The Guild

  • Zerginzero

    Quest Completed
    Facebook: Patrick Olivas

  • Burteify

    Quest Completed

    Loot, loot!

  • John W

    quest NOT completed.
    Love the series even with no loot

  • WDer

    QUEST COMPLETED! FB: will derham

  • Guido

    Dear guild,

    To me your show is put simply the best on both web and TV right now. I’d appreciate it if you created a way for me to donate money to you. Information producers need food and they can get that food in two ways:

    1. Donation/payment ( which are the same in this day of digitized information )
    2. Advertising

    The latter is usually all about manipulating me into buying something I don’t need. If I don’t do option 1, then I myself would go for option 2 ( I’m also in the information business, judge me if you will, but I prefer paying my rent to pleasing anyone of you (: ). Perfectly understandable, food on the table!

    But I’d like the option to pay you so you don’t have to. I for one don’t particularly enjoy being in the ad business even if it is indirectly.

    Should it be technically or otherwise difficult to remove the advertising because I donated/payed, no worries. There is no rush. I can imagine you first want to know whether adding the donation option will create sufficient revenue for the cost of adding the option.

    In either situation I’d gladly donate. Thanks for fulfilling my hope for theater the way the BBC used to do it in the 80′s.



  • Krrimarte

    QUEST COMPLETED! FB: Alexandria Connolly :

  • Jim Laws

    Quest Completed
    Facebook: Jim Laws

    So let me just ask how Zaboo found everything necessary to make that….

  • Dustin Doo

    Quest Completed

    Facebook: Dustin Doo

  • Macdiva

    Quest Completed!

    Twitter: macdiva524

  • Macdiva

    Quest Completed!

    Twitter: macdiva524

  • XyonSkits6

    What in the world is that at the end?!?! Lol Like some kind of giant cage?

  • ithinkitank

    facebook andy moyer

  • Matt10289

    “You must be bleeping me!!” -Vork
    Love it!

  • LR

    Quest Completed


  • Cali Lovett

    Clara looks gorgeous in that costume *w*

  • JVC92

    QUEST COMPLETED! Quest Completed yey theguild!

  • Missmichellini

    Quest completed!

  • SadMiss

    Ok I’m baffled. Why do I have to go hunt down episode 11 on zune or go buy an xbox?
    i’m really unhappy at the lack of access :(

    • Guest

      it’s going to be on here on thursday, quit yer whining and pay attention…

  • Stefan Sallay

    Quest Completed!

  • Deborah Kemp

    Quest Completed!!!!

    Twitter: Dhampire13

  • Nicholas Bimmerle

    Quest Completed
    Facebook: Nicholas Bimmerle (the one w/ the DnD minatures on it :p

  • Nicholas Bimmerle

    Quest Completed
    Facebook: Nicholas Bimmerle (the one w/ the DnD minatures on it :p

  • Nicholas Bimmerle

    Quest Completed
    Facebook: Nicholas Bimmerle (the one w/ the DnD minatures on it :p

  • John

    Bing video is pathetic, when will Season 5 come to youtube?

  • Catherine Michelle Mercer

    Quest Completed.
    Facebook: Catherine Michelle Mercer
    Following on both of these.

  • Merwin510

    quest completed

  • AxDeath

    Video stops playing at 1:11 every time. I can’t watch it here or at

  • Jason Abrams

    i would have cxompleted this quest but i took an arrow to the knee

  • Danny King


    I am in awe…the Guild & all involved in its creation r verily most…there is no description or
    phrase that would do justice to it.
    thanx b 2 the Creator that such inspiration still exists. (including the comics)

    forsooth, I shall b away,

    Octavius the Olympian

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