The Guild

  • The Guild Season 5 DVD now available on Amazon

    The Guild Season 5 DVD is now available via, with a release date of December 13, 2011. Picking up where season four left off, season five takes the Guild members out from behind their computers and throws them into the real world like the show has never seen before, with new locations, guest stars, celebrity cameos and more!

    The DVD is jam-packed with exclusive bonus features, including:

    - Cast Interviews

    - “Double Trouble” Featurette on Season 5′s twins Tara/Lara, portrayed by Leslie Crystal

    - “How to Build a Con” Featurette with Production Designer Greg Aronowitz

    - “Steampunk Verite” Featurette with Jillian Armenante, Doug Jones and Maurissa Tancharoen

    - Audio Commentary by the cast

    - Gag reel, table read of episode 1, PDF of the Season 5 script, play all feature and more.

    NOTE: As with previous seasons, this first DVD release is via’s CreateSpace, a print on demand DVD service. This release comes on DVD-R media. A retail release of the DVD will follow in March (both DVD releases have the exact same content)

  • Tom P.

    Done! Pre-ordered! Can’t wait!

  • 00slim

    Can’t wait ’till March! Fingers crossed for a future Blu-Ray release of the series. :D

  • Chris Jamison

    is there going to be a season 6???? xD

    • Hope L

      Please, I’ve been asking that question for ages! WILL there be a season 6?????

  • Donna Ricci

    So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • R.j. Budler

    When is season 6 coming out? Your character just got hired! Something cool has to happen next!!

  • Nicholas Barcomb

    Will it be gracing the itunes store as well? Please say yes :)

  • Beau Ryan

    I can’t wait to watch myself over and over and nega-bonerver.

  • ashitanokioku

    so when’s season 5 going to be uploaded on youtube?

  • Burton Chan

    You can pre-order Dragon Age Redemption on Amazon, in NTSC format.

  • Coz

    I think a great story line would be if the Guild actually went into the game and it was ‘real’. Like, either magic or some kind of really advanced VR. That would be an awesome plot for a movie!

    • rei

      done to death

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  • TAGoubeaux

    I would like to see clips of all the stars used in season 5 showing what shows they were in and who they played. I reconized some of them but I’m sure I didn’t know them all.

  • Keqytipo Nysuvese

    Does it include english subtitles?

    • Sazor

      Very interesting question. Does anyone have answer?

    • Ken Clause

      Yes. Plus the script in pdf form.

  • Msmith

    who is handling PR/review copies for S5. We still haven’t received an email or a review copy for this latest DVD. Looking forward to continuing our coverage over at Game Chronicles

  • Florismart

    for real, this is the best thing since sliced bread!! so funny and so perfect! i have had conversations almost verbatim from your script with people i play wow…ahem “the game” with!!!

  • Florismart

    for real, this is the best thing since sliced bread!! so funny and so perfect! i have had conversations almost verbatim from your script with people i play wow…ahem “the game” with!!!

  • Cris

    Season 6!!!!!!

  • Ken Clause

    Why is it bleeped?

  • Sazor

    When season 5 will be uploaded to Youtube?

  • jGre

    DVDs? What about BluRays?

  • Austin Odom

    OMG NATHAN FILLAN OMG NATHAN FILLAN OMG NATHAN FILLAN!!!!!!!!!!!! Castle is my absolute favorite show ever on TV, and this is my favorite web series… They just collided. I froze. I froze in complete disbelief. I love you all so much. <333333333333333333333333

    • Aric

      If you like Nathan Fillion so much you should check out the short-lived yet super mega awesome show Firefly.

  • Mark Davenport

    I just got Season 3 at my local store, so as long as you guys keep on putting them in at JBHIFIs in Australia, I will keep on buying.

  • Suzie

    I love all five seasons of The Guild…bought them all on Amazon…the cast commentaries are worth double the price! Can’t wait for Season 6….

  • Mathzz1337

    I want The Guild to be more about gaming again. A lot more, but the real life drama is very fun as well.. Sad that the guild locations are all the way through out 1 season. I wish it had more places we could see, longer episodes. Like I said, more about gaming, since it was originally about gamers. Also couldn’t you guys make the seaons more dramatic, like seaosn 2 was. It was so epic and felt so cinematic. I want to see the future seasons of The Guild turn into more epicly dramatic gaming webseries.

    Thank you for reading, I hope we get to see this happening.

  • Ashla

    I absolutely love this show! I played VTM with online friendsin College and can totally relate to many of the situations the group encounters! *L* Please give us Season 6 Fleicia!

  • Pro Greninger

    Was season 5 shot in HD it’s defiantly fuzzy comparatively? There is an HD option in season 4.. Why not make it available on blue-ray, more content less disks. Buy a burning tower they are cheap and make the first 600 + then gauge the order volume to see about having them pressed, it’s far more simple than you might think, some places will accept a master to press on a hard-drive, no special master for CD/DVD duplication. Still cheaper to have the disks pre-HQ printed with logos then tower burned.

    I wonder how many Gigs all the seasons together are? Would it be possible to web release a Guild Package ala game style, digital download would mean no inventory loss, production on the front end would be the big bullet. Many games are over 8 gig these days. Encoded H264 would enable HD and reasonable file sizes.

    Oh check on getting some bad robot people to help make a season 6 just for fun, although grand finale seems some what final.. I wish you guys the best, I really enjoyed the series!!

  • Stefan

    just an awesome awesome show, keep up the great work. and Felicia, i love u

  • Azzlairten

    Need to see more!!

  • Azzlairten


  • Lalagirl3000bc

    When is six coming out. or when is the last episode to season 5?

  • Grlygeek

    Love this! Looking forward to season 6! You guys just get better and better!

  • Jtmagoo420

    is there going to be a 6th season (i really hope so), and when will season 5 be uploaded to you tube

  • Kaleefornia

    Season 6, please!!!

  • Twistedsister24

    well this was my first time to watch the guild yes i admit the first two episodes in season one was kinda not there BUT i do understand they never had the budget to do the show but as i watched on and on each season has gotten better and better i mean i got to season two three four five i watched them all and all i done was cracked up laughing i mean i actually shared this website to alot of people around australia and everyone enjoyed watching this show. mate i hope theres a season sex whoops i ment six coming soon lol i loved this show so much :) cheers from leroy

  • Twistedsister24

    we want the guild, we want the guild, we want the guild ~chants on~

  • Carol Record

    What’s the difference between this edition and the recent one with the new cover?

  • Skywinder

    You can get it at Barnes & Noble too. Not just the Wal-Mart of the internet!

  • Seriously Spain

    Looking forward to Season 6. The Guild is seriously one of the funniest things on the Internet. Ever.