The Guild

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  • Louislegacy

    Megagame-o-Ramacon Theme Song

    • Louislegacy

      Someone find me the Megagame-o-Ramacon Theme Song* plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Yukixnoguchi

    Are you serious?? Whine, whine, whine…I seem to remember when episodes were 5-6 minutes before this most ambitious season. I’m sorry this episode didnt time to YOUR specifications, how bout you produce an award winning series yourself? You don’t deserve to even see the next episode you ungrateful *bleep*

  • M

    um yeah the cast and crew work really hard have you any idea how hard it is too put out a show every week without a gigantic budget? Besides this current season had the longest episode to date, yes it would be lovely if the episodes ran for much longer but as a fan of the guild I am just grateful they are making episodes at all. Seriously if yu think you can do better, be my guest go ahead and try…

  • Mercury_MacLeod

    If they produced a series it would probably be like Fresno or something…