The Guild

  • Deamon13

    YAY FAWKS IS BACK!!!! :D If they let him in the guild (Which I am very much hoping they do… but not as guild leader) will they have to change the intro? :)

  • Sam Morrison

    I absolutely loved this episode! Lots of closure!

  • Curious Gamer

    Who were the celebs in the scene with Vork and Bladezz? The blonde looked so familiar but I wasn’t able to catch the name on her booth.

    • Seven

      Brea Grant? OMG! She’s Daphne Millibrook from “Heroes”! I knew she looked familiar!

  • Curious Gamer

    Definitely enjoying this season, it’s a welcome break from the usual high jinks from the previous seasons. And I am definitely enjoying the character development unfolding with each episode. Hoping to see more Fawkes soon. I wonder if the Axis really broke up, or whether it’s a very clever ploy by Fawkes to get on Codex’s good side so he can manipulate her. Either way, I am lovin’ this season! And of course the cameos are always delightful! That blonde celeb wearing the red top who had her own booth looked so familiar but I just can’t place her. Does anyone know who she is?

  • Dethcloc

    So is anyone else wondering if whether Fawkes saying that he’s a paladin, at 2:05 during his little speech, is just an analogy in the context of the speech or if he’s actually revealing the class he plays in “The Game”? And if it his class, does anyone else think that fact is both predictable and mildly surprising at the same time?

    • Guest1

      As far as I know he plays a rogue

    • Symp’d

      I think it’s time for a back track to find out… YAY More Guild while waiting for the next episode!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I KNEW it was Fawkes! Awesome. So glad he is back. And I loved that Zachary Levi and a ton of the Whedon crew showed up last episode. Andrew! I haven’t seen Andrew since he was Andrew!

  • Tanya Taylor

    I knew it was Fawkes in that furry suit the entire time YEAH! I SO hope they end up letting him in the guild I would love to see more of Wil!

  • vedrit

    He’s a cool actor. Glad he’s back in Eureka with Felicia….I mean The Guild…

  • Franck Dechavanne

    Hi, I’m from France and I’d like to know if you are going to put english subtitles (my hearing comprehension isn’t great) on the Season 5 ?
    The first 4 seasons were on Youtube and the subtitles were activated, but not on the player from this site, and as the fifth season isn’t on Youtube, no subtitles.

    I’ve found subtitles for the first four episodes, and used them on VLC (reading the video file from the cache and loading the subtitiles file), but unfortunately the others aren’t available :(

  • Anonymous

    Loved this episode…I don’t trust Fawkes one bit, though I do believe he is obsessed with Codex. I loved the Halo guys, I pretended the blue one was Caboose. I like seeing how the relationships are developing, I’ve always had a soft spot for Tink (and Clara), and I like the way her character is developing. Keep up the great writing, acting, and everything else. Love the show!

  • mephy361

    My first thought was – Hey, it’s Wil Wheaton. And then Yessss! Fawkes.

  • Blainne/Bio

    Nega-boner : P I love this show!!! Let me know if you have any questions for a pro gamer! :D

  • Unome

    Any idea if there is a episode after this?
    Or is this the end of season 5?

    • Blattu

      the previous seasons had 10-15 ep each, so i would not think this is over.
      i suspect the guild will pull a fast one before all is done. ;)

  • MetiGirl

    The fact that Codex asked if Fawkes was a furry back in a previous season was a bit of a giveaway as to who was in the furry suit stalking her but sooo glad to see Wil back. Oh and lawl at Clara saying now let’s burn things.

  • Briwen

    I say NO to Fawkez’ membership of the Guild. Why? He needs to suffer for his rude and megalomane behavior towards our friends when he was GL of Axis. Besides, even if he is truly emotionally involved with Codex, he has a real strange way of showing it. So I think he is playing a game with her feelings in order to definitely destroy the Guild. Oh wait… sounds like a sweet plot after all, especially if Codex is smart enough to make him fall in his own trap :-) can’t wait to see what happens!

  • GarpinLithor

    @ Nocturne: Totally agree; gotta love Venom (hot mean grrl) and just when you think you can relay on Tink to amp the bitchiness, even SHE has mellowed after her secret is exposed. Totally amazing show, I rewatch all the previous seasons when every new season is released and I just never get tired of it. How ’bout a crossover with the Big Bang guys?

  • Happy Guy

    Well this episode redeemed the last one (episode 8). Thank god.

  • Robo

    Hand me that blow torch lets burn things!!!……….Now what?

  • Martha Tomlinson

    I wish you would stop making me lose the game.

  • Luke Mcdaniel


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