The Guild

  • We’re New and Improved!

    Wow, this place looks great!  :)

    It’s been an exciting month for The Guild!  Not only do we have a fabulous new website thanks to Ryan Carter (Shameless plug for his link at the bottom of the site :) ), we shot two more episodes this past weekend!    There had been a long delay in shooting because our cast/crew were off doing more “fancy” (read “paid”) jobs, but we were determined to get things back on track.  And we did!

    But the only reason we were able to shoot more episodes was because of our generous fans who sent us all sorts of donations to keep the show going.  To each and every one of them, we Thank You.   The list of donors has been moved to the “Credits” page, because every person on there is an integral part of our series now.  Please take a peek at the long list of fans who helped keep the funny going!

    When we started planning this series, we never could have hoped to have our first episode featured on the front page of YouTube, get over 850,000 hits and have over 18,000 subscribers, it’s a dream come true!   We hope everyone enjoys the gag reel and it helps tide everyone over until episode 4 is release in the next few weeks.  We’re busting our butts to get it out ASAP!

    Oh, and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.  Make your mom do it too!

    The Guild Management