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  • The Guild on DVD: Season 6 plus Full Series MEGASET

    guild-s6-dvd-and-megasetThe Guild Season 6 DVD is now available via, along with (for the first time ever), a full series box set that collects all six seasons in one handsome set.. Picking up where season five left off, season six follows Codex (Felicia Day) as she embarks on her most epic quest yet: pursuing the “dream job” of working for the company that makes her favorite MMORPG, “The Game.”   But not everything is rosy working for crazed boss and game creator Floyd Petrowski (Ted Michaels), whose fear of rejection by his fans causes him to delay the release of the highly anticipated underwater expansion.

    The unrated DVD contains all 12 episodes plus with DVD exclusive bonus features, including:

    “I’m The One That’s Cool” music video

    - Audio commentary from the cast

    - Audio commentary with creator Felicia Day and director Chris Preksta

    - Never before seen footage.

    CONTEST: FREE LOOT!! To celebrate the release of Season 6, and our first ever box set, Geek and Sundry is giving away autographed copies of the DVD and Megaset on Twitter, so check out this tweet for how you can win.

    And now answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQ):

    No Blu-ray releases at this time, DVD only.  Someday there may be a Blu-ray release, but at this time it’s cost prohibitive.

    This release is region 1, however we recently released a box set of season 1-3 for the European market, available via Amazon UK and Amazon France, and we’ll post to Twitter and Facebook when seasons 4-6 come out.

    Yes, can haz… season 6 of  The Guild is now on iTunes.

    Q: NETFLIX ME!!!
    That’s not a question, but we’ll answer anyway. We know The Guild isn’t currently on Netflix streaming anymore, just give us a little while to reset this sh*t. The DVD’s should be available if you still get mail delivery.  Usually we put the season onto Netflix a few weeks or months AFTER the physical DVD release, so the show should be back up there soon.  We’ll post to let you know when it is.  If you want to help, here’s the link to The Guild on Netflix, add it to you queue and it helps show Netflix there’s demand for the show.

    The MegaSet collects all the previous DVD releases with Season 6 and puts in a nice box, but doesn’t contain any exclusive content not already on the individual season DVDs.

    It’s never really over, is it?  The Guild lives on in our fans hearts and minds, with every new fan that gets introduced to the show, with convention panels and in game appearances and fan cosplay and all the creative projects that The Guild has inspired others to make.  And if Felicia has more stories to tell with The Guild, she certainly will – which may be in comics, or on TV, or music videos, or some new thing, but per this article – yes, as a web series, The Guild is done.





  • IronCroshu

    I bought the DVD megaset and for some strange reason it came with seasons 1-5 and a extra season 1 instead of season 6…. bummer major letdown :< beware guys :(

  • sundown support

    wait.. the guild is done?!?!



  • Turkey Potato

    Weren’t the winning summary video entries suppose to be part of the extras on the Season 6 DVD?

  • Lily Spunker

    Need More Guild! Must Know What Happens!!

  • Jay

    Damn. I started watching this when I played wow. Freaking funny as hell. Sad it’s gone, but I hope she will do something else. Hot and funny, oh yeah, Felicia Day is on my freebie list. Sorry had to. Awesome show and will buy the rest of the dvds soon.

  • Me myself and I

    If this was on blu ray you could have my money yesterday. As it is, I’ve moved on from dvd so this one gets a pass from me. I haven’t bought a dvd in over 5 years. It’s all blu ray now. DVD is like VHS. A relic from the past. But as I said, you come out with a blu ray version of this set and boom, I’ll be buyer #1.

  • gamefriv2

    Like to page! friv 2Friv 8-Friv 9

  • DarkPhoenix

    The guild isn’t done… is it? Please continue the series, I love it !!!!

  • Mrt Long

    I just found out about the Guild series about a month ago! I was hooked from the start and just Loved every episode. It wasn’t till the forth episode I then realized it was not a normal weekly series. Little disappointed, however it did not matter. I know you all have lives outside in the real world doing work and that is Awesome! This series reminded me of the day I played D&D, Cyberpunk, and Mech Wars. The social life I had with new friends and became a family!
    Thanks Guild, great series.


  • gazo I think they really make sense in so many different ways to so many, like.