The Guild

  • Jeff Simpson

    I think that’s pretty lame to have a delayed release. What’s the point? Does Micro$oft really think that anybody is going to sign up for an Xbox Live account just to see a web show? Big fan of The Guild, not a big fan of the selling out.

    • Anonymous

      Think of it as Xbox Live members getting a little bit of a perk. It’s only two days. Essentially, the release day is now Thursdays, with Xbox getting it early. The “selling out” argument has been thrown our way since season 2 when Microsoft joined as a sponsor. Microsoft funds the show, but doesn’t own it, so the show has been free to be on every platform imaginable after the initial exclusivity window. They’ve been a great sponsor. If you have a problem with them, you can wait until later when it’s on a non-MS platform, like iTunes, YouTube, Hulu, DVD,, etc.

      • Tim Lawson

        huge fan of you guys and I love what you do. Can’t wait to buy the full Season5 to add to my collection. I know these videos are free online, but I believe people should support those things of which they are fans.

      • Jeff Simpson

        Oh, I don’t have a problem with Microsoft, didn’t mean it to come out that way. I would have the same reaction if it were only released on the Wii or PS3 or any other single company/product. I just have a problem with exclusivity contracts in general. You can look at it as a “perk” if you want, but you can’t deny that it can also be seen as intentionally blocking your non-xbox-owning fans from seeing the show for a period of time.

        Imagine if normal TV shows tried that – “watch LOST a day early, but only if you own a Sony TV and subscribe to RCN!” (pick any combination of product+subscription you want for that metaphor)

        (and I should explain, It’s not an OMG I’M SO MAD or anything crazy like that, it’s more just that I think it’s sort of a lame thing to agree to, and I hope that microsoft stepped up the sponsorship dollars a lot compared to the last couple seasons to account for the exclusivity)

        • Sandeep Parikh

          Well Jeff what you have to understand is that this type of exclusivity window financing is what makes the show possible. Also there are two essential problems with your “normal TV” argument:

          1) “Normal TV” is in fact resorting to this type of exclusivity windows as a way to finance fantastic shows with a niche audience, as was the case with Friday Night Lights which had full season runs only on DirecTV before it aired on regular network television. This type of financing made the show possible, and this type of creative thinking might have saved shows like Arrested Development and Party Down.

          2) The Guild isn’t “normal TV” in fact it’s quite the opposite. It’s a show about gamers, by gamers, and one that likely couldn’t exist on normal TV. So, we have to invent brand new financing models to make this type of show possible. I know personally that it’s very important to Felicia that the show be offered for FREE to our fans online, but there’s also an entire cast and 40 person crew to pay for the hard work that goes into creating a show like this. You may think it’s lame but I think it would be supremely lame if we didn’t have the show at all.

          Sandeep (aka Zaboo)

          • Jeff Simpson

            Oh, interesting. I’ve never even heard of “The 101 Network” on DirecTV, but apparently it was quite successful in keeping Friday Night Lights around for a couple seasons after NBC would have canned it. I’m assuming I’d have been more aware of its existence if I watched that show. And that was kind of an extreme exclusivity window, too – offset by a whole season (thanks for not considering that option!)

            Good point about it being a niche audience show, that does seem like it makes normal advertising tactics tricky. I guess gone are the days when banner ads and merch alone will rake in enough money to support the show. I suppose a delayed release is a much more acceptable compromise than having unique content only available on a certain provider (surely that one has been tried with other shows), or even the subscription model where you have to pay for just the one show, rather than paying for a service that happens to also include a show.

            Another comment mentioned that the tactic wasn’t really about one show, but that it was more about “building a bundle” on xbox live – getting the service up to a point where it includes lots of things that together equal a value. I never think of xbox live as a video service, but maybe that’s what they are trying to accomplish by funding shows in this way. Some people that already have an xbox live account are probably logging in and trying out the video feature for the first time to see this show, which might make them more likely to use it to watch other videos in the future.

          • Michael Oliver

            I don’t understand why everyone is making such a big fuss over this. Its released to xbox and pc on the same day. Its just not streaming on a website on tues. People see the first option of xbox live and see giant red dollar signs and start screaming. Zune marketplace is the other location that the show is released on tuesdays and guess what? You don’t need to own a zune to download the software or make a zune market account. You can download the episodes to your pc or even stream them over the market software for absolutely nothing. If you don’t want to wait and have no 360 don’t waste you time complaining about the best webshow EVAR and go download zune marketplace. Kthxbai :D

          • Troopcd

            However, watching The Guild on Zune (PC) is only available in the US, therefore everyone else must still wait until Thursday.

            I’m not complaining since I (luckily) have an Xbox, but it’s not available for everyone on the same day in a lot of places.

          • Jeff Simpson

            Thanks for clarifying! I (and I’m sure plenty of others) had no idea that you could use Zune marketplace without a Zune. I guess that confusion is what they get for naming a device, a piece of software, and a marketplace all by the same name.

      • Miriam Kathleen Ablett Aberdee

        *Sigh* I preordered the 360 star wars edition and it won’t be out until the seasons finished. :(

      • Razon

        Hehe… Your show is that good, we all are crying carebeartears, cause we have to wait for two more days… I hate waiting, hate, hate, hate… But I love the guild, love, love, love…

      • Razon

        Hehe… Your show is that good, we all are crying carebeartears, cause we have to wait for two more days… I hate waiting, hate, hate, hate… But I love the guild, love, love, love…

      • guildifan

        When will Season 5 be released on itunes???

    • GuildfanVork

      Hell Yeah, that is one of my favorite songs by tool. You rock!!!

    • courtney

      idk if its that i think its more like a perk for having an xbox live account than a gimmick for bringing in more subscribers because like you said and as much as i trruly love the guild ,one web show 2 days earlier is not going to be my sole reasoning for droping 50 bucks on a xbox live account . sooo yep its just one of the many perks of being an xbox live subscriber. i would not count that as selling out at all. in my opinion

  • Jeff Simpson

    I think that’s pretty lame to have a delayed release. What’s the point? Does Micro$oft really think that anybody is going to sign up for an Xbox Live account just to see a web show? Big fan of The Guild, not a big fan of the selling out.

  • relda

    i would actually be happy to sign up for an account if i could actually get the useless site to work.

  • Dan Wagner

    @Jeff Simpson What’re you complaining about? You wouldn’t care at all if it was only released Thursday. But instead they are getting some extra funding and making it extra easy for people to watch on their TV by watching it on their 360s. Chill out. You get to watch it anyways. Haha.

    • Jeff Simpson

      No, you’re right, it doesn’t change anything – and that’s exactly my point. Zero people will go out and buy an xbox and sign up for a Live account just to watch it 2 days early, but a much larger number of Guild fans will see the announcement of a new episode, only to find out that they can’t watch it yet. It’s not a major woahisme #whitewhine, more of just a “wait, seriously? You’re doing that? That’s sorta lame of you, I’m disappointed”

      • Henrie

        Appreciate the people producing this show more, dude. There’s no reason to be acting this way. Hosting space (especially for videos) isn’t free, and if a company sponsors The Guild and would like for the episodes to be released early to their own subscribers in return for their patronage, it’s nothing to whine about.

        Companies get a tiiiny amount of exposure from this. Things like X-Box Live or the Playstation Network have to accumulate all sorts of reasons for a consumer to buy their product. (eg. games, videos, etc.) Enough of these piled together is what makes their sales. So no, nobody’s going to open an account just to watch the guild. but they might open an account to watch the guild two days early, and to play Call of Duty online. It’s bundle logic.

        That all aside, a big shout-out to The Guild for being so entertaining! Nobody would complain at all if you weren’t absolutely amazing! Look forward to watching episode 2 on Thursday and buying the DVDs when they are released!

      • Sandeep Parikh

        Not true. a) There are people who do subscribe to Xbox Live, or continue to subscribe to Xbox Live because the Guild is offered there in full HD. It’s the number 1 dowloaded show on Xbox Live, and b) It may not be the sole reason that folks subscribe to Xbox Live but it might help someone justify the cost because they get to see a show they love a little bit earlier. Again I ask, if it was the difference between that and decent wages for those who work to create the show, wouldn’t you rather that it happen this way? Seems like a win win to me. In the end, you have to wait a whole 2 days to get it for free online.


        • Anne-Kari

          Hi there Sandeep –

          For my part, the only thing I found annoying about the two-day difference was all the confusion about it last week. I can only assume that next season’s release will be accompanied with very clear info regarding who can see it when.

          As for the delay itself, the sponsor, etc: I have no problem AT ALL with this concept. I’m just really, really happy that a company as big as Microsoft actually recognizes that talent and great storytelling don’t need to be on a network – they don’t need to be on tv at all – to be an interesting and viable product.

          Also, I want you guys to be able to eat.

          And see how I assume there’s be a season 6? BECAUSE THERE BETTER BE :)

  • Guesten

    Waaaaay complicated new way of watching…

    • Maty Claire

      It’s released on Thursdays.

  • Werner Von Goetz

    What’s a zune?

  • Dan Houser

    Best way to start my #GenCon Week! :D Fun ep!

  • Dan Houser

    Oh! And, wondering if any shooting was done last year at #GenCon ? The cast were super nice, and I even got to wave at Felicia Day from my Artist’s Alley table! She waved back.

  • Hell

    delayed release dates? wow. i think the older version of yourselves would be ashamed to have sold your souls…

  • Nunya McBeeswacks

    Everything about this series has become monumentally shitty. The delayed release times, having to download that POS they call Zune, and the series isn’t even funny now.

  • Bob

    I’m not claiming a “selling out” but this delayed release is kind of annoying me. I don’t own an xbox and don’t plan on buying one (though I’m tempted at this point, whatever jeff said the guild would be the first reason of mine to have a live account). The problem is I have to either deal with everybody talking about it and the show being RUINED for me or drive clear across town to a friends house to watch it every Tuesday. I love how the show is kept free, but the price of gas is killing me.

    On a slightly related note, loving this season, can’t wait to see what’s in store!

  • Iv

    the German Xbox Live Marktplace have now The Guild too but only 4th Season :( . And this Show where Felicia day was that from IGN with boled guy :D , is not even there. Hate Germany…

  • Will Spencer

    Man whys everyone getting so worked up over the delayed release it’s only 2 days… It’s worth the wait for such an awesome show anyway!

  • Matyclaire

    I can wait ’til Thursday. Real nerds have no friends, thus spoilers aren’t an issue.

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  • Jonathan Casey

    I love the show so much !!
    I wanna do anything I can to help increase its exposure. Everyone needs to watch the show atleast once.
    On a side note, as a few other people have already discussed – Felicia should totally appear in an episode of the big bang theory :D

  • Wade3

    Hate the pre-release for M$ marketing purposes … it really has the opposite effect from what M$ should want to accomplish by only pleasing existing customers of theirs and alienating most potential customers … but I totally understand y’alls need to make bank. More power to ya!
    I’ll just pretend new episodes of the Guild exist only on Thursdays and are nowhere else in the universe. No. I’m not listening. La la la la la la

    Oh, and catch Felicia on EUReKA on SyFy. Very funny, very cute character.

  • Tnfan2007

    hey codex loved you in eurka

  • Nanowasp

    Why on Earth are people complaining about a delayed release date? It’s just 2 days! You can choose to see it as frustrating that you have to wait, knowing that someone else is watching it before you, or you can decide to feel lucky that you get to hold onto that excited anticipation for 2 days longer and be happy that The Guild team now get some remuneration for their hard work and that the quality of the filming has improved with the financial input. Would you rather that they signed an exclusive contract that insisted the show only gets to broadcast on one channel in one country, or that the show was dotted with adverts? I don’t think anyone should be complaining about “selling out”. Grow up, kids and enjoy the FREE show that these awesome people have made for you!

    • Nanowasp

      I forgot to add… perhaps the entire The Guild cast and crew should instead get jobs flipping burgers since they don’t deserve to be paid for their efforts. Maybe then they wouldn’t even have time to make this fantastic out-of-the-box show that is freely available to their fans all over the world.

    • Tom Drake

      I have absolutely no problem with the show being on xbox live/zune 2 days earlier than the web.

      What I DO have a problem with is the as per usual “not in your region” lameness.

      No i do not live in North America and neither does a great proportion of the rest of the world. I own an xbox but it’s not connected to the internets, so I installed the zune software and was then barraged with a whole “your region is wrong” bunch of malarkey and left to figure out that you can only use the zune site if you live in North America.

      So i’m left with waiting two days for a 1990′s quality video on msn/bing. I’d happily give the shows creators money, but i’ve given microsoft so much over the years i just can’t bear to give them any more.

      Roll on the DVD release when i can watch the show at my leisure without having to perform the equivalent of an internet circus/mind reading act.

      • Nanowasp

        I don’t live in North America either and I watch the show happily on Bing.

  • Adam Wadsworth

    I would like to watch it but since Zune seems to down STILL it is impossible. It’s been down for me since pretty much when this episode was released and it’s rather annoying.

  • Rose

    Awesome. Can’t wait to watch it. I’ve been a fan since I’ve accidently discovered ‘Do you wanna’ date my avatar’ on Youtube. I don’t understand what the big deal is about the date. Jesus Christ, why not just stop complaining and enjoy the show. Plus, it’s being released on my birthday so that’s cool.

  • Tev

    Season Five is starting out great! I don’t get what everyone keeps fussing about with the xbox live thing. I watch the episodes on Zune on my pc the day they are released and it has been free. It feels like there is a whole bunch of people who only read: it will be released on xbox, and never bothered to finish reading the fact that you can watch it on PC via zune. Keep up the good work guys, glad to see big companies sponsoring the show, you guys deserve to get paid for what you do. Honestly though, nothing in life is free so I actually can’t wait until the show is no longer free, I’d gladly pay to get more than a 7 minute episode of this show. Imagine every episode being 30 mins…I’m sure most will agree that more guild is worth is weight in gold. Wish I could buy season 5 before it was free, I’d snatch it up and enjoy the work. Felcia Day is the bomb.

    • Jeff Simpson

      Wait, I thought Zune was the name of that portable media player that nobody bought? I assumed Zune marketplace was the marketplace for Zune devices (I’m sure you can see how a person might think that). I didn’t realize Zune marketplace was also something you could also access from a PC without needing a Zune device.

      Yeah, that definitely could have been made clearer.

    • Ruben Dias

      “I actually can’t wait until the show is no longer free” Bro, you crazy.

  • Emil Hagström

    Would love if the episodes came more often!! :D D

  • Nic Marshall

    I live in England, I have to wait until thursday for something I am a huge fan of.. no fair. I think a signed picture of your face will make this gamer very happy Felicia! Nic Marshall! Find me on your fan page!

  • Jesse Vega

    The G is great. I don’t care who gets to see it early as long as I can get access. And, frankly, I’m happy that the show is sponsored and that the Knights of Good and associates are able to be creative, make more shows, and also make some bank while they’re at it. Felicia is a genius and the rest of the cast and crew are doing a great job as well. Keep more Guild coming.

  • Tolerance2day

    Are guys f’n kidding me these people work hard so that we could have this awesome show and obviously you all understand needing money or wouldn’t you all have an Xbox just to watch the show two days early. So i don’t understand what all this crying is about when in fact most of you aren’t following your dreams and have in fact “sold out” and probably work some crappy desk job. so just say thank you, buy the dvds, support what you love and maybe money wouldn’t be such an issue for them.

  • Joel Cochran

    Patience is a virtue! 1 day, 2 days, it all evens out over time. Watched it today, 1 day after release, and it was still a good episode!

  • Acegamerz1991

    I have watched all of The Guild episodes, Starting with season 1 and 2 on then i bought a xbox 360 and seen i can download zune and watch all seasons ans episodes on there plus alot of great extras. I really enjoy the new season so far it is super funny how Vork just plows down tables at the convention center entrance! Good job The guild Team keep up the good work! :)

  • Jennifer Martin

    “My fetus made me do it..” BEST LINE EVAR!!

  • Dwebb79

    ALL of the people involved with the making of The Guild are awesome and deserve everything they get for their efforts. I feel lucky to even be able to watch the show. I do have an Xbox live account so I got to watch it yesterday, but if I had to wait till tomorrow….. NO BIG!!!! its all good! or as Sandeep Parikh once said… its “sawesome” (awesome sauce, but not sawesomesauce, were not ready for that yet)
    Any how, keep up the great work, The WHOLE TEAM!!!!! you guys ROCK!!!!

  • Dwebb79

    ALL of the people involved with the making of The Guild are awesome and deserve everything they get for their efforts. I feel lucky to even be able to watch the show. I do have an Xbox live account so I got to watch it yesterday, but if I had to wait till tomorrow….. NO BIG!!!! its all good! or as Sandeep Parikh once said… its “sawesome” (awesome sauce, but not sawesomesauce, were not ready for that yet)
    Any how, keep up the great work, The WHOLE TEAM!!!!! you guys ROCK!!!!

  • luke

    i dont have an x box and zune is not available in my region wtf

  • WLCarter

    Probably the wrong area to ask, but I’ll shoot anyways. When you go on the Zune page to watch the episode (which as it turns out is free, so why is everyone complaining?) you click “buy”. I simply can’t find where to watch it now though. I feel quite pathetic. When I go to buy it again it simply says I have already bought it.

    Where do I proceed to watch the episode? It doesn’t show up in the section called My Purchases. Sigh…

  • Anonymous

    I wondered why my life didn’t have any meaning. Then I realized that I had to wait TWO days to watch new episodes of The Guild for free on MSN videos. I heard there were riots in some cities as people suffered from lack of The Guild. I’d have joined the looters and grabbed an xbox 360, if it weren’t for a debilitating case of agoraphobia.

    Seriously, sorry you’re getting so much flack for the two day wait. As much as I hate to wait for new episodes, two days is not that bad. Felicia gently broke my Eureka cherry while I waited for The Guild. I just wish that Microsoft’s video site actually worked. Silverlight is necessary for episode 2 but not for the others?

  • Lady p.

    Brazillian fan dying to watch, but can’t, because bing and zune are not working … =(((( too sad..

  • maxq nz

    Still waiting for this ep to be available to NZ. There was a delay of about 24 hours last week for ep1, it seems that once again, MSN/Bing are punishing Guildies who don’t live in North America. :(

  • Leeanns2004

    OK…I waited until Thursday and I still can’t watch:( So disappointed.

  • Dovey

    Funny awesome stuff! As always, leaves me jonesing for the next episode. Fan since season 2!! Codex attempting to seduce Zaboo is hilarious. <3 Clara, she's full of re-quotables! "Aw Nuts. Nuts!" I just love you all!!

  • Jen D.

    I LOVE THIS SHOW! Found out about The Guild during the hiatus before the current season and I am so sad that I didn’t know about it sooner. Keep doing what you’re doing and keep ‘em coming!

  • No

    Not available in my region :’(

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