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  • The Guild Season 4 on DVD and iTunes

    The Guild Season 4 on DVDThe Guild is pleased to announce that as of today, Season 4 is out on DVD and iTunes.  The DVD is out now exclusively via (with a retail store release coming February 22, 2011).

    The DVD is packed with tons of bonus features, including many DVD-only extras.  Bonus features on the DVD include the “Game On” Music Video, The Making of the “Game On” Music Video, Back to Cheesybeards featurette, Oh Mommy! featurette focusing on Avinashi (Zaboo’s Mom), the Cheesybeards commercial, Season 1 and 2 recaps, Season 3 recap by Auto-Tune the News, Table read by the cast, Audio Commentary with the Cast, Audio Commentary with the Creator, Director and Producer, Axis of Anarchy Interviews, Gag Reel, PDF of Script, Play All Feature and English Subtitles.  The DVD release comes on two DVD-R discs by Amazon’s Create Space, and is NTSC format, region-free. Buy Season 4 of The Guild on now.

    Season 4 also hits iTunes today, available in HD and in standard definition.  As with previous iTunes releases, The Guild episodes are bundled into two episodes per iTunes download – so even though it looks like there are only 6 episodes, that’s just an iTunes thing, you’re getting the full season.  This season there is an iTunes exclusive 9-minute bonus feature “The Making of the Team Cawkes Painting” included when you buy the entire season.  Each two-episode iTunes bundle is $2.99 for HD or $1.99 for standard definition, while the entire season is $9.99 for HD or $5.99 for standard definition.  Buy Season 4 of The Guild on iTunes now.

    The Guild Season 4 on iTunes

    Thanks so much for your continued support of The Guild!  We couldn’t do it without such dedicated fans.  Many of you have asked “What about Season 5?” and we have nothing to announce at this time but we’ll update you as soon as we know something.  Microsoft and Sprint have been wonderful partners and sponsors, funding seasons 2 through 4 and helping bring the show to many new fans, and we hope this great relationship continues for Season 5 (and there’s no indication that it wouldn’t – no campaigns need to be launched, loyal Guildies!).  Fans always ask what they can do to help support the show, and purchasing Guild merchandise including the DVDs and iTunes downloads are one great way.  Introducing the show to new fans is another powerful force that has helped us so much – so thank you for doing that for 4 seasons!  And best of all, that doesn’t cost a penny!

    Discuss the Season 4 DVD and iTunes release on our forums, and talk to us on Facebook, Twitter or by leaving a comment here!

    Thanks so much for your support, and happy holidays!
    The Guild Management

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  • FreeBooteR

    Sweet, looking forward to February 22. Will snatch up a caopy at a local store then.

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  • Lycanfist

    Awesome, I watched the guild for the first time yesterday and watched all the episodes and music videos on youtube. I loved the “Do you want to date my avatar” video. I hope you guys keep on making new episodes, and I will download all of season 4 on itunes. You guys are awesome :)

  • Xenolith

    Are you currently making a S5? i would love to see this continue! But ive bin looking around and i see you worked in Eureka which is awesome, but also RED and that wierd series called The Legend of Niel. i dont know much about which one you are currently working on but im hoping its “The Guild” i would love an respond to this!

  • Ender

    agreed about the season 5 but if you guys decide not to I would like to know how to find other series created by the same writers and producers. VERY WELL DONE!

  • Naja

    plz make more season’s I really enjoyed this thx keep up the good work :)