chipmunk?


    I called 1-323-570-1ARR

    OMG that was a LONG Speech from CODEX! =))

    Definitely LOVE THIS EPISODE!

  • Icha

    Lol, vodka in a sippy cup. Do want. And yeah, I called the number too. Was funny.

  • Raz

    Hm… Link points to an earlier episode and bing does not seem to want to find episode nine…

  • Ice222

    Man I almost wish that painting was really for auction, if only I had the money to win it, make me laugh every time I see it. Kudos to whoever painted it too.

  • Alex

    Can someone please upload an audio recording of whatever is said when you ring the number. I am from australia and can’t get onto it.

  • Alex

    nvm just did it. Left a 2 minute message. I wonder if they will actualy listen to it.

    • Amy

      How did you manage to ring the number without getting really high international fees? I’m in Aussieland too and want to hear it!

      • Gamer_Gurl

        Im from Canada and I want to try to call the site but Im scared that it will charge me high international fees. Can someone record the voicemail? :D

  • Kate

    Just to clear this up, Tink ring is on her RIGHT hand!!! Anyone who has ever been married/engaged knows that the left hand is the wedding hand. Except in many places in Europe, where the wedding hand is the right hand. But Tink isn’t European is she? IF you still question this, go to a Zales and ask.

  • Kendra

    Hey guys, there IS a Cheesy Beards site. lol

  • standalonejoe

    Clara has a plan=child endangerment……maybe atomic explosion.

  • Rocky

    finally, a STRONG, well written episode for Season 4! I was getting worried about the momentum of this season…but i still wish the conflict were both more clear and more engaging than this whole Codex-Fox thing…

  • deniss biggles

    taste my pirate paddy

  • Fan

    She’s trying to rearrange my novelty straw collection.lmao Vork is so funny.

  • bob

    bladezz is spongebob, the boss is Mr. Crabs and Codex is squidward.

  • Opus

    Vork involved with a real woman… Tink having a real emotion… Codex in a daze with real vodka… and Clara having a REAL THOUGHT?!? As Zaboo would say: “Cliffhanger’d!”

  • arkibet

    It’s sad. I love Clara so much I just started playing WoW with a Frost build. And I’m keeping certain outfits in my bank that don’t make my bust look like they’ve sagged into my waist. I mean really, seriously, doesn’t any women in the world of warcraft understand the meaning of a good foundation? If I could tailor bras, I would totally spend half my time giving them out to the poor women who are desperately in need of a breast reduction. So thank you Robin, for your great comedic timing!

    Honestly, it’s so good to watch the episodes in order over again. They just keep getting better. And yes, thank you for all the little details, like the phone message. How awesome!

  • Lester Bear

    I’m sure you had the show already written and filmed and that it’s just a coincidence, but last week when I “suggested” Tink be endearing and have some backstory, well, um, thanks. Corrected’d.

    Nicer Tink was… nicer.

    Could you also make Vork a better dancer for the Season 5 music video? Something like Christopher Walken in Weapon of Choice.

  • Daniel

    Brilliant episode (as ever) and loving the bonus video.

    The add is great =)

  • Xenexis

    “An idea! Clara!” I don’t think that that is a very good idea, using any of Clara’s ideas.

  • Ali

    I love the use of “No Spam Polka” in the commercial. Keep up the good work guys! Can’t wait to see the rest of the season!

  • Zach

    Haha. Nice job, Guild. I’m sure making a bad commercial on purpose is harder than it looks.

  • elizabetha


  • sexywrm

    i got to get a thinking cap like clara’s…..he still looking gay in that painting…vork u crake me up….lololol….Pirate Paddies….Bladezz commerical was up there….lol…cant stop laughing…wonder if the guild will be in the next season of The Big Bang Theory…that would be awsome

  • Pat Powers

    Taste my pirate patty! Oh, this is gonna be showing up on a lot of Internet forums … “Nothing to with me,” he lied.

  • Alec

    What is the background music for the Cheesy Beards commercial? It sounds like you ripped it from “This is the Only Level Too” (

  • APP

    “YES! An idea…from… Clara.” XD

  • Acey

    I love Clara so much. Lol.

  • Angela — Nokomys

    WTB Outtake Videos kthx.

  • melanie

    LoL everytime I see Fox I still can’t believe will Wheaton from star trek has grown up and is doing hunky stuff lol. anyway LOVED it, can’t wait for the next episiode, LOVE Clara’s thinking cap haha

  • Lethkhar

    Is the “Roger so jolly” thing a reference to LoL?

  • Carla

    Codex, you are too trusting! I saw that commercial coming a mile away, and yet you…you who will be affected by it, didn’t see the sabotage coming? Ah, Codex… =)

    The commercial was epic, though. Sadly, I’ve seen worse actual commercials.

  • Tommygun

    “Wobble Demoned”

  • Derrick

    “I need a good, like… Title description, GO! …Island Ecstasy.”
    I like how Vork has an answer so quickly. Roflmao. I love you, The Guild. And the Pirate Paddy commercial… AMAZING! That is epic LOLZ!!!!!!!! “Clara, this is pure vodka!” Lmao. The Guild is pure genious, and I love the characters. <3

  • Bobthecrusher

    ….am i the only one that would go to that restaurant after seeing that commercial? Burger king should hire this guy for ad’s lol

  • Peacock Dawson

    I would eat there.

  • CandyGrimm

    .. ok so im up to ep 6 s4.. where is 7-9????

  • B Alphonse

    playlist cannot be loaded? FAIL!! You need to get this stuff back on youtube NAO