The Guild

  • Vote for The Guild for the 2010 Streamy Awards

    The Streamy Awards are here again and we would love for you to submit/vote for The Guild.  Your votes for Best Comedy Webseries are particularly important because the Public Submission voting determines the TEN semi-finalists for the Audience Choice award for Best Web Series of the Year.  You may vote ONCE PER DAY UNTIL JAN 15!

    There are series submissions and individual ones.  Here are the SERIES submission categories (and link to the page):

    Best Comedy Webseries – The Guild,
    Best Ensemble Cast in a Webseries – The Guild,

    Please vote for The Guild in these categories.

    And here are the INDIVIDUAL submission categories (and link to the page):

    Best Directing for a Comedy Web Series – Sean Becker
    Best Writing for Comedy Web Series – Felicia Day
    Best Male Actor in a Comedy Web Series – Vincent Caso / Jeff Lewis / Sandeep Parikh
    Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series – Felicia Day / Amy Okuda / Robin Thorsen
    Best Guest Star in a Web Series – Wil Wheaton / Michele Boyd / Brett Sheridan
    Best Editing in a Web Series – Sean Becker
    Best Cinematography – John Schmidt
    Best Art Direction – Tyler Robinson
    Best Original Music – Eanan Patterson, Don Schiff

    Please vote for The Guild cast and crew in these categories.

    Thank you so much for taking time to do this, and for your continued support of ‘The Guild!’


  • Tiffany

    I’ve never voted on anything before, unless you count the last presidential election and I only did that to say “Woo…I voted.” I voted for you guys though, I could’t resist clicking on that link when you posted it and I couldn’t resist voting for you guys because I love The Guild, I am addicted to this web show…so that should tell you guys how awesome you are…you got a girl who hates voting to vote for you. :-)

  • kozzer

    i love the guild so much… Ive bought season one and the T-shirt. also tink ur (do u wunna date my avatar) u dance put it all together! GO THE GUILD!!!!

  • Mad Dog

    well i like the guild i just became a fan i like codex. she is hot and funny but anyway i hope they win 2010 streamy

  • Lao

    Clara and Vork are definitely my favorites. I love the entire cast, and everyone does a fantastic job, but Vork and Clara have such incredulous, out-landish characters, and yet they pull it off so incredibly well. I love their acting and their parts. They’re phenomenal.

    I bought the MP3, working on the DVD set and other loot. Count my vote as a dedicated fan. The entire cast is made of win!

  • Michael Berggren

    I clicked the link to go vote (‘cuz I love “The Guild” sooo much and all) and it said voting was closed… QQ
    Then, I noticed the date it closed. I clicked on the winners link and what to my wondering eyes should appear?

    • Marv

      So etxcied I found this article as it made things much quicker!

  • Diogo Cavalheiro

    hello guildies…
    congratulations to all of u. awsome show. im an mmo player as well, and i laugh a lot when i saw ur episodes, cause u really show the feeling of an mmo. congrats.

    ps: codex, u are awsome.

  • guy foxx

    the guild rocks!! gratz on the awards and keep on make great comedy and protecting the noob viewer. Also you proved the myth true. Hot chicks do play WoW….lol

  • Amber Standish

    Boo…too late to vote…hope you all win! Your show rocks!

  • Laura Saldivar

    Caught Season 1 and 2 on netflix and just HAD to find Season 3. This is amazing stuff. LMAO! Keep up the good work. Let me know how I can vote or give you my support so that there’s a season 4 and 5 and 6 and …

  • Cathleen Hays

    Congrats Felicia Day on winning best actress and Sean Becker for best directing!!!! Looking forward to season 4!!!