The Guild

  • Tev

    the ending was OMG. Wow good episode. Great writing. Gotta watch it again.

  • Crap

    you suck the guild , it was better before when everybody could see the episodes at the same time <_<…zune is bullcrap anyway

    • Mark Dunmore

      Grow up! you are getting it for free!

    • STFU-brah

      you are being rediculous… It might be time to grow up a bit.

      • Blackcats

        and stfubrah is totally mature lol! Look in the mirror.

    • STFU-brah

      you are being rediculous… It might be time to grow up a bit.

    • Mr. Skywalker

      You’re an idiot and should GTFO of the internet. I could explain why, but why bother. Go back to making nut shot videos for YouTube professor.

      Oh and The Guild? Can you get Ep 5 on Zune in HD? SD? Ew! ;)

    • Today’s Justice

      Just download the Zune. What kind of geek are you, anyway? It’s not rocket science.

    • Kesa

      You payin’? No.. So don’t complain.

    • Kesa

      You payin’? No.. So don’t complain.

  • Crap

    you suck the guild , it was better before when everybody could see the episodes at the same time <_<…zune is bullcrap anyway

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone else having an issue watching this episode on Zune? I got zune just to watch the guild and it is not letting me lol.

    • Today’s Justice

      I’ve had no problems with Zune so far. Good luck with it. Today’s episode = hilarious.

    • Warm_winters

      Did you perhaps accidentally download the episode in HD? Because unfortunately, you can only watch SD episodes on your computer.

      • zune HD fail

        and of course theres no way to change the option after the fact. lame. i guess i’ll just suck it up and wait until this site posts their new episode EVENTUALLY

  • Today’s Justice

    I want to see Zaboo’s reaction to Tink’s and Codexes fake kiss. Is he going to think that every girl he kisses “turns gay” afterwards? lol.

  • genericfan

    Codex + Zaboo is not over! It’s NOT. The guy was totally in love with her just a few eps ago. No way he did a 180 that fast. Codex makes sudden irrational decisions about her love life all the time, but Zaboo doesn’t. He’s just intimidated, and that artificially forced bathroom kiss doesn’t mean anything. The time and mood have to be right.

    Codex + Tink….nooooo! :-0

    • DeAnna

      Zaboo learned to see Codex as just a friend last season when he thought she and Fawkes were together. And now, just because Codex is marginally hot for him, he’s supposed to jump back in? That’s a bit much. Besides, anytime two main characters on a sitcom get together, that tension and desire kind of fizzles out…. which is not unlike real life.:p So, it’s probably better if the two of them never get together. I’m waiting for Fawkes to make an appearance soonish. I’m spending way too much time analyzing this show……….

      • Suitably Vague

        It’s simple, the furry is Fawkes.

  • Vtc121

    Codex wants a dick…

  • Billy

    Great ep, and to you people that dont like zune… your kinda dumb. a couple dollars a month for unlimited legal quality music is a great thing.

  • Crafty

    Why is it here in Australia we can watch episode 5 on Zune X-Box but when I try to view it on PC it says it isn’t available in this region?


    Master chiefs…clear a path! haha best part, and stop bitching losers, just because you are too lame to own a xbox or a zune, You think it’s lame, I bet if you had an xbox or a zune, you’d feel the same way about your bitching. so shut the fuck up, it’s a dam web series thats like 9 mins long tops, you don’t have anything better to do with your time?

    • Today’s Justice

      You don’t have to own a zune. Just download it and watch the episodes for free on the computer and the interwebs.

  • Mdhancockga

    Is this show still in production? and if it is not , we will rally and get it back into production..Ive watched all the episodes thus far and I am completely addicted, being a gamer myself, (wow in particular) It is so refreshing to see a great cast , good writing, and fun atmospheres being played out in a parody that mimics my life. I am in a guild and I have met in RL the members in our guild. We get together for dinners, drinking, b-days etc and it’s a blast…
    I just hope that this show doesnt lose steam and fall to the side – we have so little
    please dont take this one away

  • Djinn

    Loved that a Beefy song was featured in this episode. Yay nerdcore!

  • sad panda

    What about mac people without xbox? Are we forsaken until thursdays?

  • Wilder125

    I can understand the zune and xbox thing… but it’s kinda bad for us who can’t spend the mulah for internet then either of those right now. Eps 1-5 freeze 3 quarters of the way through on this site

  • Greeneggsandsam222

    WHO USES A ZUNE? Felicia and crew, I understand (and respect) the fact that they are probably paying you a buttload of money, but ZUNE? ZUNE???

    With all the respect and admiration in the world, Bill Gates needs to suck it up and buy an Ipod like the rest of the world.

  • Shpark

    Creepy furry spotted in final scene again!

  • Ruien

    OMG stop whining about waiting till thursday!!!
    You gotta wait a week for the new episode anyway.
    Who cares if it´s from tuesday till tuesday or from thursday till thursday?!
    You get it for free and what is still for free these days?!


    • sad panda

      Your mom.

      • Ruien

        Very mature!

      • Ruien

        Very mature!

  • Ram Mar

    Codex + Tink: they can “download (the update to) the demo”… {fegned vexation} i’ll watch.{/feigned vexation}

  • Starcrafter13

    Love Amy in this season.

  • John Coleman

    It is definitely thursday, where FUH is my video

  • nada

    The ending was so great! Loved it!!