The Guild

  • Alan

    These are truly fantastic videos! Sell out anytime you like.

    • Jazzwind

      Ok…despite the fact she was a total D-bag this season…I’ll take 2 of the life size Taintaballa dolls, and a 1 month advance prescription on my heart meds. Screw the Viagra, if I can just live through it, that’ll be enough.

      • FRED


        You DO realize that Tinkerballa is a made up character and not a real person right? It was in the script.

        • Fancythat

          Wow. Obviously some people need a chill pill…
          Do the internets make you angry??

          • FRED

            I fail to see where I could be construed as being angry or antagonistic in my statement. I was simply pointing out the facts.

            Do random posts on the internet make you crazy? :-p

    • jethmal

      This was nice but I NEED

      /hits wrist with two fingers

      another hit. Where is my crack…..i mean next season.

  • chwbcc

    Awesome, now please tell me David Blue is going to sneak a Tink doll on to the Destiny!!! Now that would be the best Easter Egg tribute I’ve seen in years!

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  • The Veldnaught

    Damn I gotta get me some of Zaboo’s Fantastic Pheromone Spray!

  • AlphaBob

    The Knights of Good?


    • Jason

      they made be good, but the money is better

      • Logan

        That sounds like it should be Tinks catch phrase. ‘We may be good, but the loot is better.’

  • JRufu

    You guys are just so awesome. Keep up all the great work! I have been seeing you all in many other roles lately, everytime I do it immeadiately goes up on Facebook.. lol. Speaking of, Felicia.. I flipped when I saw you in that Voices of Tyria video.. thats so exciting!!

    • JustJosh


  • Anemone Flynn

    Cameos from Stargate Universe AND Heroes???? That’s awesome!

  • Sanclestia

    Best Christmas presents EVER! EPIC WIN!

  • Audley

    Being compensated for your craft does not constitute selling out, compromising your integrity and lowering the quality of your art for financial gain is selling out. And anyway, who wouldn’t want to find KOG phat lewtz under their tree on Christmas morning?

    • Sauron

      It’s a reference to The Who Sells Out….

      • FRED

        It’s possible that Audley doesn’t know who The Who are. It is also possible that (s)he is only familiar with what is played on your standard FM classic rock stations.

        • NEcrsha

          XD I suppose that’s not irony where you come from, but there was a song from “The Who” played at least once every two hours even before they reformed.

          And I’m talking about both the main rock stations.

          XD I’d totally buy the Vork bank! If it really could whithstand full whacks with a sledge hammer, it’d replace the cracked engine I use for anger management therapy. Just kidding on both counts, though I’d have fun trying to disassemble it just to prove I could.

  • edgar

    I love that Felicia’s squeezing every ounce from that demonic santa clause we met back in S1′s Christmas Special… ha ha… I mean ho ho ho!

  • Evilynn

    Does Bladezz Blade cut through the Vork unbreakable bank? :o :D

    • Silly

      Codex is more likely to break Vork than Bladezz, remember the 9th episode of season three?

  • Chickflix

    Awesome. I liked the Bladez commercial the best but liked the actual Vork Bank more.

  • Asylim

    Was nice to see Alex Albrecht from Revision 3 (Totally Radd Show and Digg Nation) in the Bladezz one.

  • Jesse

    I loved them all, favorite one though is the Bladezz one. I would so buy any of these items. :x

  • Dano

    sign me up for a real life tink, the blades knife, and zaboos perfume :)

    • Feral

      See, the combination of those three things just sounds like one very creepy evening.

      • The Man from Glad

        With the blades and the beer and the pheremones, things could get out of hand.

  • jhuan

    gawd i wish these were real

  • Gashes


  • pernicious piggy

    Loot galore! I think I cried a little…and I really want cookie jar.

  • visitor

    I’m surprised no one mentioned it so far.
    Felicia is wearing an “Axis od Anarchy” shirt!
    A hint for the future ???

    • FRED

      Well, when last we saw Codex, she had just woken up and found herself in bed with the leader of The Axis of Anarchy. Read into that what you will.

      • Yun

        She was seduced by the dark side? *flees*

  • The Man from Glad

    All I want for Christmas is Zaboo’s stalkertron.

    • The Man from Glad

      I’ll supply my own pheremones, thank you.

    • The Man from Glad

      You could make a career in marketing with one of those.

  • CowNoseThe50PoundCat

    I wish these were real too! I want them all! Lol (except for maybe the Vork indestructible bank)

    • Logan

      I hear you. I know it was made as a joke, but how many of us would really buy those? I know I would.

  • balls

    hoobledy goo

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