The Guild

  • Vote for The Guild for the 2010 Streamy Awards

    The Streamy Awards are here again and we would love for you to submit/vote for The Guild.  Your votes for Best Comedy Webseries are particularly important because the Public Submission voting determines the TEN semi-finalists for the Audience Choice award for Best Web Series of the Year.  You may vote ONCE PER DAY UNTIL JAN 15!

    There are series submissions and individual ones.  Here are the SERIES submission categories (and link to the page):

    Best Comedy Webseries – The Guild,
    Best Ensemble Cast in a Webseries – The Guild,

    Please vote for The Guild in these categories.

    And here are the INDIVIDUAL submission categories (and link to the page):

    Best Directing for a Comedy Web Series – Sean Becker
    Best Writing for Comedy Web Series – Felicia Day
    Best Male Actor in a Comedy Web Series – Vincent Caso / Jeff Lewis / Sandeep Parikh
    Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series – Felicia Day / Amy Okuda / Robin Thorsen
    Best Guest Star in a Web Series – Wil Wheaton / Michele Boyd / Brett Sheridan
    Best Editing in a Web Series – Sean Becker
    Best Cinematography – John Schmidt
    Best Art Direction – Tyler Robinson
    Best Original Music – Eanan Patterson, Don Schiff

    Please vote for The Guild cast and crew in these categories.

    Thank you so much for taking time to do this, and for your continued support of ‘The Guild!’


  • Daniel Allison

    Happily done it. The Guild is worth the time I put into this.

    • kozmyk

      Consider yourselves voted for.
      Best laugh on the web.
      Solstice felicitations and a prosperous 2010.

    • Sin

      Gladly done it too. Really like the guild.

    • Candipanties

      DONE, DONE & DONE!!! This is one of the best things I have watched, if the Streamys know anything about talent then you all have it bagged up! Good Luck to all of you.

  • binarydork

    Spamming for all my friends to vote for the guild in the Streamy’s :D Felicia Day is number one amazing, Sandeep Parikh is close second :D love you guys, love the guild :D

  • Peter MG

    The Guild is the best show on the web. The cast is amazing, great job and keep it up. Hope you win!

  • Oliver

    Done it with a smile on my face, you guys would deserve the awards for sure!

  • Marc

    My votes have been cast! Good luck, guys. The show is awesome and I really hope you win at least one of these awards. All of them are deserved, in my opinion. :D

  • Mike

    You guys deserve these awards. Votes submitted gladly

  • chris

    Please keep in mind that the text box for Individual submissions asks for “Person(s)”, so you can enter all three people with one submit.

    • chris

      Or I could be insanely wrong.

  • Eric M

    Submitted! Can’t wait to see who wins!

    Why can’t I follow The Guild on

  • kozmyk

    Consider yourselves voted for. Oh! the effort …
    Best laugh on the web.
    Solstice felicitations and a prosperous 2010.

  • J. S.

    Voted for Jeff Lewis “Vork” for best male actor, hes the man!

    And Amy Okuda “Tinkerballa” for best femle actress, I think its tough work being the mean person all the time, lol.

  • green_iris

    all done! I love watching the show, keep it up all of you, and good luck! =)

  • Gurnney

    To the Cast and crew of the Guild.

    Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally.
    David Frost

    Keep up the great work and thank you.

  • Vampyr

    Best show on the net, and better than anything on televison!

  • toomin

    Voted in all categories! You guys are wonderful. Please keep up all the great work, and have a fantastic Christmas!

  • Rilith

    Hey, you guys are great and I voted for all you guys in every category. This is awesome and I can relate to a lot to the jokes and humor in this series…absolutely brilliant!

  • blieckn

    voted more than 1 time lool it was worth it

    wooot ——SANDEEP PARIKH—— best male actor all the way (zaboo)

    spamming this link to al my friends
    (even on xmas i take time for the guild)


  • Niewy

    Voted i love the Guild

    and yes Blieckn Spamd my ass of wit this link =P

  • Mitch H

    Voted/Submitted for best web show out there.

    All the best!

  • Neoxxtao

    Love the guild since the first episode i have seen so would gladly spent a lil time voting since u gave me a lot of time of laughs.
    Merry cristmas and a happy new year to all

  • Jrazza

    Just voted ^_^ You guys deserve to win!

  • FreeBooteR

    Voted. The Guild ftw!

  • Guild Fan

    Can we nominate other guest stars besides the ones listed, or are only those three eligible or something?

  • Pedro Grácio

    i proudly and gladly voted on The Guild, i hope i did it right because this asweome series really deserves for felicias time doing it, for the quality of it and for the enterteinment it gives all its viewers, i’ve come to discover it trough xbox live, and i hope many more people can discover it, last thing i really hope season 4 comes fast, i speak for myself, but i think everyone is really excited about it, i wich luck for the cast and felicia, and for everyone related to the series :)

  • http://none Anton

    Great job guys, I really enjoy it!

  • Shiny

    voted..the guild you guys and good luck

  • Matt

    Great series just wish there was more, You got my vote everyday ^_^ Is there a 4th sesion coming? or is it over?

  • Sean Becker

    please add Daniel Scruggs for “Best Visual Effects in a Web Series” He did all of the graphics work for episodes 11 and 12.

    • Hell_Shoot

      Done. Chuck Norris approves “The Guild”. =P Love your work & good luck

  • Jok3r

    Hey guys,

    respects from Germany. Voted! Awesome show…you deserve the win. Btw Happy New Year!

  • Jess

    vaoted 4 bladzz ^_^

  • Thinny

    I happily posted my votes.. I’ve loved this show, it’s the least I could do.. You guys are amazing and deserve every award…

  • Jinjirai

    I’ve watched all 3 series on youtube today, I’m amazed :) Maybe your show helps to wake up some ppl ^^ And your song is really awesome – in general it’s not my taste of music, though – … so, guys, keep up your great work (and sponsors: keep sponsoring them! they’re worth the money ^^)! Voted for everything concerning this show ofc :D

    Have a nice day!

  • Slime

    just voted :) , i rly hope u guys win

  • chevyboy0780

    woot i voted,and i also got my friend to also

  • Cinemachild

    And Voted :-) Good luck ya’ll, you really do have he best series on the web

  • Alternity

    Another bag-o-votes to add to the pile! Trying to get my friends on board as well… Hope you guys win this. Fingers crossed!

  • Idzit

    Gladly voted for the talented cast and crew of The Guild. You guys did such a great job on the first three seasons, it’s the least we as fans can do! Happy 2010, and I can’t WAIT to see more Guild soon!!

  • Magnus

    I voted on the Guild, now I hope you win it!! ;) Love this series.

  • Winter-Rogue

    I voted!! Hope Hope Hope it wins!! Love this series ?

  • Jasper

    xoxo Jasper

  • qtcat

    I submitted my votes — hope The Guild wins !!

  • Wanderer

    Voted and will continue to do so in a few more categories. You guys are doing a fabulous job. The best web show I;ve ever seen or had the pleasure to watch. Good theme, good production I absolutely love all the cast. Felicia is absolutely adoraable, if I dare say so and I do like Vork quite a bit.
    I hope you guys win.
    The best of luck

  • Dawid Szlanda

    You guys are Great. Loved the video and the show. Keep it up
    Thanks from Great White North

  • Beau Ryan

    you guys are totally going to win, thank god you didn’t take the “new web series” category (we want it :)

  • Fred Gandt

    Although with the wealth of talent on your team I am sure you don’t need any luck, I still want to wish you all the best. Thanx for the show. As kiss-assy as it might sound – I truly admire the honesty in the production. You (the cast and crew) have made a show with chars who immediately (from season/ep 1) felt like friends. The test of any great story is how much the reader/watcher/listener cares about the chars. I care. Looking forward to many more adventures and the eventual feature film (fingers crossed!). Best wishes and three cheers in advance.

  • Jas

    What I enjoy best about the show is how obviously everyone has fun making it. Good luck for the Streamys. I’ve put my votes in for you guys. Keep up the good work!

  • zk

    keep it up guildies!
    really love the show!

  • OhEmGee

    Voted! Good Luck everyone!

  • Eric

    I voted every day for the last week. GL! =D

  • Kyle

    You guys deserve the award by far. It makes you kind of feel like your part of the script when you talk to the “web cam” (us). The writing is amazing, the characters are amazing, etc..
    You guys deserve and we deserve to have “The Guild” put on a t.v show. I never record that many t.v shows even if I knwo I am goign to miss them, I dont watch that much t.v. But I would make sure to never miss an episode of “The Guild”. I’d wish you guys/gals luck but I bet you won’t need it.

  • marlon degnan

    awesome dude u should win