The Guild

  • Shane O’Shea

    Great job guys! :D Loved the episode.

  • Raisins

    I dont know, but imo Codex kinda ruins it this season… I cant pinpoint it exactly, she is just too needy-nerdy, TOO much to be funny.

    • Sine25_harb

      lol i disagree

    • Sine25_harb

      lol i disagree

    • jr

      i agree….still ok tho not as good as first four tho

    • DeAnna Misrahi

      I’ve commented on Codex being “off” this season a couple of times as well. I’ve watched the last 3 episodes over and over again in an effort to get used to this “new” codex so that it’s not so distracting. lol.

  • Ken Livingston

    OK. First of all, that developer is a d-bag. If he doesn’t want honest opinions of the work he and his staff do, then he shouldn’t go soliciting for an opinion *while someone is playing*. Better to wait for her to get done playing and ask about it then. As always, longing to play more overshadows hatred of any perceived (or actual) nerfs to the game.

  • Tev

    Great episode. You feel bad for Cyd as Zaboo rejects her but overall the episode had me laughing. Great job. Tink in that other costume looked smokin, wonder who she was running from? Clara is as funny as can be. Vork had a great idea, good for him and Bladez has groupies LOL. What’s with the furry? Is that going to be Wil wheaton following Cyd? So many mysteries left to be understood for the next episode. Zaboo, boy oh boy what was he thinking turning down Codex….I bet he will live to regret it as soon as he comes out of the convention high he’s on…

    Great episode, it is always the highlight of my Tuesday’s. Great job Felicia on the script. Brava.

    • DeAnna Misrahi

      He may regret it, but he made the right decision. She’s not “hot” for him and no crits = no real spark!

      • Tev


  • Jack Rodnessey

    OMG Grant Imahara was in this episode. MythBusters FTW!

  • Gerardo


  • ayue

    wonderful! :D

  • Drew Schlosser

    Sure wish I didn’t need an Xbox to watch the newest episode. Why not make this available on Zune at the same time again?

  • Pirate

    tink is sexy in her costumes

  • Pirate

    clara needs bigger boobs

  • DeAnna Misrahi

    Fun episode. Had to watch it a couple of times to see the parts I missed for laughing or talking. The Guild always makes me miss gaming. <3

  • Hopeulaffed

    I only have two complaints about this show. The episodes are much too short and they come out way too far apart! I don’t know what’s better, the writing or the acting!

    • DeAnna Misrahi

      The shows used to be half the length that they are now. I’m not complaining… anymore. :p

  • Joemomma

    WHY Cant you guys make a video every day!

  • Jason Bramble

    Tinkerballa makes me think taboo thoughts…

  • Mimiguildie

    I can’t figure out how to watch it through my Zune on my computer! =(

    Why can’t they just put it up on the website first thing like they used to?

    • Tev

      If you downloaded and have zune on your computer you should be able to go the the Market Place, do a search of The Guild, and scroll to where you see the Shows category and click on The guild, from there they give you an option to choose between season 1 to 5, then selecting season 5 you’ll get the option to “buy” any of the available episodes, but you’ll also see that it is free…so you’re buying it for nothing, just download it and enjoy. You can watch it every Tuesday just like everyone else! Enjoy.

  • Dennis Kooman

    im i crazy or did i saw Brent Spiner aka commander Data in this episode.
    im a great star trek fan so me that is AWESOME

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