The Guild

  • The Guild Season 5, Episode 06: “Revolving Doors”

    Episode 06, “Revolving Doors” is now available on the web via MSN and Bing as well as Xbox Live and Zune.

    Vork manages Bladezz’ career as Codex sets out on her own to solve the problems with their game.

    <a onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/outgoing/;vid=y079whq8&#038;from=us-Bing');" href=';vid=y079whq8&#038;from=us-Bing' target='_new' title='Season 5 - Episode 6 - Revolving Doors' >Video: Season 5 &#8211; Episode 6 &#8211; Revolving Doors</a>

    Liking the Master Chiefs? In addition to thanking Microsoft for allowing us to use the characters, we’d like to thank Blue Realm Studios and the 405th for providing the armor and more. Also, the fine folks at Dragonsquared provided the furry suit and custom built Tink’s plush version of herself seen in this episode.

    Catch up on all of Season 5 on Xbox Live and Zune and via MSN and Bing. Connect with The Guild: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Flickr and our Fan Community.

  • ufos8mycow

    The bear has to be Fawkes…

    Anyways here’s what I think will happen…Codex becomes a tester for The Game while Zaboo becomes a designer/programmer for The Game. Making them co-workers. Bladezz will impress the Game’s creator(who they said was a big fan of Internet meme) and take over Kevin’s spot as a GM. Clara will prove to be well educated in Business(unknown to everyone) and goes to work for The Game. Vork marries the TV star and gives up gaming. Tink is my only mystery.

    Not to second guess the writers but I wish they would have written the convention where instead of Vork helping Bladezz he ended up helping Zaboo as the ‘evil’ man behind the curtain and he manipulates Zaboo and his minions into taking over the convention. He already has shown in the game when he cornered thee AH that he is capable of masterminding something like that.

  • Anonymous

    OMG Nathan Fillion.

    So many reasons why I like this guy as actor.

  • Whogirl2010

    Oh my gosh Nathan Fillion wow was blown away seeing him. I just stared blankly at teh screen.

  • lurkerman

    I dunno. This season seems more frantic and less focused. Problems are brought up and then dropped.The characters are all off on individual trips, with nothing in common except that they’re all physically in the same convention.

  • Guest

    I almost died when Nathan Fillion showed up! Oh, Felicia Day and your connections.<3
    I also spotted someone wearing the TeeFury "Gallifrey Road" t-shirt. :]

  • Anonymous

    This is, without a doubt, one of the best episodes I’ve seen in the series — but largely because it was so unusual in ways. To be honest, this season as a whole, however, has been rather disjointed, and, worst of all, I haven’t seen as much character development as in previous seasons — and to me, that’s what The Guild is all about. All in all, I think that this season’s antics are an interesting diversion, but I’ll actually be glad when the con’s over and they can get back to life as it is for them all (both real and cyber). *smiles*

    Oh, and regarding the furry … yeah, it’s getting obvious that the cliffhanger of the season is going to be the revelation of who’s in the suit. The fact that the furry is hanging around near Codex but never interacting with her, plus the annoyance she’s showing for the furry’s presence, is leading up to one thing — the furry will actually somehow save Codex at a critical moment in the future, possibly in a self-sacrificial way, showing that the furry was in fact Codex’s protector. For the revelation to have any significance means it has to be ironic, so I agree that Fawkes is the primary candidate for who it is. I’m not complaining — I think that would be great. An even bigger cliffhanger, I suspect, might be that Codex, what with the crisis she’s feeling at the moment with her self identity, will declare her affection for Fawkes and agree to leave the guild with him after he saves her … but that’s just wild speculation at this point.

    All in all, though, way too much of what’s happening in this season involves the guild members acting independently, and to me that’s a huge loss, for I feel the true spark of this series is about how the guild works and acts together, their personality quirks interacting and building into something weird and wonderful. Hopefully after the con is over we’ll see that happen again. *fingers crossed*

    • Mcajmus

      Yeah, its disjointed not for the storyline per se…but because the guildies are hardly interacting at all.

  • Guest

    Nathan Fillion !!! Woot!

  • paper godzilla

    I’m on staff of a con and I love this season the setting is great and so relateable to me.
    a con is aslo a perfect setting for cameos and I have loved the ones you have had

  • Christopher Smith

    Wait a minute is that Nathan from Firefly? HOLY SHITZ THAT IS! LUCKY SONOFABITCH!

  • Kish1998

    I actually just screamed like a teenager. Thank you Guild for my daily Nathan fix!

  • Dunlopiii


  • Tony Whiting84

    Whoo! Captain Mal! Dr. Horrible came into mind quite quickly though. Loved that Nathan was a fan of Bladezz. Keep up the awesomeness. But in the end, the guild needs to come together. Too much tearing them apart right now.

  • Wookali

    Vork passed up a free lunch?!

  • Rcamp

    Elizibeth Sladen R.I.P. (But it was cool seeing her again! :o ))

  • Curtt94

    “Why are tinks sisters white?” I THOUGHT THE SAME THING!!!

  • Lord Bolio Fan

    3:33 Lord Bolio!!!

  • Lord Bolio Fan

    3:33 Lord Bolio!!!

  • Jaypatel246

    Guys the video isn’t working :( please get it up and running again
    thank you love the show!!

  • Indianapoe

    Fable 2 in the background LOL

  • Jb Tampa

    Lord Bolio!!

  • Giles

    What is the piano music at 00:46 until Clara interrupts it?

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