The Guild

  • Karkaran117

    just like valve, we all expect an episode three but it is never seen or heard of.

  • Mayhem_miles

    Why are the episodes on netflix farther than the series on the actual site?

  • Dayglostars

    Are they doing a season 6?

  • Risakiri

    Season five was already done. for some reasn they took it down are are re-upoading. Hopefully there will be a season six.

  • Tev

    Will there be a season 6? Season 5 was great but we’d all like to know how Cyd and the gang fare after the convention. :)

  • Creepers

    Can you say netflix = Epic

  • Alton

    Just finished watching the whole series. Just wish they were uploaded on this site and not have to search the whole web for the webisodes.

  • Kywildwolf76

    lol i have loved the guild since the beginning.i can totally relate to the whole gamer mentality. it got bad for me and my WHOLE family in 1997 when ultima online came out.i’d love to be an extra in one of the videos one time that would be such an honor =)

  • Vedrit

    why is season 5 being re-released? We should be on season 6 by now

  • SaBr09

    I just discovered this show on Netflix. Like!
    Please don’t stop making this show its awesome!! I would love to be on an episode.

  • Adam Grandmaison

    Just found this show on netflix and I love it!! Zaboo is hilarious. Bummer it’s just a web series and there isn’t more episodes.

  • Inverbose

    Just rewatched all of season 4 and season 5 on netflix with my mom last night, ah good times. Makes me hope for more fawks and codex interaction that loop can’t be done yet, and what happens after she starts working for the gaming company… le sigh. I know that schedules and budgets are tough to work through with everyone being so much more involved in other projects than they use to, but please don’t abandon the series.

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  • Tsukasa_4444

    You guys can’t distract us from the lack of new delicious episodes.

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  • yuanlai

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  • Liza

    When is season 6 coming out? I can’t wait any longer. :( I’ve been waiting for forever now. :/ Is it even coming out anymore?

  • novascottch

    But… what about season six….. ;_;

  • Ali

    Seems that they stopped updating the news on this site…

  • Pure Costumes

    Can’t find any news about the upcoming release. Don’t see it on netflix either.

  • Dézy

    The Guild me faz desejar que meu inglês seja melhor, só pra poder assistir os episódios assim que lançados :(

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