The Guild

  • Upcoming Convention Appearances: BlizzCon, Australia, New Zealand, Long Beach and London

    Updating our earlier post about BlizzCon 2011, we now have a schedule for when the cast (Amy, Felicia, Robin and Vince) will be signing at our booth.  On both Friday and Saturday, the cast will be signing from 11 AM to 1 PM and from 3 PM to 6 PM.

    If you’re wondering why Jeff Lewis and Sandeep Parikh are no shows at one of the world’s biggest gaming conventions – well there’s a very good reason, as they’re heading up a Guild Invasion Down Under, making appearances at conventions in Melbourne, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand:

    Saturday & Sunday, 10/22 & 23, 2011 – Jeff and Sandeep at Armageddon Expo Melbourne

    Saturday, Sunday & Monday, 10/29-31, 2011 - Jeff and Sandeep at Armageddon Expo Auckland

    (Check the websites for complete schedule of signings, panels and photo opportunities)

    Back here in the States, on Saturday 10/29/11 The Guild returns to Long Beach Convention Center, one of the key shooting locations for Season 5.  Join The Guild for the Long Beach Comic and Horror Con which will feature several great events for Guild fans:

    Saturday, 10/29 at 10:15 AM - Key members of The Guild production team lead a walking tour of the filming locations at the Long Beach Comic Con

    Saturday, 10/29 at 11 AM – Screening of The Guild Season 5

    Saturday, 10/29 at 1 PM – Join Felicia Day and cast members Vincent Caso, Amy Okuda and Robin Thorsen along with director Sean Becker and producer Kim Evey for a lively Q&A discussing Season 5

    And if those appearances weren’t epic enough, we’re pleased to announce that in the spring, Felicia Day, Amy Okuda and Robin Thorsen will be making a UK appearance:

    May 11 – 13, 2012 – London, England: Felicia, Amy and Robin at Inva2ion (Invasion 2!), presented by StarFury Conventions.

     We know that last one is a ways away, but our UK Guildies often feel neglected so we’re excited to finally get across the pond (or return, in Felicia’s case) to meet with fans there.


  • Unpaveddirtroad

    You all are awesome. keep it up

  • Grace Camel

    Dang! So close and yet so far :( Why is Tasmania never included in a tour of Oz :@

    • Lady_melayna

      you only a little jump across the ocean to melb. Take the ferry and make a weekend of it!

      • phothonz

        prffft Melbourne

    • No


      • photonz

        I often asked the same question, then I moved to a Major (mainland) City… and realised why.

    • jessse

      were not important

  • Bekka

    ?(???)? y u no like australia felicia, amy and robin?

    we want to see you guys too :( we love you guildies <3

  • Tamaroo

    Sob. Felecia Dayyyyyy. I hope you come to New Zealand too sometime soon!

  • Pseudonite

    I’m sure all us England fans, (well my lil’ guild of Guildies), are Ecstatic about this news, i will however shed three solitary tears (on different occasions… so shut up) for the lack of the penis wielding guild members…. dissapointed’d

  • Adrian Darby

    Im going to the london one as im only 2 hours away, but apart from the guildies i have no idea who the others are lol, but them im not into those programs, im just going becasue the guildies are awesome :-) . Later guildie fans, right back to finishing some web sites and then gaming till 3am, ok maybe 6am, who needs sleep

  • 3djake

    The Guild is coming to Auckland? Now I wish I did not spend my moneys on Blizzcon virtual ticket.

  • Jo

    Awesome that you guys are making the effort to come to NZ however sad that it lands right on the same dates as university exams bummer

  • Kyle Valenzuela


  • Brazilian fan

    Come to Brazil, pleaaaase

  • silver_shade

    U guys are great, good luck guys in the future, remember, no one is more important then each other, don’t let one of u get 2 far off the ground, wink wink like that guy from greece somebody gave some wings 2, told him the sun was hot, had 2 go find out or was it he just flew 2 high, oh just because somebody said it doesn’t exist doesn’t mean it doesn’t, it usually does and u step into it……I hate ghosts. Fly high together, not 2 high ok.

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