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    I love it. Should have been longer though …

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    i love this show!

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    Every episode has been incredible. Wish they were all longer. Keep up the great work. You are all incredibly talented.

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    5 seasons of The Guild watched since 1am this morning with minimal break for sleep and socialization.

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    FU MS

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    Quest Completed and I have returned from the lands of Facebook and Tumblr. Then I realized I had already completed the quest long ago. Yay to being over-productive :)

    Now it’s time to watch more episodes of The Guild, maybe some of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and a little bit of The Big Bang Theory…why do I get the feeling that I see so many familiar faces?…


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    grinding to reach max tear in W.O.W

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    I cannot stop laughing at the fact that Zaboo was dressed as a fairy butterfly…

  • Maxime

    I really like the way Tink turned out this season and how she became more friend with Codex, so cute ! Friendship is magic !

    (Also, looove Clara’s outfit)

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    Luv the GUILD!!!

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  • Marcus

    As Vork said, ‘You must be bleeping me!’ At least the previous lame episodes had a celebrity cameo that helped a little, but this episode had no redeeming qualities. Can we get away from non-amusing drama and get back to the absurd comedy that took the guild through just over 4 seasons?? Personally, I think the show was much better as a comedy.

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    Quest Completed. Is this a repeatable daily, or do I get one shot at the phatlewtz?

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    I gotta say my favorite line of this entire episode was Vork freaking out at clara. “Why don’t you throw money in the street?!”

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    Quest Accepted!…
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    Great episode, love the show, you BETTER keep it going >.>

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    So…who won?

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    What did he say he had created(at the end of the clip)? It seemed to be made out of the killer baby tees.

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    does it count if I already like your FB page?
    and follow you on twitter? (well, except I never log onto twitter any more)
    quest completed